June 20th, 2019

Bighorn plan threatens Albertans’ recreation

By Letter to the Editor on January 11, 2019.

With regard to the Bighorn Country proposal the NDP government is trying to jam through before the next provincial election, one of their reasons for the park is overuse by an increasing population in Alberta. Yet they want to develop more tourism in these areas.

What? How does that compute? The NDP ask Albertans for input and announce public meetings to discuss the proposal. Input from Albertans causes them to suddenly cancel the public meetings in Drayton Valley, Edmonton, Red Deer and Sundre. The NDP cite safety concerns for Albertans as the reason for cancelling these public forums. Intimidation and threats. What a crock.

Deadline for your input is Feb. 15 but now you have to try to contact someone by phone. Probably one line and stay on hold for four hours. The NDP has already slammed through Castle Country, closed access in the Porcupine Hills and the Livingstone. Now this.

This quest to have a park corridor from Yellowstone to the Yukon is the main reason and recreation from Albertans can suffer or cease to exist. Look what has happened in Castle Park. Campgrounds have been developed for full hookups and all the amenities. Millions spent on waterlines, power, sewage and roads developed. This is the new definition of a pristine wilderness, Castle Country. Millions spent and the campgrounds are empty.

Hunting is allowed but conditions so stringent (firearm permits, no hanging of game overnight) most hunters have abandoned the area. Free-range cattle are allowed to lay and defecate in our creeks but they do not bother the fish. Yeah, right. Albertans are being forced north. The timing is just wrong and deadlines too short to access input or recommendations.

Alberta has huge deficits, taxes continue increasing, businesses failing, unemployment, oil and gas are decimated so where is the money coming from for this proposal?

Dale Brooks


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7 Responses to “Bighorn plan threatens Albertans’ recreation”

  1. lonestar says:

    Bravo Mr. Brookes, fairly accurate accounting.

    But we should remind ourselves that a socialist government’s goal will always be one of controlling population, finances and resources dictating how they may behave – meddling in every phase of their lives.
    Do we need remind that this province has had a socialist government since Premier Lougheed left office handing the reins to Mr, Getty over 33 years ago.

    As well It’s no mystery to any observant Albertan in 2019 there’s developed a hard core socialist fascist regulating body that continues the legacy of governments past masquerading as Conservatives avoiding consultation, lying, falsifying, and pretty much conducting business as they wish, at massive cost to the people they purported to serve.

    The NDP may fall next election but not because they conducted themselves much differently than generations of egregious Conservative liars, cheats et al post Mr. P Lougheed.

    Except now we have a minister who perhaps as part of her soon to be short legacy has contributed to the ever changing lexicon by labelling her lie, as words “misspoken”. How disappointed we are in you for that Ms. Phillips.

    The reason you cancelled those meetings is because YOU can’t take the heat in that kitchen not the reasons you site. How disappointing.

    • Tris Pargeter says:

      What we have all learned with Alberta “conservatives” such as yourself is that true hatred is contagious. And no one dishes that out with more relish or more malice than you devoutly religious people. And the breathtaking arrogance emanating from you up there on your utterly contrived pinnacle of moral superiority in your entirely manufactured, alternate reality. Wow. Talk about lying, when you and your ilk are the agents of the biggest scam (read LIE) ever perpetrated on humankind through all of recorded time. Obviously there’s a vulnerability there, and boy have you “believers” exploited that. We see you, you know.
      On the politics, I never minded progressive conservatives until the religious Reform party took over. Again, there’s religion as the central problem. I don’t recall “bozo eruptions” before that either. But they continue apace with this “new” UCP. Ha!
      I used to be able to “tolerate” religion as well, which was certainly asking something of any thinking, reasonable person, but that has also changed, and increasingly my question is “What’s to like here?” Period. The worst among us, hands down. And what is it like to be so paranoid, so certain of conspiracy everywhere, and Satan around every corner? At some level it must take a fair bit of mental effort to hold onto your alternate reality that you occupy so assiduously?
      And “hardcore socialist fascist governments masquerading as Conservatives? Where are these REAL conservatives you keep alluding to, may I ask? Where in the world?

      I don’t think it gets said often enough how stunningly arrogant your view is. How there’s nothing to learn because no one sees the truth except you. How any natural evolution just dies with you.
      And quibbling about the current crop of words in common usage that mean “lie,” while, again, ignoring your part in the biggest lie, that lie that you can’t even begin to address as such….well, that’s a glaring bit of hypocrisy.

      Too bad you can’t talk to Rachel, Shannon and Maria sometime about the death threats along with the open scorn they have had to put up with for being female, and in charge. All the good old Alberta boys have become apoplectic! And using a pic of Rachel as a target at a Brooks golf course? Only in Alberta. It’s bloody embarrassing. And you need to look up the meaning of “consultation” by the way. It doesn’t mean you will get your way. Someone has to make decisions though, and they have. They have also genuinely considered new, factual information, of that I am certain, they are utterly reasonable people, unlike all these wild west libertarians that have come out of the woodwork after four decades of conservatism, carrying signs that read “Right to Ride.” Seriously? How old are we? This all begs the question, what would it be like here if REAL conservatism could have been in place?
      And how disingenuous of YOU to say that you are “disappointed” in Shannon Phillips! The truth is it wouldn’t have mattered one jot WHAT her or ANY of these apparently evil, despicable people in government would have done now would it?
      Is it humanly possible to be any more uncharitable than you Christian conservatives here?

  2. phlushie says:

    Well said Lonestar. I am disappointed that more people don’t understand that this has happened and will probably be worse with the UCP in power.

  3. Southern Albertan says:

    As an older Albertan, I do not recall such anti-socialist sentiment when the once Alberta Conservative Peter Lougheed government officially dedicated Kananaskis Country and Kananaskis Provincial Park in 1978. The same thing could be said about Bighorn Country as is said about Kananaskia Country without all of the partisan sentiment….”The needs of ranching, industry and tourism are still balanced with the mandate to preserve the animals, plants,and processes that keep the Kananaskis Country ecosystem healthy.”
    Perhaps, the most crucial issue is the protection of the headwaters that supply water to all of the Alberta folks downstream from Bighorn Country. Since water is needed for life itself, water will be coming more and more to the fore in coming, warming years.

  4. Tris Pargeter says:

    Indeed. I also recall those times. But did you see the answer to the question in the Herald yesterday about the creation of these parks? Only 11% in favour of that. Completely irrational.

  5. Fedup Conservative says:

    I certainly recall those times also, but times are different. In Lougheed’s day we didn’t have reneck Albertans being stirred up by these Reformers hell-bent on getting elected at any cost even if it means threatening our MLAs with death threats. I think they have reason to be scared of these fools who aren’t intelligent enough to understand what they are trying to do.

    The U.S. is a perfect example of what a fool can accomplish with ignorant people believing every lie he feeds them, just like Klein did and Jason Kenney is doing.

  6. Fedup Conservative says:

    This is a good letter that appeared in the Calgary Herald today by Ian Wishart.

    “New park should be cause for celebration”

    Alberta has a huge shortage of campgrounds, as those that like to camp are finding out. So what’s wrong with developing some good campgrounds and charging fees so the government can earn some money. Of course, as we know Klein privatized the campgrounds and Alberta taxpayers lost the money they were bring in. money that was helping to run this province properly.