June 20th, 2019

Local Catholic community disrespected

By Letter to the Editor on January 11, 2019.

I read with great interest your Jan. 7 news item in regard to the Catholic Diocese in Montreal.

It is interesting to note this diocese, after the protest by the parish, came to a respectful and sensible decision, to allow this Catholic community to try and solve the problem of their churches’ dwindling attendees and therefore a financial problem.

The Calgary Diocese under Bishop Henry and now Bishop McGrattan, in my opinion, has disrespected and scorned the Catholic community in Lethbridge by closing the downtown St. Patrick’s Catholic Church for apparently no viable reason, except for the building of an unnecessary, luxurious, out of town building that will encompass many Catholic communities. A building that was not wanted by the Catholic community and which they could not afford.

Shamefully, due to the petulance of the Calgary Diocese, the parishioners of St. Patrick’s have been denied their Catholic services for many years while waiting for their case to come before the Vatican.

Josephine Aristone


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One Response to “Local Catholic community disrespected”

  1. Seth Anthony says:

    What would Jesus think?

    Probably be ashamed of the money and materialism aspects.