June 18th, 2018

Who will stand up for blind citizens?

By Letter to the Editor on March 14, 2018.

Hmmmm. So I really want to understand the tendencies and trends of our nation. Really, I do. I am a fundamentalist Christian grappling with the emergence of the LGBTQ movement and all that it entails. I am doing my best to accept diversity and treat everyone as Jesus would treat them, and I believe that includes a love and respect and equality that has been lacking in the past. There are legitimate needs for change.

But what I do not understand is the different treatment others are getting. The LGBTQ community is saying they are born with the gender that is different than the simple biological accoutrements, and as such, they need help to be understood, including special sidewalks, unique flags and funding. Multicolour is in, including our Canada 150 celebratory flag logo. OK, that is the treatment the LGBTQ people are getting.

But the blind? People who are either born without sight, or lose sight because of injury or illness? In a globalnews.ca article by Brian Hill, it is reported that the federal government has decided to no longer fund the production of books in formats for the blind. Will there be the same outcry as there was in Merritt, B.C. when the governing body decided to not fund a special coloured sidewalk for the LGBTQ? Will people be up in arms, will there be a backlash, as there was against the council of Merritt? Will businesses rise up and offer to help fund the production of books, as they have offered to paint their parking lots in the LGBTQ colours?

I doubt it, and this is what I do not understand.

Bill Selles


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5 Responses to “Who will stand up for blind citizens?”

  1. phlushie says:

    Good point. The blind can not see!!!!!

  2. BillPayer says:

    The good news was that there was an instant outcry from numerous sources. The government backtracked on this quickly and funding was restored.

    ——- on a different topic ———

    One group of people that is not getting attention or funding are our fathers and mothers in assisted living and long term care units. Many readers and commentators to this paper are of advanced age. You will agree that bladder demands become more urgent with age. Ask yourself if you could wait up to one half hour before going to the bathroom. This amount of wait time is what our mobility challenged seniors have to endure in these places where they are paying good money for inadequate care.

    Unfortunately, you won’t see these people marching with protest signs on their own behalf. They just endure the indignity.

  3. IMO says:

    Bill Selles, are you able to comprehend that your distracted diatribe serves no other purpose than to reveal your disgust for the LGBTQ community and make your disingenuous opening assertions laughable?

    If you care so much about this loss of funding, why did you not start a change.org petition rather than use the blind as a platform for gay bashing?


    • snoutspot4 says:

      IMO: I second the comment of despicable. Completely different issues mashed together to serve a fundamentalist’s need to bash the LGBTQ2+ community. On the topic of assisting the blind, why bother discussing it here. Bill didn’t write this to talk about books in braille and large-type versus modern technology (audio books, computers, iPads etc.), for example. No, Bill wrote this letter to further his revulsion for those he deems unworthy.

  4. biff says:

    bs, i feel there should be funding to help the blind, such as yourself, to see the light. so in the dark are you and your ilk that you know what “god” and “jesus” want, that you are willing to twist hateful feelings to appear as acts of love.
    as for funding need in general – we will get nowhere as long as the wealthiest keep getting to write the laws of commerce and trade; so long as we have a debtor economy where a few private hands get to make untold billions each year from loan interest – on money they do not really have ; so long as our gov’ts do not take ownership over the real wealth of our land/economy: mining (oil/gas; lumber; minerals; fisheries…), and banking/financial institutions. radical? only if one feels fairness, a more real equality, and common prosperity are wicked pursuits.

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