July 20th, 2018

Latest model of ‘sheeple’

By Letter to the Editor on May 13, 2018.

The Sheeple Model 2K is the ultimate in domesticated livestock. Designed for maximum profit with minimum effort, it can be continually harvested from adolescence to death, generating profits for a wide variety of farmers, including among others, marketers, advertisers, bankers and associated financial institutions, politicians, the military industrial complex, corporate medical and pharmaceutical entities, utilities, telecoms, and various illegal and grey-area endeavours.

Designed to be self-herding and ideologically corralled, the only fencing required is imaginary lines drawn on a model of the globe. Thousands of years of selective breeding assures the 2K model will designate its own shepherds to ensure herd integrity within arbitrary control zones. Tribal lines ensure regional conformity. Peer pressure ensures social and religious conformity. Should individuals become restless they will bleat from within the safety of the herd and then return to grazing. In cases of extended unrest media management is usually sufficient to distract the restless and return them to grazing.

In rare cases where a cull may be required, profit can be maintained with proper profiteering and reconstruction efforts. As outdated models conditioned under antiquated control systems die off incremental conditioning allows for smooth migration to new control systems as technology develops. A definition of freedom, essential to our voluntary slavery wealth generation program, can be supplied, or custom defined by what is most profitable to you, the farmer, through the proper advertising regime.

With an upgrade to Model 2K18 Social Media, farmers now have the potential for even more exacting self-herding control features. The 2K18 model also allows for additional profit streams through mass data collection and targeted advertising, with the side benefit of finer political and social control through manufactured consent and echo chamber feedback management. The Lucid Bug associated with increased access to information is a temporary aberration and will fade over time as the new control paradigm settles in.

We here at Deep State LLC urge all farmers to be patient as we manipulate and fine tune political and social structures through allied consolidated corporate media, including limited debate via trivialized social media sites, and puppeteered figure heads. In the end, the one per cent farming the 99 per cent is the natural order of the universe and will be maintained at all costs. Thank you for your patience and continuing efforts to convince your Sheeple that trickle-down economics and true upward mobility for the masses are compatible.

Lewis Lee


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3 Responses to “Latest model of ‘sheeple’”

  1. phlushie says:

    Life on Earth explained in simple terms for all to understand.

  2. biff says:

    well done – perspective meets bullseye

  3. Tony Pargeter says:

    Well written!

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