September 22nd, 2017

Titles on the line in wrestling showdowns

By Schnarr, J.W. on April 21, 2017.

J.W. Schnarr

Lethbridge Herald

Pure Power Wrestling celebrates its sixth anniversary with chokeslams, power bombs, and cheering fans this Saturday during Anniversary Extravaganza VI.

Last month’s inaugural Power Rumble ended in a draw when The Irishman hit Chris Perish with an IRA off the apron, driving his enemy into the floor.

It was a move that could have killed lesser men. Indeed, Perish had to be dragged from the floor of the Fritz Sick Memorial Centre gym.

And while the move left both men badly hurt, it also left PPW management in a predicament, as it was ruled both men had hit the floor at the same time.

But both men had also shown they were willing to do what it takes to earn a shot at the PPW heavyweight title.

So both men are going to get that shot this weekend, as the Main Event will feature a triple-threat match between Irish, Perish, and current champion “The Tattooed Terminator” Massive Damage.

“That move showed me two things,” said Damage. “First, it showed me what getting into this title match means to both of these guys that they were willing to risk their lives to get this shot.

“Second, it showed me that they’re so interested in hurting one another, that none of us might make it out of this match in one piece.”

The Champ is no stranger to either challenger, having trained, fought, and teamed with both men in the past.

“Massive Damage brought me into this sport,” said Perish. “But now his time is over. It’s time for Perish to get everything that Perish deserves. It’s time for Perish to win that title.

“And the fact that I’ll get to finally destroy Irishman in the process is just a bonus.”

The event will also feature an opportunity for Travis “The Heat” Copeland to take a shot at the PPW Cruiserweight Championship as he squares off against current champion Cyanide.

“I’ve already beat the guy twice,” said Copeland. “Now it’s time for a title shot and you know what they say. Third time’s the charm.

“I’m going to fly higher than I’ve ever flown, and I’m taking that belt home with me.”

But Cyanide’s ground game has made him a formidable opponent in the ring, and the antics of his manager, “The Black Heart” Vinnie Valentine, has allowed the masked mauler to hold the title for seven months.

Looking for a measure of revenge, Sydney Steele has his sights set on Adult Social Society powerhouse “Big Sexy Beast” Bradley Graham.

Steele is a true PPW original and will be looking to put an end to months of sneak attacks and assaults at the hands of the Society.

“Look up and down this card,” said Steele. “I’m the only one in the ring at Anniversary Extravaganza that was there on day one.

“That PPW ring is my home, and nobody comes into my home and goes after me.

“On April 22, (Graham) is going to find himself an intruder in my home, and I’ll do to him just like I’d do to anyone else who barged into to my home uninvited.

“I’m going to put him down.”

Another grudge match planned for the evening will feature Kid Cyrus and “The All-American” Steve Rivers.

The Undercard will feature a number of other PPW superstars, including Kato, “The Cheetahbear” Jude Dawkins, 7-foot giant The Orion, and “The Wildchild” Tyler James.

Anniversary Extravaganza VI takes place this Saturday at the Fritz Sick Memorial Centre.

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