June 19th, 2019

Looking ahead to next election

By Letter to the Editor on February 22, 2019.

I look forward to our next Alberta election. We have a leader with balanced gender cabinet and progressive ideas. Ms. Notley is more than capable of competing with Mr. Kenney. He is a reactionary who comes from a place of fear. He promotes fear of government, fear of regulation, fear of taxes. He comes out of the U.S./Harper school of libertarianism – a clearly failed theory that is crumbling the U.S. internally and externally. The “greed is good” theory has been tried and failed. Must we continue the Hollywood cowboy fantasy?

Mr. Kenney wants to take us backward by clinging to a theory of “less is more”: less workers’ wages means more shareholder profits, more tech robotics and less jobs for people, more casino financial gambling means a less secure economy, more fuzzy thinking means less down-to-earth income and less local stability. The more we export the less we have for ourselves: top-quality food, less developed industry, and all the profit going to the transnational corporations.

Ms. Notley has shown she serves Albertans. Mr. Kenney’s resume’ reveals he works for big money – the rich. Jason wants to cut, cut and cut. If he was in the medical business he would be a surgeon, he loves the knife. Give him a block of wood and he would end up with a pile of chips with no creative vision. What does he propose to do with the money he cuts?

He gives it to the rich through privatization. We have seen this in the past conservative crowd. Who wins? The Kochs, American CEOs, advisers to the finance ministers (CCCE and Chamber of Commerce). Conservatives cut the Arrow, the Canadian Wheat Board, co-ops, and cut the worker’s voice – unions. Are you better off today than before Klein, Harper and Ford?

Don Ryane


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25 Responses to “Looking ahead to next election”

  1. lonestar says:

    Mr. Ryane you are far from the only one eager for the spring election to take place.

    And be informed that in our circles the outcome of this election is not looking good for the Union driven socialist platform.

    Dabbling in Socialism has not worked anywhere in Canada, no matter how Socialist spokespersons like the Mr. Ryanes among us spin the tale. Canadians are simply to independent to embrace Socialists spoon feeding them, controlling their lives, taxing them to death carrying out the mission – grabbing from those who have and throwing it around to those who haven’t earned it.

    The awful experiment is nearing a conclusion..

    • Nygma says:

      Excellent posts lonestar, thank you for the glimmer of common sense.

      Socialism has proven to be an utter failure in Alberta (as everywhere else it has been tried). Alberta will be paying two world-class hospitals per year in interest payments to the big banks thanks to Notley’s irresponsible management of the provincial debt. Notley claims to be for the poor and yet she embraces carbon taxes and other globalist policies straight from the agenda of the Bilderberg elites. Notley has opposed the Northern Gateway Pipeline and mortgaged Alberta’s future on the idea of building a “social license”, a strategy that has been an utter failure. The only good thing that Notley can do in her 4 year term is to lose this next election and become an bad memory in Alberta’s political history.

  2. Fedup Conservative says:

    Great comments Don, you have nailed it. Too bad fools like lonestar aren’t smart enough to understand it. He can’t wait to start paying a lot more out of his pocket so he can brag about electing his Liberal friend Jason Kenney. He doesn’t care that he has never been a true conservative and believes every lie he feeds him. Doctors tell us Kenney’s plans for “A LOT MORE PRIVATIZED HEALTHCARE” could financially destroy many of these fools that are supporting him, but they aren’t smart enough to understand that either.

  3. Fedup Conservative says:

    Apparently 59 percent of the people in the survey on the side are smarter than lonestar.

  4. Tris Pargeter says:

    Good letter Don. You did nail it.

  5. lonestar says:

    Those in favor of government control of every aspect of their lives our polls tell us are way in the minority.

    Those who believe in choice, like every other jurisdiction in the country who partnered with the Socialist experiment have rejected Socialist government control, in favor of the wonderful gift of choice, where government sticks to governing and leaves people to live as free agents with a brain.

    Of course some folks will choose to live in a totalitarian Socialist scheme handing their checks to a central authority who will claim to know what’s best to do with the pot. The best examples of that perhaps are the billions being thrown at a hands off approach to drug crimes happening in the streets of every major town and city in this province. Crimes totally destroying formerly great communities. What a wonderful legacy the NDP leaves, Shannon Phillips’ “proud day for Lethbridge”

    Albertans – may think back to how the Socialist Bob Rae NDP experiment in Ontario decades ago worked out leading to the decimation of industries and companies who fled to the southeast United States, the effects of which are felt today. The same decimation has ocurred in Alberta too just ask anyone from Hanna, Grande Cache, or anyone who once worked in those skyscrapers in Calgary with chain link fences around them, with doors shuttered, and lights out etc, –

    Luckily it isn’t to late to reverse the damage, although kids born generations from now may be paying the bill. Spending is out of control, and has been since this government took control of the treasury.

    That a former finance guy who claims to have all the answers, with contacts, oil men, uncles, family, US relations et al who presumably are all just as smart as he, don’t understand Alberta’s financial travesty is puzzling. We’re certainly pleased this Conservative turned Socialist (one of very few we’re proud to report – thank heavens) didn’t have anything to do with our finances.

    Alberta will be fortunate the travesty of the Socialist will have a relatively short run.

    • Tris Pargeter says:

      You are primarily fear-based, period.
      The lines blur at this point between political systems since they’re not like religious doctrines, in that they have evolved over history, but each system has had a good run now. Conclusion? All of them worked some of the time, for some of the people, but none worked all of the time, for all the people. There is no magic bullet in other words, not even your favourite, conservatism, which has basically become a trojan horse for more religion in public life, but is decidedly and curiously NOT known for Christian charity at all. Goes some way to explaining why we never hear about a “conservative democracy.” And on that topic–how about theocracy, apparently your end game? Hands down, the worst record in the world, especially for women.

      This bogeyman of “socialism” that you so thoughtlessly trot out for wholesale condemnation is actually the essence of what it means to be human, and without it we would not even be here. We are, at our best, social creatures, hence socialist.

  6. Fedup Conservative says:

    The problem with lonestar is he is so busy living in the past he doesn’t understand the present day problems. All the conservatives I know , who proudly supported Lougheed and Getty see Notley as someone who is a lot like them, she is definitely trying to fix the mess lonestar helped the Klein, Stelmach and Redford parties create and it’s too bad he isn’t smart enough to understand it. The members of the Klein family we knew understood it and as Klein’s daughter Angie pointed out before the last election, not only was her father a Liberal, she tried to help us vote him out of office knowing what he was doing to this province. Lonestar was too busy praising him and helping him create the mess we are in and isn’t man enough to admit it.

    As a lawyer friend, who passed away a few years ago use to say these ignorant seniors , trying to hide true facts with idiotic comments certainly make themselves look really stupid. You don’t need to be a genius to understand what Klein did to this province and you can’t hide the facts, can you?

  7. snowman says:

    fc you don’t like seniors you call them dumb and what ever so what should we call you…. you preach about Lougheed and Getty what did he do so great why did he not follow the Norway example and applyto his so called heritage trust fund use it to build golf courses Getty using to finance student union building and decimating health care system diversifying business loans same as Notley group, 4000 oil rail cars what a joke subsidizing wind solar power generates nothing…,tinker toys worse than Ontario green energy act . get real idiot compliment from a senior.

  8. Fedup Conservative says:

    @snowman who do you think created the Heritage Trust fund and put $12 billion in it while running this province properly? Then of course the 1980 oil industry crash happened and Trudeau increased interest rates to 23 percent destroying this province. You are right they should have followed the Norway formula but that isn’t the Conservative way in Canada they have this attitude that private companies can do it better and cheaper and are hell-bent on giving jobs away, like shipping our jobs to China and the U.S. The major problem was that by the time the oil industry had recovered from the 1980s mess Lougheed and Getty were gone and your ignorant Liberal friend, Ralph Klein was in charge and we can blame Don Getty from inviting him into the conservative party. Getty told me in 2003 that inviting him into the conservative party was the dumbest thing he had ever done and I certainly agreed.

    It’s a well know fact that had Klein, Stelmach and Redford continued to collect royalties and taxes at the Lougheed levels we would have about $400 billion in our Heritage Trust Fund and still have the best health care and education systems likely in North America. If they had followed your comments it would be a lot higher and we certainly wouldn’t be paying any provincial taxes, property taxes would be extremely small, or not at all, and Albertans could be enjoying an annual dividend cheque like they are in Alaska.

    So my big question is while us true conservatives were warning you about what Klein was doing to this province why did you call us names for trying to stop him and why are you still bad mouthing us when you are mainly to blame for why we are in this “Horrific Mess’ as Lougheed called it. As I have said many times, those of of us who knew Klein long before he became premier knew what a jerk he was and certainly had no intention of supporting him, even his own family members knew what he was like. His own daughter Angie was trying to help us vote him out, so why didn’t the rest of you, including snowman help us????

    Make certain all you Klein-lovers pull up, watch and read this. Angie certainly makes you look like a collective bunch of fools. Not only does she confirm what I’ve been saying that he was a Liberal, she proves she was trying to help us stop him by voting for the NDP when he was in office.

    “Global News April 30, 2015 Daughter of former Alberta Premier Ralph Klein supports NDP in upcoming election”
    Maybe while you’re at it you can explain to us true conservatives why you are willing to elect another Liberal in Jason Kenney? Have you even bothered to check into his background? He was Justin Trudeau’s right hand man Ralph Goodale’s assistant in the Liberal Party in Regina. He has never been a true conservative either and will tell you anything, or do anything to get elected, like changing parties, and he is certainly treating you like morons.

  9. Pecker says:

    – grabbing from those who have and throwing it around to those who haven’t earned it.
    You are a disgusting person lonestar. To simplify life in the above terms is selfish and
    not very clear about the world we live in.To be sure there are some plain lazy people
    that drain our resources and have earned nothing.Mixed in with them are the thousands of people who have no opportunity to better their lives.We don’t need
    full on socialism but we do need to help out those that have less than us.The UCP
    is all about religion and greed so don’t be such a dick vote for the NDP.

  10. Fedup Conservative says:

    Thanks Pecker the problem is there are no true conservatives anymore who care for the well being of the people. They are Reformers who are all about looking after themselves and their rich friends and to hell with everyone else. The doctors are absolutely right Kenney is trying to give our health care services to his rich friends and create a nightmare for the rest of us.

  11. phlushie says:

    Just something to really think about regarding government actions. They can not get a handle on homelessness or poverty or find a solution. However they do know how to stop climate change. Now just think about that, be it conservative, liberal, NDP, etc., the can only extract taxes to tilt at windmills (no pun intended) but not to help the poor homeless or helpless.

    • lonestar says:

      phlushie – great comment. You didn’t expect an adult response (or any other) did you? Thanks.

    • Tris Pargeter says:

      Thoughtless comment. “Getting a handle on homelessness or poverty” or “finding a solution” would basically require large investment in people instead of business, and that is not what conservatives do. They “believe” in a god and heaven and a devil, but not people.
      So the NDP has attempted to restore some of the usual infrastructure deficit that conservative governments leave in their wake, at least, but it’s obviously an uphill battle. You make the usual, tired, cheap conservative point when you accuse the government of “extracting taxes,” like they are doing that on some bloody whim. Over and over I say, because it’s apropos, that “cheap runs deep.” Conservatives embody that.
      And on “stopping climate change?” Most people want action on that obviously. The NDP didn’t pull their strategy out of nowhere, there is precedent. Talk to some younger people sometime about how they feel about climate change.
      Be more fair.

  12. snowman says:

    fc I beleive the social credits under manning started the heritage trust fund Lougheed and his bunch screwd it up didn’t listen and follow the Norway formula of course they did not have 85 % ownership of oil like Norway has that is why Norway has their huge fund,Loughood was supposed to have told them how.

  13. Fedup Conservative says:

    Well snowman if you had bothered to check into it you would know that the Heritage Trust Fund was set up by Lougheed in 1976, after he was elected in 1971 and that Norway’s plan was put in place in 1963 before any oil was discovered. They discovered their oil in 1969 , before Lougheed was elected, so making up your idiotic comments to try to blame Lougheed for the mess we are in instead of your Liberal friend Klein doesn’t make you look very smart does it?

    Maybe you had better read “What Norway did with it’s oil and we didn’t” and had you bothered to read the studies put out by the University of Alberta’s Parkland Institute, that were brought to my attention by former MLAs from the Lougheed era, you would understand what happened in Alberta.

    “Giving Away The Alberta Advantage and Misplaced Generosity Alberta government set to forgo $55 billion in royalties over the next three years” Just think what that $250 billion they gave away could have done for this province and our bank accounts, then add in the $150 billion in tax breaks they gave to their rich friends and you don’t need to be a genius to understand why Norway and Alaska are rich and we aren’t .You just have to be smarter than these fools that supported Klein, but then I had an advantage I had known him the 1960s.

    What upsets us conservative seniors is knowing how many of our fellow seniors are hell-bent on letting another Liberal Jason Kenney do it all again. The fact is they aren’t smart enough to understand what he is planning to do to them and lonestar and snowman certainly prove it..

    I can assure both of you that going around pretending that you are great conservatives while you support well known Liberals makes you the laughing stock of the conservatives in my world, they have no respect for you at all and I’m betting Klein’s daughter Angie feels the same way.

  14. lonestar says:

    “living in the past” are “he” LOL. Thanks the place is rolling in laughter.

    Does poor old broken record “living in the past” Fedup Conservative with his needle stuck on long dead former premier Ralph Klein, actually read or have read to him anything he writes? WE think not.

    My goodness what inconsequential amorphous drivel he spreads

    And one more thing, then we’re done.

    Does this person posing as and insisting over and over and over and over again,he’s a “true Conservative” speaking and thinking like an avowed Socialist have any concept of the difference between a coastal country – Norway – thousands of miles away in a land dredged in servile Socialism, where state control is forced and accepted, and a landlocked province within a large country centrally controlled, such as Alberta, where a fight rages between the utopia of a supreme mastermind controlling a population, and those who recognize the perils of state control, exhibiting an explicite desire to preserve independence, social liberty, and freedom from an encroaching politburo???

  15. Fedup Conservative says:

    Thanks lonestar for helping me make my point, you just keep on proving how out of tune you are with why we are in this mess and as all the doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, accountants, oilmen, bankers, university professors, power engineers and former MLAs we talk to point you can blame it on your Liberal friend Ralph Klein, so why aren’t you proving we are all wrong, by giving us a list of all the wonderful things he did for us and explain why his own daughter was trying to get him voted out of office???

    I remember a lawyer saying years ago that he wished he could haul all these Klein supporters into court and sue them for the billions of dollars Albertans were losing because of their stupidity. It would be fun watching them squirm trying to dispute true hard facts with their idiotic comments, they wouldn’t stand a chance he pointed out. He was right it would be fun. If it’s not bad enough we have these seniors wanting to help Kenney make things worse we also have seniors who tell us global warming is just a hoax, as they watch the billions of dollars in damages, and the loss of people’s lives around the world, happening. You know how smart they are also. But of course they think they are much smarter than the rest of us, just like lonestar does. I should start listening to my friends who keep asking why I waste my time on these damn fools, as they call them, you can’t change them , they really are that stupid. Well they have certainly proven it to me.

  16. lonestar says:

    We stand ashamed of ourselves, please accept our apologies. We are indeed “dam fools” salaam

  17. snowman says:

    fc you didn’t answer the question why Lougheed did not follow the Norway modal was it because he gave up ownership of Albertans oil and P….sed it away. The Social credits turned over a huge bank account billions from oil to Lougheed bunch what did they do with it wrote out cheques to all Albertan’s remember the $100. bucks. Not to many people believe the Parkland institute or Pembina bunch come on give us some real facts.

  18. Fedup Conservative says:

    Gee snowman what planet have you been living on? The hands out were from the Klein government and were $400. per person .The parkland institute is part of the University of Alberta and former MLAs from the Lougheed and Getty era made it crystal clear to us that you can believe everything they say because they aren’t going to lie about it and risk losing their government funding are they?

    Too bad you keep insisting on proving how naive you truly are. I notice you say nothing about what Angie had to say about your hero her father Ralph Klein. She helped us try to vote him out of office, didn’t she? I wonder what sort of idiotic comments you can dream up to try to disprove that?

    I wonder why people are calling you and lonestar “Dumb and Dumber”.

  19. biff says:

    d.r has definitely nailed our predicament. thank you.
    nygma: socialism an utter failure? what socialism – where? because our gov’t calls itself ndp you believe we have socialism?! lol not even halfway close. to have socialism the public requires ownership of its resources – its primary and most significant sources of wealth. mining; big finance; utilities to be sure. the wealth these areas create would do much to cover our expenses, reducing crippling taxation and freeing earnings to bolster the economy. instead, the brunt of our wealth is taken away by a few, and we make up the difference being taxed to death.
    more to the honest point: it is not socialism that has poisoned the land and water, destroyed environments and ecosystems. it is crony capitalism.
    how does one overlook the fact that the vast majority of gov’ts we have had across this country, and in the usa, are not socialist. and yet, the usa is north of 20 trillion dollars in debt; canada over 1 trillion – is one going to blame those astounding numbers on bob rae and notley?! haha how dumb can one be? and who is paying for the corruption that has led to debt? the simple folk – hence absurd levels of taxation.
    btw: here is one for your heads: until ronald reagan, the usa was the world’s leading CREDITOR nation; after 8 years of trickle down economics – unfettered crony capitalism – the usa became the world’s leading DEBTOR nation. perhaps the ignorant conditioned masses will blame that on a young bernie sanders, or canada’s tommy douglas.