July 20th, 2018

Evidence counters evolution

By Lethbridge Herald on June 15, 2017.

I believe in evolution for man-made things; look how cars and trucks change over the years, and phones to smartphones.
Two hundred years ago nobody had ever heard of the evolution theory, not until Charles Darwin came up with the idea that everything came into existence by itself if you give it millions or billions of years to evolve, include every plant, animal, bird and even man. Now it is being taught in schools as if it is the truth, as if there is solid proof it really happened that way.
Many findings like fossils and different layers in the earth and mountains, and coal and oil deposits can be traced back to a big natural flood disaster, not even that many thousands of years ago. Dinosaur bones have been found with still some soft tissue, supposedly 75 million years old; 4,400 years (from Noah’s flood) makes more sense.
Human bones found together with dinosaur bones and many other land and sea creatures can be found in fossil graveyards, like in the southern U.S. in the Ashley phosphate beds. It is proof that there must have been a catastrophic flood, and that man and dinosaurs lived and perished at the same time.
I like this one: live toads and frogs (in hibernation) found encased in limestone that is supposedly millions of years old.
Noah’s ark is where it is supposed to be, and has been on CNN years ago and in National Geographic news, proven according to the measurements. How does a 450-foot-long ship end up near the top of a mountain (Ararat), 4,000 metres above sea level? That is higher than the highest mountain in the Canadian Rockies, Mount Robson.
Do evolution believers really think that the human eye evolved or developed by itself?
John Van Liere

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20 Responses to “Evidence counters evolution”

  1. Tony Pargeter says:

    Such nonsense. Scientific investigation – the search for actual knowledge versus strained attempts to buttress mythology – has shown all of these claims to be untrue. [No one has found Noah’s ark, by the way, despite much searching and tentative claims of discovery that come to nothing.] Life as we know it today is the result of billions of years of blind and random evolution, well documented by science – “a massively parallel process of mindless, algorithmic design-trying, in which the minimal increments of design have been thriftily husbanded, copied and re-used – the incessant contributions of chance”. [Daniel Dennett]

    • Philip Bruce Heywood says:

      Your “Chance” is a cool dude operator. In common parlance — take our pick. A fairy/spook. An idol. A vacuuity. No, don’t try the Casimir Effect. Virtual quantum particles don’t create overmuch. Especially whilst being seemingly absent. Trying to make people laugh?
      Shall we hear from a quintessential, science based sceptic?
      “Overwhelming strong proofs of intelligent and benevolent design lie around us.””I believe that the more thoroughly science is studied, the further does it take us from anything comparable to atheism.” “The more thoroughly I conduct scientific research, the more I believe that science excludes atheism.””The atheistic idea is so nonsensical that I do not see how I can put it in words.” “Do not be afraid of being free thinkers. If you think strongly enough you will be forced by science to the belief in God, which is the foundation of all religion. You will find science not antagonistic but helpful to religion.” William Thomson, alias, Kelvin.
      No-one has found Noah’s ark. True. Science has as well as proved that Mankind went within an inch of extinction, way back (loss of genetic diversity compared to chimps, etc.) and our planet also experienced cometary encounters (evidence adduced from upper atmospheric effects observed after both Tunguska and a space shuttle launch — water vapour injection upper atmosphere.) The biblical narrative of Noah’s flood is a ‘dead ringer’ to a prolonged tidal surge over the Middle East. Such as would readily be caused by a cometary visit.

  2. John P Nightingale says:

    Good God. Van Liere’s at it again. (Third time in as many weeks.)
    This is a simple regurgitation of the nonsense spewed by the writer and other members of his coven over the last several years.
    Noah’s ark – a few pieces of wood on Mt Ararat and that is his evidence? An orang-utan could come up with a more plausible explanation.
    The “proof” exists in the mind of the likes of Van Liere without any understanding of the real world – other that is what is written in the bible.
    Believe the man made stories if you like, be inspired by them if you like, pray to your deity every day if you like but do not confuse scientific evidence – hard evidence corroborated multiple times , with the cherry picked and erroneous “facts” spewed forth in this useless and repetitive monologue.
    So glad you like “live toads and frogs” in limestone John. One of the perpetrators of this totally false story was brought to the world by none other than Charles Dawson – he of Piltdown man fame. Perhaps Johny Boy believes the Piltdown story as well?

  3. John P Nightingale says:

    Fact Check: A “450 foot” boat , almost the length of an average city block, contains two of every living thing currently living on the planet? Wow. A special pen for the carnivores to protect the herbivores and a great big cage to house the birds – partitioned of course to prevent the nasty raptors from eating the warblers and finches. I guess the fish and stuff were OK though.
    Face it John, with almost 10,000 bird species, over 5,400 mammals, 6,000 plus amphibians and over 8,000 reptiles , you “need a bigger boat.” (Last quote courtesy of Chief Brody “Jaws”)

  4. biff says:

    1) darwin is wrongly referenced, yet again.
    2) humans in 2000 bc nearly starved to death after the dinosaurs suddenly became extinct. there was much sadness, and even suicides, as people struggled to cope. many felt deep sorrow, given all the dinosaurs that noah took care to coax aboard the good ship unicorn just a thousand years or so prior.
    3) point 2 can likely be referenced in the national enquirer as proof. also, the same edition headlined that a carrot binging pregnant woman gave birth to a rabbit-eared boy; and, sadly, another headline noted that a fire breathing man sneezed and accidentally burned down the carnival.

    • John P Nightingale says:

      Fab “biff” simply “fab”!

    • Fescue says:

      This may be just idle gossip, biff, but I understand that the good book says that the Unicorn brayed like a Scottish pipe band – that Noah pushed the unfortunate couple off the ship on the seventh day. Nonetheless, as my Coaldale besty told me, Mr. Van Lier yearns to ride a Unicorn through the pearly gates once his peepers are reopened on raptureday.

  5. snoutspot4 says:

    Yet another missive from the pulpit that amounts to nothing more than creationist fundamentalist propaganda. Once again, the Herald editorial staff shows its bias by providing a steady conduit for these folks to publish their sermons. Apparently Van Liere is the most prolific contributor of late. The only surprise is that this is served up in advance of the usual Sunday morning rants about all things biblical.

  6. Philip Bruce Heywood says:

    I respectfully urge the author(s) to find CREATIONTHEORY dot com (my name being associated therewith) and, find the Bible and Science. We don’t cover such a large topic in two short sentences so excuse the lengthy intro.:
    I am a geologist from Ham’s home state of Queensland, Australia. While Ken Ham and the other chap — John Mackay — were dreaming of a young Earth, I was attempting to get a degree in Geology.The ex-head of Department, Dorothy Hill, contributed to THE TREATISE ON INVERTEBRATE PALAEONTOLOGY. In the small sample of her work that I perused, I never once found the word, “evolved”, in relation to the origin of her brilliantly described species. The new Head of Department took Bible classes in his spare time. I had never heard of young earthism. It never crossed my mind because it is obviously ridiculous — and contradicts the Bible’s age of the Earth. (All but incomprehensibly old.)
    The basis of science is not evolution. The basis of creationism is not a young earth. Every respected foundational scientist was creationist in the pure meaning and not one was evolutionist in any sense comparable to modern Neo-Darwinism.
    Modern Neo-Darwinism is a much greater insult to thinking people than is Noah’s Flood ‘Geology’. To keep the nonsense afloat in the public arena —they depend upon one another!
    The Bible stands unshakeable and Science stands alongside. Science — not magic unrolling (evolving) carpets, the idolatrous heathen Nature Creates Herself Deities! And the Bible — taken — guess what? Literally!
    It happens that technology has begun to catch a glimpse. Don’t mention it to the circus managers! The hooha has all been superseded, as usual, … by ….. the advance of science.
    1). Evolution in the literal sense of unrolling or staged revelation is an observed, empirical fact of the geologic record.
    2). Species in the literal meaning — special, implicitly specially created — are an observed, empirical fact of the world about us. The widely accepted and only widely useful empirical method of attempting to group organisms as species rests upon the foundation of the reproductive unit. This has been more or less so since Linnaeus. This species concept was re-emphasized by Mayr, 20th Century. It is essentially employed worldwide. The best possible test of species is whether or not the organisms can successfully reproduce together. Not so easy with some organisms, and not always straightforward with fossils of extinct organisms. But central to biology and palaeontology. Species = special (= species!) was proven yet more certainly by Mendel, who showed the empirical, mathematical basis of genetic expression. Species can not be in transit or they would fail to be an entity — special. They would not have been recognized as special by Linnaeus. Mendel would have catalogued his pea plants in confusion. Mayr would have been deceived in giving the modern species definition.
    3). This reality/stability (with qualifications) of species was the basis of mainstream science’s approach to the unrolling (evolution) question. Sir Richard Owen, palaeontologist and classifier of some of Darwin’s specimens, named evolution, “The Law of Progression from the General to the Particular”. He saw no mechanism at that time – a decade or two before Darwin published — but pointed out that organisms are a re-arrangement of basics. He used the term, ‘archetype”, meaning, the essential components which were re-arranged according to some purpose. His archetype of the vertebrates turned out to be very similar to the oldest fossil vertebrate. Owen was mainstream so concluded the changes were pre-ordained. He did not attribute supernatural powers to Nature. Modern information technology and microbiology prove him correct. The essence of a species is information. Species were transformed courtesy of information processing. Nature, of course, can not think, and so “pre-ordination’ was correct until technology advanced to enable us to see how information could be programmed into the biosphere. We now can see how a (created) living cell could be transformed through transmission and processing of pre-existing information. Thus, species were created at a point in time as GENESIS declares and were visibly realized over time as the same divine authority implies. Line and verse.
    4). Darwin, in conference with the(self declared) heathen spiritist, Wallace and with the self-declared ‘agnostic’, Huxley, opted for Nature providing the information as the evolution occurred. The magic unrolling carpet. Species are in constant transitional transition and do not therefore exist! (Darwin missed that point!) We ourselves are going to become what does not yet exist! Huxley, trying for rational explanation, suggested to Darwin that Nature “makes leaps” (translation from Latin).
    Every physicist/scientist worthy of the title then and now will express reservation or antagonism to Nature making leaps. If Nature can create matter, energy, or information — which in some real sense are all equivalent — then Nature is the Creator. Nothing in Science can be verified. Science dies on the spot. The laws of thermodynamics fail. Rationality ceases.

    So are you talking up Evolution the fact of history, Evolution the idolatrous Nature Deity, Creationism as espoused by Ken Ham who can’t read his Bible (parts of it, anyways), or Creationism in the dictionary meaning, as espoused by all respected foundational scientists from F. Bacon through to Einstein and beyond?

  7. DanJohnson says:

    “How does a 450-foot-long ship end up near the top of a mountain (Ararat), 4,000 meters above sea level?” understates the miracle. We should ask “How does a 450-foot-long invisible ship end up near the top of a mountain (Ararat), 4,000 meters above sea level?” That is even more amazing. And regarding the human eye – what makes that eye so special, other than a person encases it, usually? Pace yourself. Start by denying the evolution of the snail eye, then maybe a newt eye. You can easily prove that none of these eyes developed by themselves. (Hint: one of them had help from generations of amphibians.)

  8. Philip Bruce Heywood says:

    Got me a little mystified there– all good, no doubt — eyes, brains, even implicit skeletal framework leaped into existence or were strongly hinted, Cambrian, approx. 550 mill. yrs past. All complex life. Unprecedented. Our own bodies implicitly included!
    Some features of the living realm — yes, including out-of-water characteristics such as those of amphibians — some secondary features enabling colonization of land were information programmed, later. Hence, the land animals are said to have been ‘formed of the ground/earth’ (GENESIS 1:24 etc.) even though they already existed, having been ‘created’ (EX NIHILO, Greek translation, GENESIS 1:20, 21.)
    Information technology, information processing, set up at the outset of the Cambrian. Subsequently strengthened for land creature revelation. Evolution was merely the record of that divinely appointed, pre-programmed revelation. The Bible is way ahead of modern science. Exact fossil record, exact biology. Every species a special, instantaneous creation. As information destined to be married into living cells. By a mathematical, real procedure. Like, one plus one equals two.

    • grinandbearit says:

      I am always a little impressed by the arrogance and triumphalist tone of religious critics of scientific approaches to understanding the cosmos. e.g. “The Bible is way ahead of modern science.” “The Bible stands unshakeable.”

      At any point in time scientific analyses and understanding face major uncertainties about how to explain some important features of nature. At one point science had no clue how to obtain information from stars – this was a huge gap in scientific understanding. As physics made advances in imaging specific information about composition and processes coming from stars in ways that confounded the imaginations of previous generations, we acquired a deeper understanding of the universe we find ourselves in (and discovered new gaps in our knowledge that we could not imagine before).

      Heywood appears to be the sort of religious adherent who takes advantage of these gaps that come and go in science to advance his religious agenda. HIs trick is a common one, science cannot explain “this”, therefore my religious text must be true. Not valid reasoning.

      The rapid evolutionary events around the Cambrian are remarkable and understanding this pace of change has been recognised by scientists as a problem or gap for more than a hundred years. Note that these animal forms did not “leap into existence”, this was not a “sudden” event or a literal explosion. Religionists like to reiterate this narrative because it taps childish intuition of a supernatural entity snapping his or her fingers and alakazam everything pops into existence. The fact is that the “sudden” event took place over tens of millions of years, and it is clear that there were multicellular organisms during the hundreds of millions of years before the Cambrian from which more complex Cambrian species could have evolved (note that not all forms of complex life appear in the Cambrian, some much later).

      What science does in the face of recognising a remarkable change in the pace of evolution is try to identify its cause. There are lots of rival hypotheses, ecological, atmospheric, regulation of body development, global termperature and more. (http://burgess-shale.rom.on.ca/en/science/origin/04-cambrian-explosion.php#box7) Scientists who are trying to fill this gap in knowledge are actively collecting evidence to differentiate which of these ideas is correct. Science does not say: “Whoa, this is a hard problem that we cannot see at the moment how to solve, therefore god did it.” Science is a little more modest and thoughtful than that, good hypotheses, new methods and new evidence are all brought to bear, not a book of myths.

      I am trying to think of even one of the hard won explanations of science or mathematics that has been overturned by the bible or any other religious text. Perhaps Heywood could enlighten me?

      • Philip Bruce Heywood says:

        Novel name. Mr Grin. Be happy, eh.
        Yes, well, as some cartoonist back in the days when Jimmy Carter was attempting to be president of his once great nation, (now becoming great again?) — in the times of Jimmy Carter, at a time when inflation was high — a cartoonist showed him fronting up to a large, inflated ogre-like giant, and proclaiming, “I will slay this giant with a jawbone!” In the second frame of the cartoon, Carter was shown, in retreat, saying, “That is, by jawboning”.
        How’s that, for a hint of biblical?
        Incidentally — on the topic of inflation — which is a default form of economic smoke and mirrors, undermining people’s wealth — on the topic of inflation, the Bible warns against having false balances when weighing out payments as a part of any business transaction. End result being bad.
        Not all inflation, but certainly, the chronic, ceaseless inflation of the past century, in which the value of a pound fell to less than a penny — chronic inflation, the economic disease, happens, because?? — governments ‘sell’ paper money at a price which does not reflect its future value — because they set up a system whereby its value is almost certain to fall. Crooked. Deceptive, ‘smart’ crooked, unknowingly, cooked? Depart from the word of God, depart from real humility and trust, begin the slippery slide.

        You could go to the length of looking up the on-line publications I mention in my entry above. (CREATIONTHEORY dot com, wide ranging, Evolution (go direct ‘Questions Arising Species Origins’) whilst incidentally covering the solar system COMMON DONOR CAPTURE LUNAR ORIGINS, climate; CLIMATE MODERATION MAGNETIC INTERACTION SUN – EARTH, the biblical fallacies of dogmatic Young Earth Creationism (‘Three Questions 24hr Day Creationism should Answer’), replaces Darwin’s outdated tome on species origin with modern science: THE TREE OF LIFE AND THE ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES, etc. etc….a mite lengthy for a comments section.

        Returning to inflation. You may be familiar with the ‘inflationary’ universe?
        To be succinct, here it is in one verse. From the oldest book of holy writ. JOB 26:7: “He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing.”
        As Galileo has it, “Mathematics is the language with which God has written the universe.”
        He sure didn’t create and emplace the species by endless jargon. It happened — in real space-time. Galileo’s mathematical universe. According to Physics, as distinct from jawboning. That’s why GENESIS 1&2 aren’t a never ending talkfest. Some people like the facts.

  9. […] appears in the Lethbridge Herald of Lethbridge, in the Canadian province of Alberta. It’s titled Evidence counters evolution, and the newspaper has a comments […]

    • John P Nightingale says:

      Sums Van Liere’s writing perfectly.
      Thanks for the link!
      Keep reading these letters pages sir. Other contributors will amaze and delight with their infinite knowledge of the universe. Oh wait, their “infinite knowledge of the bible” and by extension, a “young earth”.

  10. ochwill says:

    John Van Liere says “Two hundred years ago nobody had ever heard of the evolution theory,”
    Two hundred years ago Charles Darwin was eight years old.
    After this the letter descends further into scientific illiteracy and religious rubbish.

  11. Philip Bruce Heywood says:

    “A Compendium of Natural Philosophy” : a survey of the wisdom of God in the creation;. approx. 1760, by Rev John Wesley, quote:
    “There is a prodigious number of continued links between the most perfect man and the ape…….. .”

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