January 23rd, 2018

Proctor runs to course record

By Woodard, Dale on September 12, 2017.

Dale Woodard

Lethbridge Herald


Dave Proctor’s mode of transportation to get to this year’s Lost Soul Ultra Marathon was the same mode of transport that helped him run a record time.

The runner from Black Diamond legged out a record-shattering time of 19 hours and 27 minutes and 22 seconds to take top spot in the 100 mile race Saturday, a little under an hour better than runner-up Ian McKinley’s time of 20 hours, 19 minutes and 51 seconds.

“It was 48 minutes off the course record,” said Proctor. “I couldn’t be any happier. I’m really happy with how my legs feel (Saturday).”

Those feet that led him to the record run were also the means of getting to Lethbridge as Proctor ran a two-day trek from Okotoks.

“I over-nighted in Claresholm and (ran) from Claresholm down here. So 170km in total,” said Proctor, winding down an eventful Saturday in which he not only established the course record, but did a quick detour to the hospital for a quick checkup after two days of dealing with the heat and the smoke from the wildfires.

Those conditions forced Proctor to pace himself.

“I think that played into my hands too because a lot of the young guys went out really hard,” he said. “So they all fell back to where I was about halfway into the race. I think I took over first place halfway into the race.

“It (smoke) was a lot more than I thought. The first day when I ran Okotoks to Claresholm, it didn’t really affect me a lot. Day number 2 from Claresholm to Lethbridge affected me quite a bit. But when I was out there, I’ve never raced in conditions like this, it affected everything. I found myself short of breath and I found my heart rate would spike. So every climb I really needed to take it right back. My specialty when it comes to running is the flatter sections. So I recognize my strength, that you can push on the flatter sections and really take it easy on the climbs. But Ian is a great climber, so he would catch up on all the climbs. So it was a bit of cat-and-mouse.”

That chase continued late into the race before Proctor was able to break away.

“He would fall apart and then he would do great and every single time you thought he was done he would come surging back,” said Proctor. “Nearly the end he scared me, so I just said ‘I’m out of here.’ I dropped my pacer and we just raced. I got to the finish line and my GPS died because I think it only has a 16-hour (charge). I ended up finding out that I broke the course record.”

However, three days of smoky running came with a bit of a price.

“My lungs are terrible. I visited the Lethbridge hospital (Saturday) and they advised that I really take it easy,” said Proctor.

That meant changing his travel mode to get back home.

“I was planning to run home after the event and I decided today – and my wife helped me in the decision-making – that ‘Dave, you have three young kids, take your internal health seriously,'” said Proctor. “I think running over 200 miles in three days was enough.”

Cameron Avison put up the fasted time among Lethbridge runners in the 100-mile race, crossing the line in 25 hours, 59 minutes and 51 seconds to place sixth.

Fellow Lethbridge runner Richard Carvalho came in 10th with a time of 27 hour, 20 minutes and 47 seconds, while Larry Kundrik was 13th (28 hours, 12 minutes and 55 seconds).

Drew Sutherland place 18th with a time of 31 hours, 58 minutes and two seconds.

In the 100km race, Devin Feathers of Calgary took first, running a time of 12 hours, 55 minutes and 24 seconds.

Travis Spanke of Lethbridge was 12th, coming in at 15 hours, 17minutes and 39 seconds.

Local runner Chad Stickel was 20th (17:18:58) and Sherry Christensen of Coalhurst was 38th (19:41:04).

Evan Bayer of Manitoulin, Ontario topped the field in the 50km race with a time of four hours, 14 minutes and 45 seconds.

Among the Lethbridge runners, Heather Tuckova was eighth with a time of 5:37:26.

Brittany Steele of Fort Macleod was 11th (6:06:31) and fellow Fort Macleod runner Rachael Poffenroth took 13th (6:10:25).

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