June 21st, 2018

Why ticket parents with so many other issues to deal with?

By Letter to the Editor on April 14, 2018.

Daily I drive my children to school, walk them to their class, and tell them that I love them. After six years of this practice, I was presented with a parking ticket, as were many other parents, by an officer who obstructed traffic by parking in the middle of the road to provide parents with this presentation in a very belittling manner.

I felt like a criminal despite the fact I have cared for patients in my nursing career for over 25 years.

Upon entering the police station to voice my concern, I was informed that I broke the law by parking on the side of the school. Hmmm. I am confused. By providing a “safe needle centre” for drug addicts to inject themselves with illegal drugs, is that not breaking the law? Not to mention encouraging a fentanyl crisis that already exists. And not only will you be given clean needles to engage in illegal activities, you will be provided with a drug antagonist (naloxone) if you overdose.

What about a clean needle injection site for diabetics who struggle to afford syringes, insulin, lancets, glucometer test strips for the necessity of life?

We have been informed that our property taxes may increase next year by another 4.25 per cent due to the amounts of snow removal in winter. Shortly following this announcement, a purchase was made for two pieces of “art” for a total of $226,000 to adorn an aquatic centre. Let’s not forget the financial burden of paying for the “safe needle centre.”

The city is riddled with cash cows – photo radar, parking fines, tax hikes. Parents are given parking fines, yet illegal drug users are not fined, or incarcerated, but are encouraged with a safe injection site. The city crime rate continues to escalate in addition to the number of deaths related to criminal activity. The emphasis should be on crime prevention.

I was informed I could fight the $78 parking fine in court. I am not prepared to waste the taxpayers’ money further by taking up court time in an already fragmented justice system. Criminals who murder, stab, batter and engage in brutal beatings, and perform hideous acts of animal cruelty, are given a “slap on the wrist” and released.

And Lethbridge, with a population of only 98,198, is ranked 26th out of 229 of the most dangerous places in Canada. This ranking was based on the Statistics Canada Crime Severity Index.

Keep up the good work!

Charlotte George


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3 Responses to “Why ticket parents with so many other issues to deal with?”

  1. gs172 says:

    First I would like to thank you for caring for your patients, we really appreciate it. But what does that have to do with you parking illegally at a school? The same goes for all the other “issues” that you have with the city. If you would like to change those, go for it, but pay your ticket and don’t park illegally anymore.

  2. biff says:

    seriously – you get paid for your work…a job, not a volunteer. you are not a saint.
    you got a ticket because you earned a ticket. sucks, but that is what our well paid police do, they give out tickets. helps pay their wages, as does photo radar, which also sucks.
    as for someone trying to bill themselves as a caring and compassionate person, to try and tie your earning a ticket to whining about the city using money to help people addicted to miserable big pharm synthetic “opioids”, well, it makes you appear very self centered. i suggest you park your car, and your whining, elsewhere.

  3. johnny57 says:

    Sorry Charlotte wish i could side with you on your ticket thing but learning is painful sometimes, especially when it lightens your wallet. I drive for a living here in Lethbridge and traversed that same learning curve you are.
    I acquired 400.00 in photo radar tickets in a short while. I was always ten over in the playground zones.
    After my wallet seemed 400.00 lighter i started obeying all signage everywhere in the city. That was five years ago and since then they have not taken a nickel out of my wallet since. Lesson learned!

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