September 20th, 2018

True conservatives remember the past

By Letter to the Editor on May 17, 2018.

My circle of friends and I are seniors who supported the Alberta Conservative Party under Peter Lougheed and Don Getty, but stopped when Ralph Klein came along. Like so many other true Conservatives we supported the NDP knowing we had to put a stop to the mess we were being forced into, concerned for our children’s and grandchildren’s future.

What disturbs us the most is watching fellow seniors going around bragging about what great conservatives they are, yet will support anyone who attaches the word conservative to their name, believing every lie they feed them, totally ignorant of the history behind the person’s background.

If it wasn’t bad enough that they supported Klein, who always bragged about being a Liberal as history books prove, and watched him destroy everything Lougheed created for us, now they have thrown their support behind Jason Kenney, who like Klein is another former Liberal. Kenney was Justin Trudeau’s righthand man Ralph Goodale’s assistant in the Liberal Party in Regina. He came to Alberta to join the Preston Manning and Stephen Harper Reform Party movement and, as any true conservative knows, there is a huge difference. Kenney has never been a true conservative.

So while Kenney promises to make our lives a living hell with a more privatization, while he continues to give away our oil royalties and tax breaks to his rich friends, he helps them make fools of themselves, teaching them to bash the NDP, insulting the intelligence of true conservatives who elected them, they whine and complain about the horrors of the Carbon Tax that’s been in place in Sweden since 1991, in B.C. since 2008, and in several other countries and has proven that it works and is supported by the oil industry.

To prove how ignorant these people are believing the Carbon Tax is going to financially destroy them my latest gas bill proves them dead wrong. The Carbon Tax amounted to $10.08 while the other fees that their Liberal hero Klein forced upon us with his deregulation was $66.20, plus my wife recently had $112 put in her account for a Carbon Tax rebate, so how is that going to destroy us?

Maybe these ignorant seniors should keep their sarcastic comments to themselves. We have no intention of helping them elect another one of their Liberal friends; we know what their Liberal hero Klein did to us. It’s why we are broke and Alaska and Norway aren’t.

Alan Spiller


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7 Responses to “True conservatives remember the past”

  1. Resolute says:

    What an ignorant, rude, defamatory, NDP-supporting…Albertan?

  2. Fedup Conservative says:

    When I add in the fees attached to my power bill we paid $130.28 in fees thanks to Klein’s deregulation that helped his rich friends get richer.

    As one of my friends has pointed out we have likely paid about $17,000. to $20,000. in fees since deregulation began, thanks to what Klein did to us. It would have paid for 4 or 5, two week trips to Hawaii as those of us who go to Hawaii know. Yet we still hear these ignorant seniors singing Klein’s praises, and now they are willing to let Kenney, another former Liberal, make fools of them once again. You had better not ignore what he is promising to do to you with a lot more privatization as he is promising to do.

  3. snowman says:

    Well mr. Spiller and FC you have not noticed the
    price increase of electricity coming under this socialist govt it will crazier than what Klein or Getty did, you will pay. You will see the new mess and you will weep.and shut upcalling seniors ignorant. Tell the people what Norway Statoil is
    smarter than Lougheed or Getty, they own the oil not like Lougheed and Getty who gave it away along with proper royalties.
    Who is the fool the NDP are showing you.

  4. biff says:

    snowman – sharp insight, as the real issue is that we allow privateers to steal away the greatest chunks of our wealth. as per norway, we must own our resources; giving it away is a disgusting practice.
    where the writer’s points are accurate, and sadly so: 1) there is pc, and there is religious right. the latter is hardly pc, and is composed primarily of an approach favouring ignorance, controlism, militancy, black-and-white simplicity, and self-righteous preferences that fly in the face of freedom and respect for diversity and the right of people to full ownership over their body. kenney clearly is of the latter, and his record under harper is proof enough. 2) klein gave away hundreds of billions of our wealth through faulty and corrupt taxation and royalty schemes, while leaving us an environmental and financial disaster. 3) klein’s deregulation of alberta’s energy – it was our energy and should be our energy – is why we now pay about 300-400 dollars a month for electric and gas (add to that $100/mo for city services)…and so much for the alberta advantage. the reason for this outrageous cost of living expense is due to all the add on expenses the privateers are allowed to rip us off for. a.s. points out that these add on expenses cost us 2-3 times, or more, than the actual charge for the energy we used – not counting the carbon tax. the carbon tax is a drop in the bucket by comparison, and as a.s. notes, household incomes that are under quite a generous threshold get a large chunk rebated.
    wake up folks – we are being robbed. focus on the real scams, not the itty bitty rubbish that is merely politicised bs.

  5. Fedup Conservative says:

    Great comments biff. Maybe these poor ignorant seniors should get off their asses and go talk to a lawyer, accountant, oilman, banker or former MLA like we have and not believe the lies these former Liberals feed them. Klein deliberately helped his rich friends screw them out of their money and they’re so dumb they don’t know it. or care. While we fight to protect ours they are willing to let Kenney, another former Liberal to make things worse for them and they’re too dumb to understand that also.

    Maybe they should read “Misplaced Generosity ” put out by the Parkland Institute a division of the University of Alberta. While Lougheed and Getty collected 35% of oil revenues in royalties, Klein and Stelmach cut them down to 3% and these poor fools just can’t understand why we are broke and Norway and Alaska aren’t. They just pretend it isn’t true. Norway collects a 78% tax on their oil industry, I wonder why they have over a Trillion dollars in their savings account and why their people pay absolutely nothing for Education or Health care?

    Of course they can’t understand why so many true conservatives voted for the NDP knowing we had to stop the mess we were being forced into, but that’s no different than when we elected Lougheed the same whining and complaining took place. He was going to destroy us because he raised taxes and royalties so he could run this province properly and he did.

    While Kenney convinces them that the huge debt the NDP is putting us in can’t be repaid we know it can be repaid very quickly by increasing taxes and royalties.

    for Snowman to read, make sure you read what Lougheed had to say “royalties down 32% ” all thanks to Klein and Stelmach.

  6. snowman says:

    so fc what did getty do so famously when he took
    over from Lougheed what was the price of oil, $20.00
    what was the amount of royalties to cover his stupid
    spending, and debt tell us about his dealings, how he started to
    destroy the health care system why so many nurse’s
    laid off headed for the states tell us the truth, don’t be afraid
    us educated seniors would be pleased to listen.

  7. Fedup Conservative says:

    @snowman Don’t forget that Getty got caught in a huge International Oil crash , like the mess we have been in since 2008, and it certainly did push oil revenues collected down and he was forced to make cuts to spending and nurses were laid off however as those of us who were involved with the oil industry know that it was well on it’s way to recovery by the time Klein came along and he didn’t bother to increase royalties back up to Lougheed’s level , as the oil industry expected him to do. Instead he closed hospitals, closed 1,500 hospital beds and cut 5,000 nursing positions. He slashed education funding and teachers lost their jobs and dumped deregulation onto the backs of the people. None of this would have been necessary. Ed Stelmach even slashed the royalties further from what I understand, while the oil industry bragged about record profits Albertans were being put into financial ruin.

    In 1997 while on vacation I met a retired Exxon Executive from Texas who had worked for Imperial oil in Calgary. He told me he thought Albertans were the dumbest people on the planet for letting Klein give away our oil like he was. Don’t you people realize that it’s non-renewable he stated. He went on to state that he couldn’t believe how stupid the people were to let Klein take three hospitals away from them, driving out thousands of doctors and nurses , putting people’s lies t risk, then reward him with a higher majority in the next election. My wife and I couldn’t get out of Calgary fast enough, he stated, we didn’t fit in , we weren’t dumb enough. It’s a well known fact that Alberta lost 14,783 health care workers, thanks to Klein and partly by Getty.

    In 2000 one of Lougheed’s former MLAs showed me a copy of the study “Giving Away The Alberta Advantage” make certain you pull it up and read it. It proved what the oilman had said was true. Under the Klein Administration we were receiving less than half as much in royalties than we were under Lougheed even though we were in an oil boom situation. It certainly explains why we are broke and Alaska and Norway aren’t and all the idiotic comments aren’t going to change the facts. The fact is we need to help this NDP government get us back on the Lougheed path or we will never get out of this “Horrific Mess” as Lougheed called it. They are certainly on the right track and like Lougheed, Notley doesn’t let anyone kick her around especially another former Liberal, like Klein, pretending to be a Conservative , while he promises not to increase royalties, or taxes for his rich friends, let the stupid Albertans fend for themselves. Who cares what it does to seniors. Don’t forget Kenney and his group recently voted against increased funding to help rural Albertans get increased policing to fight the increasing crime in their areas, in other words he doesn’t intend to support rural Albertans. He has also made it clear that he won’t support the gay community , and then wonders why they won’t let him ride in their Gay Pride Parade. Also he has lost nine of his MLAs who won’t be running in the next election.
    As my late father would say “I’m a Conservative and I won’t support Liberal Ralph Klein, no matter who he pretends he is”.

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