April 19th, 2019

Kenney taking same path of Tory premiers

By Letter to the Editor on February 12, 2019.

Heaven forbid that Jason Kenney will be our next premier. He has already assured you that he will travel the same path as all other premiers by playing the blame game. He will blame the Liberals, NDP, Quebec, Ontario, B.C., U.S. presidents, the natives and the environment for the mess Alberta is in after 43 years of Conservative blunders and mismanagement of our oil wealth.

Alberta View magazine crunched the numbers and if all past premiers had followed Lougheed’s advice, our Heritage Fund today would be over $400 billion.

The last short-lived premier, Jim Prentice, a disenchanted Harperite, came to visit, was elected as premier, called an election, shot himself in the foot by telling Albertans the truth about who to blame – “Look in the mirror.” He lost the election, then left town.

So who were those premiers, starting with an ex-football player who took too many shots to the head, then an ex-news reporter who took too many shots at the King Edward Hotel, then a farmer who quickly shot back to the farm and lastly, the princess.

Jason Kenney recently was interviewed on CBC Radio and, when asked about his living arrangements, revealed that his parents had a financial problem so he purchased a house in a seniors complex in Calgary where his mother is living full time. He further revealed that he pays taxes on the house and also has an Alberta driver’s licence and health-care card, that he makes his mother’s house his full-time residence and that he has not broken any rules although he lived full time in a house in Ottawa on which he has received thousands of dollars in subsidies.

Does that sound similar to the shenanigans by Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin that got them booted out of the Senate? All three having been appointed by Harper.

It should be noted that in an article in the National Post by Andrew Coyne, for the last seven years of the Harper-Kenney government, they ran billion-dollar yearly deficits and in the end added over $150 billion to Canada’s national debt.

We have today a government struggling to diversify our economy and keep our province outperforming all others. Sooner or later we have to kick our addiction to gas, oil and pipelines to balance our budgets.

Jason Kenney seems to have contracted Trump disease – wild expectations and hollow promises.

Mel Godlonton


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16 Responses to “Kenney taking same path of Tory premiers”

  1. Fedup Conservative says:

    You nailed it Mel yet we still have these ignorant seniors who still go around praising Klein for what he did to us. When you ask them to give you a list of all the wonderful things he did for us they can’t do it. As my friends say you can’t be any dumber than these seniors.

  2. Seth Anthony says:

    The Conservatives have been screwing us for decades in an entitled, corrupt way.

    The NDP have been screwing us for years in an ignorant, ideological way.

    It’s the same screw, just turned in a different manner.

    Again, the problem isn’t a particular political party, but rather our political system as a whole. It’s corrupt, divisive, egotistical, and ideological. It does not serve the people. That’s the way they want it, and that’s why they would all vehemently oppose Direct Democracy.

  3. lonestar says:

    Yes there’s not much to choose from the trough of corruption & entitlement of political cabal’s that will change direction in the future. They all read and are instructed to act from the same playbook, by the same shadowy egregious demigods the public has no knowledge about whatsoever, with ruthless Marxism being the ultimate goal – for us.

    Say,Mr. Anthony have you considered running for office? We hope not, as we’d very much not like to see someone of your intellect become corrupted, bound and beholden by the devilry.

  4. Seth Anthony says:


    Thank you to the group for the compliment.

    The political system is so entrenched, that entering it would be akin to stepping on a rat glue trap. In order to overcome the profound depravity of our current system and our so called “leaders”, would require revolution.

    • Tris Pargeter says:

      The “devilry?” And “shadowy egregious demigods?” And “with ruthless Marxism being the ultimate goal—for us?”
      Wow Seth, are you sure you’re flattered by the praise of this “group?”

  5. phlushie says:

    An interesting happening in Calgary. Apparently the Councillors are not getting along or agreeing with how things are going. Apparently, in my view, democracy seems to be working well in Calgary but is considered a detriment to getting things done. And to add, no Councillors really wanted to attend the KUUM BA YA session planned to make them think alike.

  6. lonestar says:

    Yes phlushie “democracy”. When we look in on debates and public conduct of the loons taking part they resemble more like kids in suits first day in a large cavernous daycare. Can’t it be embarrassing when the kids say “mom (or dad) was that YOU on the news this evening.

    Mr. Farkas, is bigger, and smarter (perhaps Sean Chu the exception) than all the rest on Rick Bells “silly council”.

    Dream Dream, but wouldn’t it be super if Lethbridge had just one tough hard working councillor who threw the worn out playbook in the recycling bin, thumbed his or her nose at the autocrats and did what he or she was elected to do – represent the people who gave them a hand in the treasury, a paycheck, an office and chair,…………. Novel ? – Yes, but wouldn’t such a treat be earth shaking????

    “Revolution” Mr. Anthony? Perhaps since elections don’t work – where to we sign up?

  7. biff says:

    thank you mel, for telling it like it is.
    seth and ls understand the deep seated issues that keep us under a heavy hand.
    revolution? people can start to undermine the system by hitting it where it hurts: stop being robot consumers, focus on needs, and and keep the needs list modest. stop voting – destroy the ballot. what we choose to buy, we buy into. and far too many are still buying whatever they are being sold.

  8. Seth Anthony says:


    In the past month, you have on two occasions suggested that I’ve “backed the wrong horse” and “changed sides”. In both cases, I explained that I have done no such thing, and in both cases, you didn’t reply in return. The second such instance can be found here:


    • Tris Pargeter says:

      I do appreciate the fact that you reply Seth, since few do. Few use their names either, so I also appreciate that you do. Apparently you haven’t been threatened by the cultists here, as “snotspot” keeps telling me.
      I didn’t see this last comment, but have perceived you to be somewhat “out there,” with the possible intent of establishing yourself handily above and beyond the fray, which is a phrase I have used before, but still seems an apt description of what many who write on this forum subscribe to. It also strikes me as being just another tedious power play. “Oh the games people play now, every night and every day now”…remember that?
      But I will give my perspective and my impression. About minimalism: firstly, it sounds like the go-to philosophy for most men I’ve ever known, but as they age, I have noticed that a number of men seem more drawn to new-age stuff like this generally. I see it as just another oversimplified prescription from the self-help genre. And the stuff about that David guy not answering your questions? Just more gotcha stuff that the news is so tediously full of, and is more game-playing. Argument for the sake of argument. He simply made more sense.

  9. lonestar says:

    Mr. Anthony, you stoke the devilry pleasing the misandrist with your reply

    We enjoy your heightened input on this comment board, so just, for the “sake of argument” if you choose – ignore it and observe what happens!

    • Tris Pargeter says:

      I can almost hear the cackling deep within the cave…he, he, he, and so you, the witch, proclaim me to be the devil? Well, thank you for that; it gives me a certain unmistakable presence doesn’t it?
      Within that wholly manufactured, chilling myth/bubble where you choose to position yourself in order to drastically elevate your everyday, minor human self, I think everyone agrees that the devil is by far and away the more interesting character.
      And I am also anonymously and therefore freely labelled a “miscreant” which is an immoral, criminal individual? You cowering there in your cruel glass house….

      Your pandering to the various male egos writing here makes me think that you are also a woman who is the opposite of a “misandrist.” Both are irrational viewpoints.

  10. Seth Anthony says:


    I wasn’t referring to minimalism or what David said. Incidentally however, I’ve been a minimalist most of my life, and David posted “non answers” to my queries. What he actually said was a lot of nothing.

    Anyway, I was referring to my reply in that article that began with:

    “I’m not on any side in regards to theism/atheism, logic/spiritually. I entertain both simultaneously”.

  11. Seth Anthony says:

    It’s ok Lonestar. As you know by now, I like stoking things. lol

  12. lonestar says:

    Yes sir, warts & all, for better or worse, the egalitarian must triumph. We stick around in hopes of learning something of value, not participate in a lingering fringe festival of the ignoble miscreant.

    • Tris Pargeter says:

      The egalitarian must triumph? You and your mean-spirited cohort who have obdurately managed to co-opt and appropriate our common human nature for your very own in order to ORDER it? How utterly human is that, avidly seeking the proverbial leg up? Far from us at our best though.
      And you “stick around in hopes of learning something of value?” Sure you do. Your mind is entirely open. Just another gentle, precious Christian, and humble about it too…

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