July 21st, 2018

Canada exploited by foreign investors

By Letter to the Editor on May 8, 2018.

I find the current situation almost too ridiculous for words. We have the federal and provincial governments scrambling to meet agendas set by an American pipeline and foreign oil corporations. Our governments have been too easily stampeded by the prospects of jobs purported to be at stake. Yet these are the same corporations that have no problems letting go tens of thousands of Canadians’ livelihoods at the drop of a mere percentage point for shareholders.

These “foreign investors” that governments crawl before like slaves are, in many cases, loaned their funding by Canadian banks. The same banks that care more about their own investors’ profits than any Canadian worker and his family, and raise a terrible stink about even the public discussion of reducing the tax privileges they get.

Does it not seem unreal that two previous PC prime ministers announced to the world that Canada is the new world oil superpower, yet our oil is controlled, exploited, pumped and timetabled by foreign oil companies, and predatory trade deals? We see the world through cultural glasses created by a foreign perspective. How long will we continue as an exploited colony, squabbling among ourselves?

This reminds me of an Aesop’s fable about Tar Baby. Premier Notley and Prime Minister Trudeau resemble Briar Rabbit, kicking and punching Tar Baby and getting only more stuck, while the oil businesses, like Briar Fox behind the Texas bush, snickers all the way to the bank. All it takes is someone throwing a match into the Briar Patch and we have another firestorm.

Come on, people, let’s grow up here and realize as long as we beg foreigners to do things we should do for ourselves, we will never be a “True North strong and free.”

Don Ryane


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2 Responses to “Canada exploited by foreign investors”

  1. biff says:

    absolutely, d.r. we should be owning all of our resources – we must own and run all mining, and hire the people needed to get the job done. this is simply what private owned mining does, although they suck huge resources from the taxpayer which funds the public purse. in addition to unfettered access to our resource wealth, they get away with a pittance in payback due to rigged royalty and fake taxation schemes. meanwhile, they leave us the filth that we will pay dearly for. we are also left with the boom and bust, and they walk away with the biggest share of the wealth. our gov’ts know this, but are owned by big corp – pretty much the entire planet is. add to this that we borrow from private lenders, that do not even have the money they lend (they are able to create money from thin air based on fractional reserve laws), rather than borrow from ourselves. more money being given away to the nonproductive, parasite thiefdom. it all costs us, the hard working wage earner and business owner alike. why not demand some changes, rather than bend over and over and take it like we have been.

  2. Fedup Conservative says:

    While Peter Lougheed urged the Klein and Stelmach governments to slow down the expansion of the oilsands, and to refine our own oil , they refused to listen. Instead they slashed royalties and taxes and told the world to come and get our free oil. Now Jason Kenney is promising to carry on where they left off he has no intention of increasing taxes and royalties for his rich friends. In other words let the stupid Albertans do without their oil wealth while we look after our rich friends.

    Not surprising from another former Liberal, turned Reformer from Saskatchewan.

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