May 25th, 2019

Action needed to deal with province’s massive debt

By Letter to the Editor on December 6, 2018.

It’s getting tedious how outmoded socialists continue to blame others for the massive debt the NDP have forced upon us. Notley and the crew are again throwing money at the oil problem by buying 7,000 oil cars and 80 locomotives. How long do you think it takes to deliver 7,000 oil cars? These are massive builds.

If the manufacturers could build six cars a day it will be close to five years to deliver all of them. A knee-jerk reaction that’s supposed to make us think you’re taking action. Notley, you can’t keep spending our money to make you look good in the present. People are losing jobs today and can’t find meaningful work.

As recent polls suggest, many people have lost confidence in the NDP. I, too, am getting tired of hearing excuse after excuse and the phrase “we need to do more.”

After three long years, an economy in ruins, jobs lost by the day, more job losses predicted in the new year, we are in an emergency situation.

In a crisis you need to pull all parties together and listen to solutions. They may not make you look good but smarter people can get things moving. The truth is you need credibility to build an alliance of can-do people. Notley does not have that credibility nor those types of people in the NDP. Even your buddy Justin Trudeau isn’t listening to your demands. But then again, I’m sure Shannon Philips has an excuse for that.

Tom Burns


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18 Responses to “Action needed to deal with province’s massive debt”

  1. Fescue says:

    I fail to see the difference between squandering a trillion dollars over successive past governments and going into debt with this government. If you think the carpetbagger from the east will do anything different under the UCP banner, take off the blinkers. Kenney will be living on an acreage in Ontario with his partner and a couple of sheep when he is done here.

    Over the past forty years, we have squandered our natural endowment and built a mansion that we can no longer afford. Albertans will be wearing the draperies sooner than later.

    • petie150513 says:

      Hear Hear! Fescue. The UCP has already shown itself to be a party devoid of any plans for the future. Blaming others is not a problem-focussed response to times of crisis. It’s just not enough to bash the previous government’s actions without presenting a clear platform for your own party. Throwing in terms like “outmoded socialists” is just icing on their cake. Where is the full policy and budget that will be so much better for me an mine than the current NDP government?

  2. IMO says:

    When the NDP took over in 2015, Alberta’s debt totalled $11.9-billion. It currently sits at $45-billion and is forecast to hit $71-billion by 2019-20. As a percentage of the total economy, the current debt level isn’t outrageous – 13.8 per cent of GDP, the lowest in the country.

    Mar 20, 2018 – The Globe and Mail

  3. Fedup Conservative says:

    On Monday I was at a seniors Christmas Dinner along with 65 other seniors. It didn’t take long before the conversation became all about the mess the province is in and the ignorance of a lot of our fellow seniors who insist that it’s all the NDP, s fault. As one of the retired oilmen at our table pointed out you can point your finger directly at the Klein government for the mess we are in. While they slashed royalties and taxes to benefit their rich friends they told the world to come and expand our oilsands , destroying our environment, and get our next to free oil, but neglected to provide a way to get it out of the province to the world markets. Gee I wonder why American oilmen working in Alberta call us the dumbest people on the planet. Maybe these Klein lovers can explain how they are going to fix this mess and how they are going to pay for the $30 billion in cleaning up the Orphan Wells, Klein created for us?

    Most of us feel we lost $400 billion because of what they did to us, and doubt we would be worrying about the mess we are in today, if they had managed the oil wealth properly. The truth is they should have listened to Peter Lougheed, as the oilmen point out.

    It’s fun watching fools like Tom Burns believing every lie his Liberal friend Jason Kenney feeds him. Those of us who consider ourselves true conservatives aren’t that stupid. While he bashes the NDP and Liberals he supports a well known Liberal, what’s smart about that?

  4. biff says:

    great replies! the letter presents as a perfect representation of the fools that are stuck on their party favourite, and so dumb as to try and generalise complex issues with simple labels. our issue is one very, very long in the making. thank klein – who pretended he was a conservative, and who many suckers also decided was a conservative. then blame stelmach, redford…getting the picture. yes, we can blame this ndp for acting like a redford led party, as they will not take control over the wealth of the province for the people: oil/gas; utilities.
    however, it is less the fault of any party that alberta oil is so cheap – no one really needs it right now. usa is producing the most oil in the world, and it is not likely saudis will buy from us. who are we going to send our expensive to harvest and refine oil ? pipeline, rail, whatever…who will buy?
    our real issues are, we the people, do not control our main sources of wealth; we never diversified our economy; we allow private greed to control our utilties – thank klein; be pissed at notley for not changing that – keeps us ever the poorer, and then some, as we the robbed sucker pay for the massive build out of utilities so the private ownership can rake it in all the more off of us. does anyone really look at their utilities bills? stop being dummies.

  5. gs172 says:

    I really don’t think any party could have done any better in the last couple years due to the price of our major commodity oil. We could slash and burn but that tends to cause more problems down the line as we found out. The NDP is probably going to lose power in the next election which is the will of the electorate which I can live with. The one thing that concerns me is Jason Kenney. Sorry do not respect or trust the man. All I can say is I miss you Brian Jean.

  6. johnny57 says:

    Don’t worry Tom! As any good Liberal or NDP knows…”The budget will balance it self.”

  7. Steve Bottrell says:

    Some Albertans seem to have short memories. I don’t think Jason Kenney will win. I know I won’t be casting a vote for him. Contrary to the dominant right wing media in this province, most people prefer to look forward to the future and not backwards to the past. The Alberta government, regardless of which party sits in the seat, has little control over a world market. Alberta is just going to go back to what it was pre 1970’s, now that all the easy oil has been sucked out of it and given away to rich foreign companies. And you know who is to blame for that? Not the “socialists”.

    • George McCrea says:

      So whom is responsible now for extreme regulation, changing goalposts, and shutting our resource in the ground? In your world I guess that would be conservatives and all their environmental protesting friends chaining themselves to trees and fences and setting up road blockades, damn conservatives. I have to chuckle at the obvious irony of Notley and Phillips have made careers out of damning the resource industry, Phillips even writes forwards in anti resource/capitalism books and now they are in Ottawa saving the day? Spare me. Looks like they have figured it out, you can’t have socialism without capitalism paying for it.

      • IMO says:

        George McCrea: the writing is on the wall vis a vis what is in store for this world unless alternative energy is pursued with a passion. Regarding your assessment of socialism: it’s the other way around. Capitalism has no interest in social programs. The only interest capitalism has is servicing the greed of the 1%.

        • George McCrea says:

          Well, the writing might be on your wall, reality is quite different. If the capitalistic side stopped their contributions who would fund your socialism. Simple economics 101 capitalism produces and contributes, socialism consumes. Take a look around your house and make a list of the things that socialism has provided for you. Start with your furnace!!!! As for renewable resources, when the subsidies dry up so will they, or if raw resources are shut down, what will you build your windmills out of and what will you replace the 400 gallons of lubricating oil with to keep them and the transformers running.

  8. biff says:

    as succinct as it could be, steve. well presented.

  9. Fedup Conservative says:

    I agree with Steve we are going to see Kenney destroyed. Every time you turn around he is shooting himself in the foot and his TV Harper style attack adds are being talked about and like they did with Harper are helping get him defeated. Albertans aren’t nearly as dumb as Kenney wants them to be. They are seeing through his hidden agenda of don’t provide a platform to run because we don’t want them to know the destructive policies we intend to bring forth. You would have to be a damn fool to support him as true conservatives are saying.

  10. Seth Anthony says:

    @ George McCrea

    Well played sir.

  11. IMO says:

    The Doug Ford, and, by extension, the UCP agenda in easy to understand terms:

    “Due to recent budget cuts, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off.”

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