April 24th, 2019

We need to stand for what is right and equitable

By Letter to the Editor on December 6, 2018.

The Pargeters boast of a merely human law. (letter to the editor, Lethbridge Herald, Nov. 29). I would contend that what was passed is an immoral law, trying to break down society to its lowest denominator.

I think this quote by D. James Kennedy sums it up.

“Tolerance is the last virtue of a depraved society. When you have an immoral society that has blatantly, proudly, violated all the Commandments of God, there is one last virtue they insist upon: Tolerance for their immorality.”

Let us think about it, and stand up for what is right and equitable.

Aris Slingerland


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13 Responses to “We need to stand for what is right and equitable”

  1. Seth Anthony says:

    Worth a repeat:

    Let’s be clear that the term “God”, is more accurately termed “the invisible man”.

    When a child believes in an invisible friend, we recognize it as an illusion. When millions of adults believe in an invisible friend, it’s somehow A-OK. To add insult to injury, the adults go much further. They not only believe in an invisible friend, but they also worship it and force it on their children with the threat of emotional and physical harm. Not only is that child abuse, but it’s a grand testament to the point that much of the human race is still woefully archaic and backwards.

    Mr Slngerlan’s “right and equitable”, is actually child abuse for the forced indoctrination, and also includes many aspects of adult abuse (too many to list).

  2. John P Nightingale says:

    “Contend” all you like. I want no part of your doctrine in any shape or form. It is your choice to believe in a fairy tale. As is mine to reject it.
    Sadly, your children and grandchildren are indoctrinated from birth and so the cycle continues….
    What would you expect from someone (Slingerland) who quotes from a man (Kenedy) on record as asking for a “firewall” to protect society from homosexuals and also an advocate of “conversion therapy”. And that is merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg?

    • JonathanVS says:

      You mention “conversion therapy”. It’s ironic because so-called conversion theory actually tries to reconcile an individual’s identity with biological reality, whereas others would have biological males “convert” to become females and vice versa. It would seem to make more sense to address gender dysphoria by uniting perceived identity with biological reality rather than the other way around.

      • snoutspot4 says:

        What a bunch of nonsense JonathanVS. There is no form of “conversion” therapy that coerces persons to switch there gender. You seem to be confusing sexual orientation with gender identity. But then of course your bible tells you that there is only male and female and god has decreed it so. Well the science is clear and biological sex is separate and different from any concept of gender identity. Persons who are homosexual generally identify as men and women who just so happen to be attracted to other men and women respectively. You are advocating for your right to torture transgendered children. Conversion therapy is child abuse. Most conversion therapy coerces gay children to think of themselves as evil, damaged, and making a choice to disobey you. Your position is indefensible. But then what else can we expect from your fundamentalist cult? The bible is NOT a science textbook.

  3. Resolute says:

    Words to think on Aris. Thanks. I share your disappointment in the public media’s unwillingness to discuss differences but rather to slander the proven traditional fact-based beliefs that got us to the good place we are now, in favor of an emotion-driven foray into their dark fantasyland. Tolerance only allowed to those in their echo-chamber. Keep your head up and continue to do good.

  4. snoutspot4 says:

    And yet another letter advocating for control of others as the moral thing to do. As JPN has stated, I want no part in your abuse of children. I do not support denying children the right to an education; an education that is not based on a book of myths and stories from some 2000+ years ago. I do not support coercion of young children to strictly assigned tasks based on there genital appearance at birth. I have more worth than my ability to become pregnant. I reject the teaching of children that women must obey a male master and thus, find comfort in indentured servitude.

    I do not support the abuse of LGBTQ2+ individuals. I reject the fictional concept that one can pray the gay away. Conversion therapy is undertaken because somehow you decree, in the face of overwhelming evidence, that homosexuals are so evil they are choosing to be demonized. Thus, torture is your recourse.

    How many “fine, upstanding members of society”, pillars of morality that your invisible sky fairy decree as exemplifying “the right way”, have been found to be sexual predators? How many have beaten children to death for violating the cult’s rules? How many children have been tortured? How many women and children have died by the hand of an abusive man? These are despicable and immoral acts. They are also illegal. I don’t need your invisible friend to tell me that it is you and yours that are immoral.

  5. Tris Pargeter says:

    Where IS this “Slingerland?” A land from another time it seems…
    I regret to inform you residents of this mysterious kingdom from afar that we are ALL “merely human,” including all of you enchanted people.

  6. IMO says:

    Aris Slingerland/Resolute:

    On the 5th Day of Advent –

    Have you not forgotten your very own parable of The Good Samaritan? And, more importantly, The Great Commandment?

    I do not subscribe to religion, but, in my reading, these words very much address the notion of “right and equitable” tolerance.

  7. snoutspot4 says:

    In quoting D. James Kennedy, the various members of the Fundamentalist Cult of Christianity are stating that they want their religious views to be imposed upon citizens who do not follow their archaic views. In doing so they elevate a a pretender like Kennedy who is nothing more than a evil preacher from the United States. His life is painted as a warrior for God on Wikipedia, yet his page is flagged as being written and maintained by those who know him and readers are cautioned about the content.

    In reality he was a get-rich quick evangelical fundamentalist Christian, a college drop out, and an Author Murray dance instructor, who was not fruitful and and did not multiply beyond an n of 1. He got a big huge shiny “church” from which he could spout his nonsense. He was on the initial board of the Moral Majority that collectively sought to torture non-conforming persons.

    For what it’s worth (Wikipedia entry):

    “He later moved with his family to Tampa, Florida, where in 1948 he graduated from Henry B. Plant High School and began studying music at the University of Tampa. After two years, he dropped out of college, began working as a dance instructor at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Tampa, and later won a first prize in a nationwide dance contest.[3] On August 25, 1956, he married Anne Lewis, whom he had met while giving her dance lessons at Arthur Murray. They had one daughter, Jennifer, born in 1962.[3]”

    “Kennedy developed the Evangelism Explosion (“EE”) method of evangelism in the 1960s, which emphasizes the training of church laypeople to share their faith by home visitation and every-day encounters in the community.[3] A film, Like a Mighty Army, was produced in 1970 and starred actor Chris Robinson as Kennedy, portraying the Evangelism Explosion story at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church.[3] In 1996, Evangelism Explosion announced it had become the first Christian ministry to be established in every nation.[17]”

    “Kennedy, in opposition to same-sex marriage, presented a two-part strategy to counter legislative and court initiatives to “redefine marriage.” He called for a constitutional “Firewall” to protect the nation from “counterfeit marriage”[41] and urged “conversion for homosexuals who want to change, through the power of Jesus Christ.”[42] Kennedy rejected judicial activism and judicial supremacy. He endorsed the Constitution Restoration Act was a bill promoted during the 2005 Confronting the Judicial War on Faith conference that sought to authorize Congress to impeach judges who fail to acknowledge “God as the sovereign source of law, liberty, or government” and to limit the power of the federal judiciary to rule in religious liberty cases.[43] ”

    In short, D. James Kennedy was a college-drop out who became a mega-church preacher and a leader of a group that sought to strip fellow citizens of their fundamental rights in the name of his religion. He is hardly someone to emulate given that he failed to be fruitful and multiply.

  8. IMO says:

    snoutspot4, I, too, noted Kennedy’s life and times and found it to be more than disturbing.

  9. biff says:

    it all went sideways when women became more worthy than cattle, and people stopped resting on sunday. tolerance is a true evil. where is leviticus? we need him to supply us with more intolerant laws.

    • IMO says:

      Emm…Leviticus is not a him. The word, Leviticus, is derived from ancient church Latin and Greek and means Book and the Old Testament day of rest begins at sundown on Friday and ends at sundown on Saturday. Nevertheless, point taken.

  10. biff says:

    i bow once more, imo. i never could get past the orgy that was genesis. but i sure liked the band in the 1970s.

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