December 19th, 2018

Struggle between negative and positive

By Letter to the Editor on August 9, 2018.

Newscasts spray us daily with negative reports on the Trump administration. Have they done something positive, too? Yes, when you sift the wheat from chaff.

The president tries to prevent terrorists entering America. Although his immigration reform was delayed by the courts, it was later OK’d by the Supreme Court. Thousands of illegal immigrants gathered at the southern border and created a crisis. Europe and Canada have the same problem: system-overload. Border control seems the only solution.

American air strikes helped wiping out ISIL’s caliphate. Some terrorists fled to Afghanistan; the “mother of all bombs” was dropped on their hideout caves. Missiles from American warships targeted the Syrian airfield from where chemical attacks were made. Trump urged NATO members to do their duty re: military expenses and missions of the treaty.

North Korea reached out to the South with the Olympic Games. South Korea mediated an unprecedented meeting between Trump and Kim.

President Trump has met with many other world leaders. Reagan and Gorbachev had similar goals as Trump and Putin – better relations between their countries. After four decades of cold war, political observers warned in 1985 against detente. (See


All North Korea’s neighbours (China, Russia, South Korea, Japan and America) are now involved in denuclearizing the Korean peninsula, convincing Kim that food, friends and economic growth are better than the opposite.

Trump gave the green light for the Keystone pipeline from Canada. Negotiating fair trade deals is ongoing; other countries need trade with America and will negotiate. Some out-sourced companies returned to the U.S. and created jobs.

Trump lowered business taxes, boosting the economy. The second quarter’s growth rate of 4.1 per cent is amazing. Job creation is high (3,216,000 since February 2017, U.S. Dept. of Labor); unemployment is low (four per cent); the dollar is strong. The U.S. economy is humming.

Despite his unusual methods, Trump has achieved much in 18 months. His enemies try to shift the focus from successes to problems. The mid-term elections may indicate how Americans feel about the two viewpoints.

Jacob Van Zyl


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15 Responses to “Struggle between negative and positive”

  1. John P Nightingale says:

    No doubt you also approve of aluminum and steel tariffs on the basis of “security”, separation of children because of the “border crisis”, tearing up of vehicular emission targets, restricting abortion rights, lowering taxes on the wealthy, disparaging racist remarks, insulting allies across the globe, denigrating Congress men and woman with whom he disagrees, opening up “protected wilderness” area for oil and gas development, contradicting himself and staff members on a daily basis, cozying up to a malevolent dictator (Putin), dismantling Obama Care (warts included), trashing media at home and abroad , unable to string a constructive sentence together without notes or a teleprompter, deliberately or perhaps simply misunderstanding economic so called growth figures and or trade deficits….
    Perhaps Jacob you should move south , where at least you can carry a concealed weapon (or an open carry weapon) to protect yourself against the “thousands of terrorists” massing at the southern border with Mexico. Hopefully you’ll be able to afford some decent health plan whilst languishing in our southern neighbours hinterland.
    (As for Korean “denuclearization” – do you actually believe that?)

    • gs172 says:

      You took the word out of my mouth jpn. I know you said it but it bears repeating. President Trump lies….a lot.

      • lonestar says:

        gs172 -where were you during the Clinton era? And how does Trump stack up against former president Bill Clinton and our very own lying Brian Mulroney? Or have you forgotten those two, who make Donald J. Trump look very solid.

        There’s dozens of books written by former aids, legal types, and those such as Gary J. Byrne, and Gary Aldrich shadow close to the Clintons who’ve told all about the antics of these criminals,

        As for the great Mulroo all you need to know about this sad individual is revealed in P.C. Newmans “The Secret Mulroney Tapes”

        Read, learn, go beyond what you’re being fed in the Liberal print and visual media and you may see President trump in an entirely different light as he tries to keep criminals out of his country and make peace in this world. Did we hint he or his vast administration is perfect? NO we didn’t.

        As for children being separated at the border. We’re shocked the media owns you and can sway you so easily. Children everywhere in Lethbridge, Halifax, or Victoria whose parents have been criminally detained are separated from their innocent children.

        Last year, very near, Police raided a drug distribution place and arrested three people, two of them parents of children 3, 6 & 10. Should those kids have gone to the Police station then into a cell with their criminal parents? We’re shocked how cruel some of you can be, appearing to sanction criminals using their kids to advantage themselves of an illegal entry into the United States of America, or using them for shields while they carry on criminal acts. Shame on anyone who thinks children under those circumstances should be kept with their parents.

        Has the meaning of the word illegal been lost?

        In the “reporting” does the media ignore illegal acts. Do we as a society benefit when illegal acts are ignored before our eyes. We don’t think there’s a benefit to illegal acts being allowed to permeate society. Check with the people of Ontario who on top of their outrageous utility bills are feeding housing and clothing thousands of illegals flooding their province while wait lines for services at hospitals and for seniors and so on extends months and years…………….

        Queue jumpers using the border child sympathy tactic, federally sanctioned in our country does not make it right elsewhere.

        Sorry for being so harsh, God Bless you and all the children caught up in a criminal web!

        • gs172 says:

          Wow! Glad to get your attention. To your first point, we’re not talking about the Clinton’s or Brian Mulroney are we? I have read about the accusations about them as well. To the point of asylum. It’s not illegal to request asylum in the US, it’s illegal to cross illegally. Why they’re crossing illegally is because border patrol agents are not letting them cross at legal points which is against the 1951 UNHCR agreement of on refugees. Also comparing refugee families to someone selling drugs is well ridiculous.

          On NATO Trumps understanding of the agreement lacks in several areas. According to him the US pays 70 to 90%(depending on which time of day) is wrong. The US is a global military force where most of the European Countries and Canada is not. The actual number the US contributes to the NATO common fund is 22%. Oh and Canada is the 6th highest net spender in NATO.

          On foreign relations he considers both Putin And Kim Li strong leaders. Ok that’s his opinion. He has had meetings with both leaders and what do we know about what was said? We get more information from the Russians than him. Putin has pledged to bring back the old Russian Empire and the US treats us as a national security risk? Trade is complicated but the way the US is approaching it is reckless and causes global instability.

          On lying it doesn’t take a genius to find both left and right stories on that. There was no meeting, wait there was a meeting but it was about adoptions, oh I meant damaging information on Hillary . There were no Russians, wait there were Russians. I didn’t write the response, oh yeah I did write the response. There was no collusion, maybe there was but it’s not illegal. I’m president I can just pardon
          myself. And that was on just 1 issue.

          I don’t get all my news by one source, I watch FOX, CBC, CNN(not a fan since all they do is talk about him),CTV, BBC, Globe and Mail, National Post among many others. I wonder where you get yours, Infowars?

          • biff says:

            gs – your response to lone is comprehensive and on point. of course, lone really did supply only an apples/oranges comparison in the hope of making trump look good compared to others of the worst qualities. because the clintons and mulroney are all but proven in court sleazes, that would seem to make trump the god child he believes himself to be? sorry, lone, but your entry most suggests that it does not matter what us suckers vote for, we get suckered.
            while we steadfastly, hopefully, and naively cast our dutiful votes in the name of democracy, we had better wake up to the reality that we are lining up to support an illusion. each election we cast an illiterate signature “x” that effectively kisses off our real power, and pays homage to the corporate beast that our elected scammers truly represent. nutshell: party politics and elections are not about solutions – they are about a party of riches, which are effectively and always being siphoned away from the masses into the hands of a relative few; they are an impressive sideshow that has been engineered to dupe the public into thinking they are having a real say in the decision making process each election, and, if only more people would vote, the “system” would work even better (yet, we do not have a real effect if 100% voted); they undermine our real and truest power – the power of what we buy (meaning what we buy into), and what we do not buy (buy in to). i use the term buy instead of choose/choice because that is the essence of what we are choosing as the basis of our survival, a capitalist economy. to that end, we are constantly being sold on the capitalist ideology, and further sold on the erroneous belief that capitalism means freedom (and socialism means dictatorship). moreover, we are constantly being sold on buying stuff – much of it not needed, and much of it damning to our existence. i would suggest that rather than pick up a ballot and sign away one’s power by legitimising a great big lie, one instead takes a more prudent and thoughtful approach to what one feels a need to spend their power on…or borrow away their future for.

          • lonestar says:

            What’s infowars?

            gs172 – We strongly suggest sourcing your news closer to the ground not the wire service, you’re simply repeating what you and pretty much everyone else with an “opinion” is fed by an owned entertainment media.

            Suggested reading to help you discover the brain washing process. McGowan’s “Coloring the News” , Goldsteins “Basis” ,Kohn’s “Journalistic Fraud” (many many more if you care to look)

            One of many essential study tools at schools of journalism, universities or institutions where the matter of Truth in Broadcasting and journalistic morality are studied, buy or locate on loan a copy of “Morals and the Media” “Ethics in Canadian Journalism”

            Respectfully don’t waste your time if you have your mind made up. But if you have an open mind, and like to explore, mine and cross examine for truth you will have your hands full with the project & perhaps better prepared to discuss the subject.

            Good luck and God Bless you.

  2. biff says:

    there you go, jpn, raining on the positive news trump parade. selective bits provided by a well intentioned entry. it is likely you do not appreciate trump because you are not a believer in the son of god. trump is the second coming of god’s son, also a virgin birth of sorts, hatched in a lab in deepest, darkest area 51. with great care he was formed and mutated to become the epitome of what so many in the world have devolved to believe in: self service, greed, accumulation, self absorption, power, self aggrandizement, simple utterances and sound bites as substitutes for intelligent solutions….did you not read the letter, jpn? trump even supported the keystone light beer pipeline… not a very good beer, but if it helps lower our well inflated beer prices it makes trump one of the more useful presidents, ever, relative to alberta.

  3. John P Nightingale says:

    Oh my God, I had no idea…

  4. Jim Linville says:

    I’d vote for biff.

  5. Dennis Bremner says:

    What most of you are missing is …why? Why is Trump doing what he is doing and the purposes of diversion tactics.
    The shortterm benefits to isolationists is it creates a bump in employment, nationalism and trade deficit shifts through tariff incomes etc. But, thats a shortterm benefit. Turning inward has terrible longterm implications, so why would someone choose the shortterm benefit when its known longterm that this choice has major damaging longterm disadvantages?
    The hidden portion of this entire fiasco is all being played out here

    The acceleration of US debt is unprecedented. The speed of this debt and the need to service it literally requires diversions and deflection so few will focus on it. The US administration has so many balls in the air, that the normal discourse with financing the US Gov that we saw play out under the Democrats rule has all but disappeared now that the Repubs have power.
    So to de-focus is not only the rule but the longterm plan as well. Tariffs, taxes, outrageous remarks about allies, comments on “destroying careers and reputations” etc are all diversionary tactics to create mayhem so to defocus from debt which is now totally and completely out of control. I watch the clock and have for 6 years now. The “speed of debt” has increased by 20-25% over the last 2 years in Canada and the US. To demonstrate the amazing shift in thinking the topic 3 years ago was if you spent money you were passing debt to your children and you should be ashamed if you thought that fair. Then “sunny ways took control and dispensed money like ju-jubes, to object is Un Canadian”!
    So what people “see” is employment, what they do not see is the massive amounts of debt being created at provincial/state & Fed level to keep the illusion going. Much like the Liberals here, they need you to focus on child care, crying apologies, Mr Dressup costumes, payouts, etc and de-focus from what this all costs. If costs become the focus, then attacks are created, and suddenly you are not moral, or lack empathy and are just not acceptable in the “new society”. Terms like illegal are dropped and irregular is inserted and repeated to de-focus. All this has purpose!
    The author of this letter to the editor “sees” the shortterm superficial product, and for good reason comments on the good results but, does not “see” the money spent or the cost to create the illusion. Canada and the USA are creating diversion, misdirection and illusion very effectively and its being confused with “good government and sound policy” because the shortterm product is better, and it is! Longterm you pay and pay big, its coming!

    • Tris Pargeter says:

      Of course Trump focuses on the short term. No surprise there. And the accelerating US debt is a huge problem. The Republicans have totally abandoned their fiscal responsibility principles in the hope of staying in power. The US borrows vast amounts to pay for wars and then cuts taxes so there is nowhere near enough revenue. Shameful. Inflation looms and at some point the bubble will burst. Trump hopes that will be after he gets re-elected, or at least after the mid-terms.

      Canada, however, has a quite reasonable level of debt, and Alberta even less. The use of debt to invest in infrastructure and economic growth is entirely prudent and good policy. We do not at this point have a debt problem. The US does. There’s a big difference.

  6. biff says:

    db – i find some general agreements with your latest entry.
    i will add that as bad as debt is, and particularly out of control debt, it is bread and butter for the lending elite. financial institutions have been bestowed some magical power to lend money that they do not even really have. they then collect compounded interest on that monopoly money they lend, and then they further get an increased reserve value of about 10 times that newly created loan amount.
    the interest we pay to service our debt undermines the degree to which our collective taxes can cover our needs, and wants. hence, we fall further into debt, like the typical canadian household of recent years. in effect, our money, and power, gets siphoned away systematically via compound interest, and into the hands of those few that been granted the magical power of creating money out of thin air…or, if one wishes, out of pot-o-gold that is the 10% reserve.
    imagine if we each could lend 10 times more money than we really have, charge compounded interest, and then, each time we lend x amount, we have now created 10 times that amount in greater lending power. we could all be rich, just like those that are robbing us from on high.
    back in the day, we borrowed from ourselves which devalued our dollar. now, we borrow from robber barons, who also conspire to devalue currencies. being so in debt, and so beholden to powerful and manipulative foreign sources, and bound to sundry trade and other international deals and constraints, we hardly have the autonomy that should define an independent nation.

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