October 16th, 2018

Recipe for a compassionate community

By Letter to the Editor on June 14, 2018.

Gerald Morton’s letter of June 6, titled “Lethbridge is just being a caring city,” confused me as to its purpose but I did gain from it a sense of where priorities lie. There’s no axe to grind nor desire to engage in a contest with that writer but for the record, here’s something to chew on.

Foremost, I do not nor will I ever support criminal activities! I don’t care what level of authority, riding roughshod over this jurisdiction, claims is working, or how much they instruct us, as residents, that we need endure in the name of compassion, etc. I absolutely abhor the obscene sums of money pouring into apologizing, medicating and adjudicating crime when the resources are not improving lives of those receiving current outrageous taxpayer largesse.

Life will go on “despite or because of” my “ideas.” Fair enough! But I’d like to inform you, sir, just for the record, what my “city strong and resourceful” looks like! Mine spends just a small portion of the millions upon millions flowing into legalized criminal activities in Lethbridge to gravel or pave that useless tract of land in front of the water building on the university campus so students have someplace to park (free) while being educated!

My “strong and resourceful” city funds playground equipment, field trips, etc., for kids so they never again have to peddle chocolate-covered nuts door to door to fund this stuff. And finally, sir, my city would become the first in this country (rapidly going to drug hell) to truly help those less fortunate, by turning free-consumption playgrounds and jails coast to coast into learning institutions where we help people who have fallen through the cracks, educate them, elevating them to proudness, far from their perilous lives and bare dependent existences.

My version of a compassionate community finds a new path to develop every sad soul among us into healthy, loving, loved, productive human beings! This, sir, in brief, is my “bridge-building” version of a loving, “thoughtful,” “caring,” “compassionate” and “understanding” city.

Alvin W. Shier


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One Response to “Recipe for a compassionate community”

  1. biff says:

    a.s., you have your preferences as to what you choose to do and not do with your body – and that is exactly what we all must be entitled to. however, your preferences do not determine what is right and wrong for others, nor do they justify laws that are unacceptable in a free society. govt/society have no right to dictate to another what they can and cannot ingest. drug laws have no legitimacy in a free society, just as laws prohibiting alcohol have no legitimacy. so, here you try and take some high road, calling users of drugs criminals, and yet they are simply making choices around their bodies to which we all are inherently entitled.
    understand this: very few that use drugs – that have, unjustifiably, been made illegal by boorish gov’ts and controlling full of themselves types – ever have any problems due to their usage. in fact, we have far more issues related to alcohol than to all other drugs combined, but even there, we have no right to tell another they cannot use alcohol.
    in a nutshell, a.s., you are best placed to stay in your body, decide what is best for you, and keep well out of the bodies of others. as for the relatively few dollars spent to try and help a few people in dire need, how can any, with even a tiny heart, begrudge that? why the need to behave as a self-righteous bully?
    there is so much corruption and waste at every level and step and turn in our sundry gov’ts that steals away far vaster sums of wealth from the tax payer; surely, that is far more worthy of one’s scrutiny? locally, we could likely recover the costs of the safe injection site many times over just by auditing city land deals the past 20 years.

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