April 24th, 2019

Trump-style politicshave cometo Alberta

By Letter to the Editor on December 5, 2018.

As per my morning ritual, I unfolded my Lethbridge Herald on Nov. 27 and promptly choked on my coffee. I was confronted with not one, but four, full pages of rhetoric, hyperbole and misleading statements. All paid for by a group called Shaping Alberta’s Future.

Shaping Alberta was created by the UCP as an arms-length organization so they can get around legislated spending caps on contributions to political parties. There’s obviously a pile of money pouring in so what better way to spend it than on Jason Kenney’s ego? There’s even a giant picture of him just in case I want to frame it.

I agree with Josephine Aristone (letter to the editor, Nov. 29). Why doesn’t Jason Kenney ask these supporters with such deep pockets to contribute to food banks or shelters instead, especially at this time of year? But I guess that wouldn’t make it all about him. Welcome to Trump-style politics right here in Alberta.

Karen Travis


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16 Responses to “Trump-style politicshave cometo Alberta”

  1. phlushie says:

    Well said Karen. If the politicians only knew or card about constituants rather then corporations and the $$$$.

  2. johnny57 says:

    Make Alberta great again! Karen.Trump-Style! Better get use to it or pick-up and move. And please make sure you have your tissue-paper ready for next year.

  3. Fedup Conservative says:

    johnny will support anyone using the conservative name even if it”s a Liberal, pretending to be a conservative like Kenney is doing. Too bad he isn’t smart enough to check into guys backgrounds before he starts believing the lies they feed him.

    Be a hero johnny and give a list of all the wonderful things Kenney is promising to do to you, so we can all have a good laugh. Everything he is promising is going to take a lot more money out of your pockets and you aren’t smart enough to realize it.

  4. Resolute says:

    What does placing an ad have to do with President Trump? Or is that word salad a ruse to get attention. Regardless of your inanity, Canada still allows for free speech and that includes advertising. Without consulting you first actually. And if you want to send your money to your specified charities, do not let others’ actions dissuade you. But you do not control others’ spending, politically correct vigilante that you appear to be.

  5. biff says:

    the religious and the self righteous – typically one and the same – love the demagogue. have fun hanging on to the slippery kenney.

  6. Seth Anthony says:


    ALL of those are garbage parties in many ways, and there’s a good reason for that. That reason is, the WHOLE type of political system we have in Canada is garbage. Splitting up garbage into little political labels doesn’t un-garbage it.

  7. zulu1 says:

    As usual , if you are a conservative you will always be described as “far right”, while I recently observed the provincial NDP described as” centre left” This is typical of those with left wing views , these days. On the subject of the conservative based newspaper ads, well, as I recall the NDP ran a full page , front page ad during the last provincial election, so what is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

    • Tris Pargeter says:

      Zulu, have you not noticed the change in conservatism over the last few years? Since they dropped the word “progressive” and put their faith in religion instead? Which makes them straight-up “regressive” now, since religion is medieval…

      • zulu1 says:

        This article is not about religion. By now everyone is fully aware of your hateful and tiresome views on religion. Political labels are exactly that, labels, however the so called liberal progressives are the true regressives, in that their adoption of”political correctness” has ensured that much of the public is afraid to speak their minds on a wide range of important issues to society,
        and that , in turn, is sad and regressive.

  8. Fedup Conservative says:

    The truth is they are no longer conservative but have adopted the Reform party policies , extreme right-wing, and are all about less government and a lot more privatization for the people to deal with. It is basically a policy that is all about looking after their own well being and that of their rich friends while they force Albertans to pay more and more out of their own pockets, like Klein, Stelmach and Redford did.

    As former MLAs have pointed out, over the years, nothing they did benefited the average Albertans, it was all about filling their own pockets with our money and those their rich friends. When you ask their supporters to give you a list of what they did to benefit them, as lawyers taught us to do, they can’t do it, because everything they did took money out of our pockets.

    • zulu1 says:

      Less government , and individual acheivement are core values of conservatism, not far right anything , just right of centre . If we were looking for extreme views we would call on you !!

      • George McCrea says:

        Nailed it Zulu. Fed up is a cranky old man who
        Made his money in the patch and now constantly rails
        Against the industry and dead premiers who are
        Unable to defend themselves.

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