August 17th, 2018

Third bridge long overdue

By Letter to the Editor on May 17, 2018.

In response to the person who roasted “all of the crybabies on the westside that want a third bridge.” (May 7 Herald)

Yes, we knew there were only two bridges when we bought our home on the westside; however, we had the foresight to go to city hall to check out future plans for the westside … which included a third bridge! That was almost 30 years ago.

But wait … it goes back even further – “The Urbanization of West Lethbridge” document dated April 1969, page 42 and 43, which addresses the merits of two new river crossings – the first one (which is now Whoop-Up Drive) was to meet the inter-urban traffic demands and link between West Lethbridge and the Central Business District. The second crossing was recommended to be located opposite 24 Avenue South, designed as a part of the ring road highway system connecting directly with the major Highways 4 and 5 on the east bank and 3 and 25 on the west … (see “Study of Cross-River Road System”) prepared by Stanley Associates Engineering Limited in January 1969.

A third bridge is an absolute necessity, not just a whim or a westside exclusive. Safety and security is a major issue here, especially in the event of a disaster requiring evacuation.

For you to suggest westside residents be taxed extra, it is noteworthy to mention that we already are – enough said! And, by the way, the university, Oldman River Observatory, Paradise Canyon Golf Course, Nicholas Sheran Park and Leisure Centre, the ATB Centre, the new Aquatic Centre (all on the westside) are for all residents (as would be a third bridge!). So perhaps if you happen to use any of these amenities, you should pay a toll/levy because you don’t live on the westside? Silly? Of course it is! Just as silly as your notion that westside residents should pay for the bridge!

The bottom line is that a third bridge is needed and long overdue. It will benefit all residents. It’s called growth and progress. In the bigger picture, I would also like to see a fourth bridge connecting north Lethbridge to Highway 25 and 3.

Hannah Peace


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7 Responses to “Third bridge long overdue”

  1. chinook says:

    Last City mgr backed by Council has been spending like crazy with no regard for taxes (Lethbridge now among the highest in Alberta). Financing a new a bridge will really hurt the pocket book. It really comes down to needs vs wants. yes, t would be nice because of the convenience but do we really need it?
    IF one were ever to be built, I would want to see it located at the original site of Tudor and not anywhere near Popson Park. Once you establish a ‘park’ you need to protect and ensure it remains a park; a safe haven for nature and not destroy it with the disruption that traffic with its light and noise pollution etc. will bring.

  2. snowman says:

    so you want a new bridge add another $ 170m to
    the present over $200m debt with over $30m in
    yearly debt payments. The past 4 years this council and members of previous are looking at another $485 million spending on capital projects with no doubtthe Arts group symphony concert hall $70m.When you have gridlock like you see today on hwy #3 bridge maybe you
    will need a third bridge .A toll bridge so users can pay

  3. biff says:

    given the cost to us for another bridge – that will require costly maintenance afterward, i will default to our city name, and support the idea not of one more bridge, but one leth bridge.

  4. Learjet says:

    Just because the City Council wasted money stupidly on halo projects in the past is no reason to avoid sound spending going forward. Yesterday at the Economic Review shared by EDL at the old El Rancho conference centre (yes, I’m that old) we heard how Lethbridge has one of the lowest commute times in Western Canada with 80% of residents reporting a commute time of 15 minutes or less.

    This morning during the rush it took 35 minutes to get across the bridge. Things will only get progressively worse as development continues to grow on the west side. It is not “if” but “when” another bridge will be built and the longer we wait the more it will cost.

  5. snowman says:

    lj you must be daydreaming of driving to work in morningdriving from Dalhousie to stampede grounds morningcalgary rush but in 23 years driving whoop up the only times tyed up for
    twenty minutes when police block road for idiot accidenttakes12 minutes to get across town no gridlock an vehiclespeeds 90k. you have to pay the $80million debt loans first on the new leisure centre plus carbon tax, should be user fee, to many 110k idiots on whoop up 300.

  6. snowman says:

    Ms. Hannah there is a third bridge coming on
    the new hwy #3 bypass called the Can-Mex hwy
    the bridge crossing proposed is at south of Diamond City
    and comes out at Broxburn then South. The Govt highway
    engineers state the new route will relieve 65% of traffic on
    Crowsnest trail. The Mayor stated NDP govt has no money
    for this City proposed third bridge will spend on Can-Mex.

  7. Montreal13 says:

    Thanks for the info ,as usual Snowman.

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