July 21st, 2018

43 Street mess was created years ago

By Letter to the Editor on April 26, 2018.

While present City leadership is being critized for the closing of 43 Street, they are only putting the “final nail in the coffin.” The City compromised the viability of 43rd as functional roadway years ago.

When the City of Lethbridge created its southeast area structure plan, the key element in the plan regarding traffic flows was to extend 43 Street South, eventually turning it to the west to connect the commercial properties at the south end of Mayor Magrath Drive. The area structure plan was created with CIty staff, their consultants and members of the public. I participated in the planning process as a member of the Citizens Advisory Committee.

Subsequent to the plan’s approval, CIty officials almost immediately discarded the above traffic planning, when they approved a development that prevented the connection of 43 Street to Mayor Magrath Drive. I attended the above development hearing at which the City was taking the above action, and spoke in opposition to their actions. It appeared the City had no ownership in a plan that had been created over an extended period of time with consultants, public consultations and with their participation.

The lack of any rational traffic plan for the southeast is a monument to failed civic leadearship. The present leadership should not share all the blame; they inherited a mess created by City staff years ago.

Irwin Olfert


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