December 19th, 2018

Guns don’t eliminate our fears

By Letter to the Editor on August 9, 2018.

What is so difficult to understand about guns? Guns are made to kill animals or people. People who want to kill have affection for guns. There is power in guns and killing. People who feel powerless are drawn to guns, the power over life and death.

The military trains one to think of your weapon as your friend, and to always keep it close; soon it is what you reach for in times of fear. Your gun can become a crutch; it cannot solve your fears. I believe the NRA plays on insecurity to sell guns; they twist words.

Guns do not give freedom or security from fear. Making others fear your guns is like piling fear on top of fear. The only way to deal with fear is to face this feeling; identify it, recognize it when it shows up. We need serious help discovering and learning how to deal effectively with our insecurities. Guns do not help us to work with our feelings; they mask these difficult emotions and make them more dangerous.

Hollywood trains people to believe car chases and shoot-em-ups are entertainment. This inflation of emotion encourages rude and insensitive behaviour in life and on the road. Maybe the reason we have not found a solution to fear and guns is because big business and politicians use fear to gain power over us. Certain politicians always magnify fear, about debt, “terrorists,” immigrants, government, taxes, etcetera. They don’t deal in solutions – just fear. I believe we don’t need more guns, or legislation about guns, we need more counsellors and mental/emotional guides. We don’t need more guns and “weapons of destruction”; we need more psychologists and mental institutions instead of jails. We need to train and pay for people to help us sort out our negative feelings.

Don Ryane


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