July 21st, 2018

Ad removal a case of lobby group winning the day

By Letter to the Editor on May 12, 2018.

It was interesting to read (April 29) that “Pro-Choice YQL is a local organization which started in response to some recent pro-birth advertising running on some City transit ad space” and is given credit for a “recent win with the ads on the buses.”

It now seems clear that these ads were not taken down so much because of objections from traumatized citizens, as because of a concerted effort by a lobby group that won the day in effectively silencing the opposite viewpoint.

Why, I wonder, does Pro-Choice YQL find it necessary to use the euphemism “reproductive services”? There is already access to reproductive services (i.e. contraception on the one hand, pregnancy support on the other) available in Lethbridge. As is clear from the reference to Bill 9 (the creation of a “safe” zone around “reproductive health services,” a.k.a. abortion clinics), what the group wants is more ready access to abortion (the intentional killing of developing human life), a word that is nowhere used in the article describing this organization.

Let’s stop hiding behind euphemisms. Granted the decision to seek an abortion can often cause considerable anguish, the fact remains that the debate is between those who are pro-abortion and anti-abortion, the latter of whom offer alternative “reproductive services” that allegedly “pro-choice” groups seem to want suppressed.

J. Cameron Fraser


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3 Responses to “Ad removal a case of lobby group winning the day”

  1. chinook says:

    It took decades to change the law to ensure women had a ‘choice’ whether to continue with a pregnancy or not. While abortion is abhorrent to pro-lifers, what they ignore is the population explosion that is threatening ALL of life on this planet. Humans have NO problem killing other life forms for food, resources and entertainment driving nature to the brink of extinction. At this point we need to mange our human species and recognize that the easiest thing in the world is to have kids. It’s time we gave birth only to what we can afford financially and emotionally and stop breeding like bugs. This is one law that needs to be protected.

  2. snoutspot4 says:

    What a truckload of fertilizer. Yes, let’s not hide behind euphemisms. Lets start with the term “alternative” reproductive services. Yes I can put scare quotes around words too. Alternative anything is meaningless. Alternative medicine would be actual medicine if it was accepted as evidence-based. Reflect on the many cases in Alberta and in Canada as a whole where so-called “alternative” health practices have resulted in the deaths of born humans: Infants, children, adolescents, and adults at every stage of post-pubertal development. Yet each and every day more and more of these pseudoscientific practices are proffered and proliferate as an alternative to reason, because these practices operate outside of science.

    What “alternative” reproductive services are offered in Lethbridge? Birthright and The Lethbridge Pregnancy Centre, organizations known to practice reproductive services that provide misinformation and use coercive psychological techniques to convince young women that an abortion is worse than rape. They are known to tell the woman that Post-Abortion Syndrome is a bona fide mental illness and that ending a pregnancy will cause this false mental disorder to ensue.

    Real health care of the non-alternative variety gives evidence-based information to women (and trans-men) about all of their options should they conceive. Factual, non-judgmental, evidence-based healthcare. There is no alternative version of that.

    Lobby group? Are you serious? A small group who raised about $5000? How much money is funnelled to the UCP and the CPC from “Pro-Life” groups? The Catholic School Board of Red Deer sent several school buses to the March for Life in Edmonton. Minister Eggen questioned whether that was a good use of tax dollars and a good use of classroom time devoted to learning. A CPC MP stood up in Parliament and shouted that abortion wasn’t a right. Jason Kenney is doing everything he can to restrict rights. And my MP is a known Pro-life advocate who was turfed from the Status of Women committee.

    Bonus: The ads were NOT factual. Ripping fetuses apart limb by limb is impossible if the embryo/fetus doesn’t have limbs yet. It is also established that embryos/fetuses can’t feel pain at the time of the vast majority of procedures performed (95% of abortions are just a blob of cells). A very small percentage of surgical abortions are performed at or after the age of viability. When they are, it’s an actual crisis pregnancy – a medical emergency that would be handled by AHS. If a woman or her fetus is dying and she is late term, she isn’t going to a women’s health clinic to have her fetus ripped apart.

    • J. Cameron Fraser says:

      A heart beat can be detected at six weeks, before some women know they’re pregnant. Is that a “blob of cells”? Most knowledgeable “pro-choice” advocated have abandoned that argument years ago in the face of scientific evidence available in any standard medical textbook. Besides snoutspot4 totally misrepresents the counselling offered at the Lethbridge Pregnancy Centre. While not all women suffer from “Post-Abortion Syndrome,” some do and places like LPC offer them hope and forgiveness on a regular basis. I’ve never heard anyone describe it as a mental illness, but it is a reality to be dealt with compassionately. Instead of passing on misinformation based on caricatures, maybe visit the LPC and educate yourself.

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