June 19th, 2019

Using car to kill deer unfathomable

By Letter to the Editor on January 12, 2019.

Never in my life have I felt compelled to submit a Letter to the Editor, but must do so now. I am stunned, appalled, disgusted by the horrifying video of one of your “finest” engaging in pure animal cruelty, with the killing-by-car of an injured deer.

I am one of now countless people across the country who simply cannot fathom how this is police practice, let alone how a human being could even consider this as the “solution.” We will watch and wait for the voices of animal protection groups/societies, and for the “investigation” results. Shame, pure and simple.

J. Ann Thomson

London, Ont.

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18 Responses to “Using car to kill deer unfathomable”

  1. lonestar says:

    Confidence in the Lethbridge Police Service is at an all time low for a variety of reasons. This incident which is absolutely abhorrent doesn’t help. Chief Davis could recover much of what has been lost under his watch, by promptly showing this rogue the door.
    The investigation shouldn’t take long, but then the Bernardo tapes didn’t keep officials from providing a safe platform for a horrific psychopath either.

  2. biff says:

    thank you for a brave letter, j.a.t., and for your add on, ls. there is a post relative to one of the news stories on this sordid affair, – found under local news in the digital version, now 2 or 3 pages along – where a “thomas” posted that the cop probably didn;t have knife to finish off the deer, and if he fired his gun he would have had a mountain of paperwork…basically, justifying the cop’s actions. sicko response, thomas.
    the cop has demonstrated an inability to be a mall cop, an inability to work with animals in any capacity – except, perhaps, working for a pharm/chemicals company, where animal abuse is celebrated. that cop should be named publicly, and removed from duty: chief, what kind of a human are you to not at least do that much while an investigation takes place? of course we know how these investigations generally are there to deflect outrage and protect the the perpetrating cops. based on what we know so far, that cop does not appear fit to work with any living creature.

  3. chinook says:

    Where did this officer get his training? Lethbridge College?
    As stupid, cruel and unfathomable as this sounds, a part of the problem could be this officers lack of awareness. I can’t imagine anyone purposely wanting to create more suffering for the deer. Maybe the idiot thought this was the quickest way to kill the deer. The world is full of stupid people that have no idea how stupid they are.
    Police Training should include every possible scenario so officers are prepared to make the right decision vs the blunder this officer made that led to such needless suffering and shame for the Dept. and community.

  4. Seth Anthony says:

    Such hatred for the guy. I heard he’s received death threats. How pathetic.

    Let’s keep in mind that he was trying to do the right thing. Needs some training on the delivery though.

    • Montreal13 says:

      Yes Seth, perhaps to ,”keep in mind that he was trying to do the right thing. Needs some training on the delivery though”.
      Would be interested to know or see what the many people on social media commenting, would actually do in the same circumstances of dealing with an animal screaming in agony?
      I do not know what the guidelines or rules are for discharging a firearm under these circumstances,so I will wait for the report.

  5. phlushie says:

    And what if he was worried that the bullet could ricochet and hit a passing car? Secondly, why did Erica Prichard keep video taping and not interveen, then make a public spectacle of this, or did she have ulterior motives?
    There are questions that have to be asked and answer given.

    • snoutspot4 says:

      Nice conspiracy theory phlushie. The traffic was stopped. The officer could have carried the animal to the curb, then delivered a point blank shot. He could have done a list of things. He could have stopped when he realized it wasn’t working. Why would any citizen intervene in a police matter? Stop spreading lies about the motives of the person who filmed it. I can only hope that children didn’t witness this act of cruelty.

      Perhaps you want to promote this as a method of getting rid of people you don’t like? See how easy it is to spread a rumour that is false.

      • phlushie says:

        No rumour spread, just some questions asked. Questions answered lead to the truth.

      • George McCrea says:

        First, deer like to kick things when in distress.
        Second firing a weapon in a residential neighborhood
        late at night is cause for concern with public safety.
        Third everyone is an arm chair expert when it comes
        to all situations involving police. Majority watch too
        much TV. There is no right answer to this but one
        wrong answer would be to allow the social media
        to fall off their lunicidal emotional ledge and get this guy
        fired. Who would be fired next for the latest atrocity of
        the day and latest viral video. Come on people
        grab some reality.

  6. Seth Anthony says:



    I don’t even know where to start with the facepalms.

    Perhaps your daddy issues?

    • snoutspot4 says:

      Dear Seth Anthony. You have crossed the line with this comment and I am reporting it. To tell a woman in a public forum that she has “daddy issues” is outrageous. To intimate that I cannot express my voice because I want to FAAAAK my daddy is disgusting. As was your flippant comment to another female on a different thread. I take issue with folks that propose that the person who filmed it should have intervened. I pointed out an example of how easy it was to start a rumour. Finally, the logical failure in using the “I’m just asking questions”, begs the question. You collapsed your argument when you chose to use an ad hominem argument.

      Have a nice day. snoutspot4

  7. biff says:

    next they will be running over the addicts that have hit the deck. bottom line, there have to be procedures already in place, as this will not have been the first deer on the deck in lethbridge. it is my understanding that running over a downed creature is not a part of the policy options…but perhaps chief davis came in and altered things so sadists could have more fun on the job. he sure does not think this was worthy of at least relieving the officer of duty pending investigation. looks like there is a good future in big pharm/chem/cosmetics for the officer if he/she wants it. would provide so many more opportunities to make a vulnerable creature squeal.

  8. Seth Anthony says:

    SS said:


    To intimate that I cannot express my voice because I want to FAAAAK my daddy is disgusting.


    Yes SS, I crossed the line, and with all due respect, you have my most humble apologies. I won’t make that mistake again. However, I’m taken aback at your bizarre interpretation of what I said.

    EDIT: The term “daddy issues” refers to this recent movement that seemingly proclaims all men are bad in one way or another. It doesn’t by necessity mean a biological father, but rather, any male in general. But yes, I see know that it’s a very untactful term to which I will no longer use.

  9. biff says:

    ss and seth, i see no substance to ss’s interpretation of seth’s comment jan13/19/7:08 pm…it appears to me to have been taken well out of context. however, the daddy issues aspect is indeed a personal comment , and is not helpful to the discussion. given that seth has apologised – and we each seem to lose our best selves from time to time here – i am hoping we can move forward and continue to share our constructive thoughts.

  10. biff says:

    gm- for real?!… and mtl13 and phlush: you agree with gm?!!
    area is well lit..we have the brightest/ugliest streetlights on the planet here; even if it were not as bright as a photo studio there, the headlights were upon the downed deer; the deer was down and well hurt – could not get up –” kung-fu kicking deer beats up cop” was not going to be the headline; the shot would have been from a few feet, and only mexicans in hollywood movies miss from that distance; the shot was going to be on a downward trajectory from very close range – unless we are talking the same magic bullet that felled kennedy, the bullet coming from cop’s gun was even less likely to hit a person, or even a pet or other wild animal, than would be the likelihood of missing the animal from… a couple of feet.
    there have to be policies in place – because this would not be the first time lps would have had to deal with a severely wounded deer; i cannot believe running over a deer with an overpriced and unnecessary police pick up truck is anywhere a police manual option. oh, i see, this is exactly why lps spent big on pick up trucks – so to be able to run over wounded deer until dead, as a better option to shooting?
    as for the cop getting fired – so far our chief does not see the officer’s actions as a concern. however, unless the cop was told to run that poor beast over as many times as it takes to kill it, he demonstrated horrible judgement, be it animal cruelty or just plain lacking in common sense. seems unfit either way. if the officer was just following orders, then the one giving the order should be sent packing.

    gm – unless the pedestrian victim on stafford dr was run over repeatedly, inhumanely and ineffectively by a cop, the comparison is foolish.