June 20th, 2019

How about helping the needy who are already here?

By Letter to the Editor on January 12, 2019.

The Francis Beckow letter to the editor, “Canadians can be proud of efforts to improve life for others” (Herald, Jan. 5) spoke to the “worlds worse off” and how Canada’s contribution of $400 million, part of $3.8 billion committed by the World Bank, European Union and other G7 countries, supports “educating girls,” “refugees” and the “impoverished.”

Another perspective. Data on population indicates this planet becomes home to 82 million new humans each year. True, of those millions, an undeterminable number will not join swelling ranks of the impoverished, malnourished, homeless, 1.3 billion currently living on less than $2 a day, the uneducated and so on, but many will – and at current birthrates, no country or combination of countries can keep pace – history proves it. Humans show slight hint of restraint as they procreate, consume and pollute themselves out of house and home, as they stress-test Earth’s carrying capacity.

Canada’s leaders, past and present, issue cheques proposing to “help” the world’s burgeoning poor. An industry evolved, the poor keep arriving – the shelves at the food bank are empty – and the rich compassionate uncle continues to write cheques to foreign governments. Canadians are generous – forced or voluntary – despite 40 per cent of native kids living in poverty, one in 10 of us unable to afford a prescription, classrooms wildly over capacity, health care in crisis, unimaginable calamities in affordable housing, 1.3 million children coast to coast lacking basic necessities, etc.

And yet in 2017, wide-open-arms Canada welcomed 286,000 men, women and children, half under the economic class program. But “we’re not doing enough” claims the government as it sets a course to bolster immigration numbers to 340,000 yearly by 2020. Canadians in 2018, saddled with a debt currently over $1 trillion, with interest servicing costs plundering our treasury for $450 billion annually – is broke! We’re spiralling into a hole of debt and despair generations distant may never recover from.

It’s time to adjust the counter, setting realistic immigration numbers. Immigration is necessary – definitely – but not on the back of the impoverished at home who also seek “help”!

Alvin W. Shier


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10 Responses to “How about helping the needy who are already here?”

  1. chinook says:

    Thanks for the statistics & providing a perspective that our current government ignores.
    What we need is to take care of our own and take in immigrants that will contribute to our society and workforce. That means educated and able bodied people who align with our laws and customs. Rather than more uneducated refugees we should shift our focus to help rid those 3rd world countries of their deplorable corrupt governments.

    • Tris Pargeter says:

      Great in theory, but impossible in reality, to “help rid those 3rd world countries of their deplorable corrupt governments.”

      We’re talking about different streams of administration here though, not interchangeable or transferable even, governance is complicated in any democracy, and the general “help” you speak of generally derives from provincial policies and priorities, not federal. So we’re also talking about taxation, and I think we can all agree that our resident conservative population seems to be less and less willing to contribute to the literal welfare of others. Therein lies the problem.

  2. biff says:

    hard to disagree.

  3. Seth Anthony says:

    Uh no Tris.

    The “problem” has nothing to do with your constant NDP / Conservative, men / woman, rhetoric. Your hate is noble, but misguided.

    Keep waking up. You’re almost there.

  4. Seth Anthony says:

    Probably not enough lol.

    Meh…you’re cool in my book Tris.

  5. biff says:

    now that we have rolled out the red carpet for the saudi teen – on the fast track to cdn citizenship, a cause celeb…and a seemingly gifted tv personality. could the cdn gov’t have chosen better? only if she was already fluent in english, or french, even. otherwise, she sure did well to overcome the very, very long flight, and the lifetime of family abuse, to seemingly effortlessly be able to toss out smiles and cuddles with ms. freeland.
    so, what does this have to do with the letter’s call to help canadians already here first? well, we have far too many women already here in canada that have been abused by, and have had their lives threatened – and have even been murdered – by sicko-psycho partners …but they were not provided with necessary guarded protection; no private security covered by the public purse for them.
    i am left to wonder how much of this event is about the fed’l gov’t looking to score some points on the recent saudi related issues. indeed, there is this quote form the cbc news: “Canada and Saudi Arabia are in a political battle currently, so because this woman is Saudi, my sense is that there was some political motive in promoting the ‘rescuing’ of a Saudi girl,” said Ryerson University professor Mehrunnisa Ali.
    “Of course, the rescuing of oppressed people is a Western narrative in many different ways, but the securing of a Saudi woman being oppressed by her family and her country sharpens this narrative in ways that may not have been possible otherwise.” https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/rahaf-al-qunun-canada-saudi-refugee-1.4976735
    i also recall the fast tracking of the afghani youngster that was sent from afghansitan to be cue jumped to the front of our medical surgery waiting line here. and while the youngster was blessed to receive the treatment, it is clear that it was also used as cause celeb to dupe canadians into believing that our participation in the war there was a great thing – that all the killing and war crimes were worth it… if even just one baby’s life could be bettered.

  6. Dennis Bremner says:

    Good comments Alvin but you cannot overcome the bleeding hearts who need to save everything and anything not Canadian at ANY cost! We have to save the world from itself,its why we are totally dysfunctional as a country! A politician cannot say no to a special interest group unless that group is small, and can’t influence the next election.Otherwise, let the money roll!

    As for the Saudi teen, in our haste to be “swell guys and gals” watch Goodale waffle in 10 years from now if she turns out to be a spy created by the dislike for Canada by the Saudi’s. Watch how “Mr Security Goodale” once again “slips on the banana of political popularity” , this time it may not be a as easy as a $10million payout(Khadr)!
    Not possible? Neither was this