March 20th, 2019

Where are consequences for criminal behaviour?

By Letter to the Editor on November 7, 2018.

Laws in Canada need to be addressed and changed. Consequences for criminal behaviour are basically non-existent. Police are handcuffed by existing laws and everything they do is under a microscope. Criminals have all the rights and slight deterrents.

For instance:

1. Catherine McKay, driving impaired, kills an entire family of four and is sentenced to 10 years in prison. One month later she is transferred to a healing lodge (First Nations). Wow!

2. Vince Li chops Tim McLean’s head off with a knife. He is assessed, ruled not responsible and granted an absolute discharge. Not one condition for release or monitoring to ensure he takes medication for schizophrenia. How would you feel if Tim was your son?

3. Matthew de Grood stabs five people to death and is ruled not responsible. He is doing escorted day trips in the community. Five broken families are outraged and you should be as well.

4. Terri-Lynn McClintic brutally murders eight-year-old Tori Stafford, is convicted and sentenced. Four years later she is transferred to a healing lodge. It utterly defies logic.

5. Ahmed Ressam (Algerian terrorist) enters Canada (false passport), claims refugee status, commits multiple crimes, draws welfare and evades deportation with a false identity. Our illustrious prime minister welcomes former ISIS fighters back into Canada for rehabilitation.

Refugees are welcome, no need to legally apply to enter Canada. How has the Liberal government responded? A new firearms bill designed to track gun ownership. Missed the boat entirely. Political grandstanding for non-firearm owners. Both non-firearm owners and firearm owners are mystified and non-supportive.

Current laws do not allow a person to defend property, family or lives with excessive force. Ridiculous! All Canadians deserve the right to protect property and families with whatever force is necessary. Police are unable to respond in time in most emergency situations. We need real justice (stiff sentencing) for those who choose to break our laws.

Dale Brooks


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4 Responses to “Where are consequences for criminal behaviour?”

  1. Dennis Bremner says:

    Too many drama teachers in politics who can cry on Que for something done 200 years ago. Do gooders surround us and now occupy the Justice system to a point where if after brutually murdering some one, if they show remorse, the judge knocks off 90% of their sentence. Its a drama teachers/ tree hugging world where play acting gets you points!

  2. biff says:

    a fine example of picking some extreme anomalies to try and demonstrate an ineffective point that the justice system is just too soft. i agree that the healing lodge examples demonstrate poor justice: they present as poor deterrents and may well fail on the rehabilitation aspect, too. however, the writer’s lack of understanding how severe mental issues must be treated by a different measure reads as grotesque.
    it is tough to argue that the justice system is nearly as useful as it could be: it is often corrupted, and often prosecutes and convicts the wrong people. it also upholds laws that make criminals out of people that are simply exercising the right to their own body. however, what the letter serves to demonstrate most, and very well, is how it is that fools, idiots and lynch mobs do not good make for good justice.

  3. Seth Anthony says:

    People often complain about the justice system. Problem is, it’s not the justice system’s fault. The fault lies in those that make the laws that the justice system is subject to.

  4. Seth Anthony says:

    Also, the REAL problem is allowing offenders like pedophiles out of prison, and imprisoning people that aren’t a threat to society. It’s f’n backwards!

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