July 23rd, 2019

Criticism further confirms that NDP are doing things right

By Letter to the Editor on March 12, 2019.

Having Ezra Levant and Rebel Media going to all the expense and trouble of putting up the huge “Fire Shannon Phillips” billboard between Leduc and Edmonton seems further confirmation that my MLA/Environment Minister, Shannon Phillips, and Premier Notley have the right priorities, are doing the right things and are on the right track heading in the right direction.

So what’s all this Levantian anti NDP trupcumpoopery?

Levant says, “We’re not a third-party advertiser. We’re journalists with an editorial opinion, so we’re fighting the legitimacy of that (elections) censorship law.” They are not journalists and this billboard, though it clearly expresses an “opinion,” is certainly not an “editorial.” Actual journalists (ideally) gather and report actual information. “Editorials” (ideally) are informed analysis of information available.

“Opinions” are beliefs or judgments that, ideally, should be subject to modification or alteration as further evidence and information is acquired. Those who stubbornly “stick to,” “hold fast” or “stand by” their opinions, even in the face of irrefutable proof that their opinions are flawed, have made a determination to cease learning.

I’ve supported Shannon Phillips since she first became a candidate for Lethbridge West. I know her to be sincere, trustworthy, dedicated and quite willing to listen attentively to the ideas and opinions of others. I’ve been paying close attention to Levant’s activities since the mid ’90s, much longer than I’ve known Shannon. I’ve seen little evidence that Levant’s opinions, world view, or attitude and behaviour towards those with whom he disagrees has evolved or matured noticeably since 1995. The Rebel Media website and Levant’s anti-NDP billboard touts exposes little more than hateful claptrap, closed mindedness and partially informed concretized intractable opinion.

Gordon McFarlane


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30 Responses to “Criticism further confirms that NDP are doing things right”

  1. Fedup Conservative says:

    You got it right Gordon. Those of us from the world of finance know you can’t fix the mess Klein, Stelmach and Redford created without spending billions of dollars to fix it and we know that if Notley can get our taxes and royalties back up to the Lougheed levels like she is trying to do this debt can be repaid very easily. It’s going to take time to do it. You can’t expect Albertan’s to live like third class citizens and do without proper services like these Reformers want us to do while they continue to give away our oil and tax wealth.

    An article in the Edmonton Saturday proves how ignorant these Reform Party Boys are. Brian Jean , Jason Kenney’s buddies from the Stephen Harper Reform Party Government. Jean points out that Kenney is making promises that can’t be met, which we already knew he was, but then adds his own bit of stupidity by saying we don’t have a revenue problem, only a spending problem, which is just plan stupid. We have a huge revenue problem which is why Norway and Alaska are so rich and we are broke. Everyone in my world knows Brian Jean and Jason Kenney will slash government spending and dump the costs onto the backs of the people, like their hero Ralph Klein was doing, you can bet a lot of Albertans will lose their jobs.

    Pull up and read “Brian Jean: Kenney selling a fiscal fairy tale” You don’t want these guys running this province, or all of us seniors might all be needing the food banks to survive.

    Now watch the mindless seniors who are hell-bent on supporting Kenney and putting us all in the poor house attack me, too dumb to understand what they are promising to do to us. I bet if Kenney won he would be creating a job in the government for Jean..

  2. old school says:

    Perhaps Gordon doesn’t agree with what Levants options and ideals.He is still a journalist.
    News should be news a it really is.But it isn’t .That is one reason why we canceled our Lethbridge Herald subscription.
    It was becoming socialist propaganda
    Shannon Philips?Wasnt she the one who outright lied about “threats” as an excuse to not hold public meetings regarding Big Hon park development designed to restrict public use of public lands?
    Another thought on “news” ,if you’ve eve read Gwynne Dyers work you could see he’s opinionated also.

    • dedcow says:

      Sad thing is for you that there were threats and harassment over the Bighorn> They were reported to JASON NIXON via email, but he LIED and said he didn’t hear a thing. There were also reports to the RCMP, but they did investigate and no charges were able to be laid. She did NOT lie, but was given a different reply from the COPS. As for the consultation, the AOHVA PAID indigenous peoples to a mock “protest”, and they were not stakeholders nor were they the people in a position to be consulted. There administrators and higher ups did that, and you know what? Its non of AOHVA or Ryan Brown the loudmouths business! Levant is a borderline NAZI Fascist, and Kenny wants to sell off the rest of Alberta, starting with Healthcare, education and OUR LANDS, Yes, he wants to sell off hundreds of sections of lands to make up for tax cuts to his rich buddies! YOUR LANDS! Think it over when you mark your “X”. do i want to PAY OUT OF POCKET when I get sick? Of stick with Universal healthcare for ALL?

  3. John P Nightingale says:

    “It was becoming socialist propaganda“ ??? 😄😁😅🤣😂!

  4. George McCrea says:

    There is no election call. Therefore if anyone wants to put up a sign anywhere, anyplace with any message they have a right to do so within the purview of decency, slander, libel, etc. Shannon unfortunately decided to pull the RCMP card on Bighorn and was found to caught red handed with a falsehood. So much for Gordon’s statements

    • HaroldP says:

      George McCrea, totally correct. Perhaps the wind(s) will blow the advertisement trailer closer down here to Lethbridge….not that is really required, as that “writing is on all the walls” here already.

    • dedcow says:

      Wrong again… You are not allowed to put up any signs until the election is called, and besides, Levant is from ONTARIO! As for the Bighorn, she corrected her MISTAKE ,which was nothing more than a mistake and misinformation given to her. The Bighorn has been in the works for years, and most Albertans support land conservation, not freelance destruction with OHVs. They have their place, but the disrespect has gone too far. Believe what you want, but you are on the side of mis truths and lies…

      • zulu1 says:

        There is no law against advertising,unless you are political lobbyists, and the Rebel news is a news organisation. The NDP unilaterally decided that the Rebel news was a lobbyist and fined them. They are now being counter sued in court.

  5. biff says:

    all that is wrong in alberta predated the ndp. the worst of it all is yet to unfold, and it would be just were the toxic onslaught that we have sown hit us under a cons gov’t. after all, it was successive cons gov’ts – particularly during the 1990s through to their much needed turfing last election – that gave away the gravy whilst clinging onto the poisons.
    where the ndp could do better for albertans would be to take back utilities, the profits from which would help cover costs of collective needs and services. as well, we should follow the norway plan and ensure we hold majority ownership of all oil and gas companies that do business in alberta. the giveaway must stop.

  6. Dennis Bremner says:

    Gord, can you please let me know what the trade name is of the MJ you are smoking please, I want that kind of a hallucinogenic high

  7. Tris Pargeter says:

    That one, minor mistake Shannon made about RCMP investigations around Bighorn protests was based on an entirely reasonable assumption based on past experiences here in Alberta, where unprecedented threats have been the order of the day, and Rachel Notley’s picture has been used as a target at a golf course in Brooks. And you bloody well know that. That’s all you’ve got? DO let’s compare that to Kenney’s growing accumulation of “outright” deceitful practices shall we?

    And that ignorant sign is the equivalent of “Lock her up.” Classy.
    May I again express shock at how thoroughly nasty, mean-spirited, and openly misogynist you old, white, male conservative Christians are?

    • dave.m.redoute says:

      Quote: “May I again express shock at how thoroughly nasty, mean-spirited, and openly misogynist you old, white, male conservative Christians are?”

      I didn’t realize that simply being old white, male and Christian automatically made one a misogynist.

      Attacking people for their ethnicity, gender or their religious beliefs is not the way to debate. If we have a difference of opinion, we can discuss those ideas. Comments like this are not constructive and are clearly hateful in nature.

      Before you call groups of people ‘nasty and mean-spirited’ perhaps you should look in the mirror.

      • Tris Pargeter says:

        Read the comments above mine. This is beyond a mere “debate” or a slight “difference of opinion.” Have you not noticed? There have been distinct changes on the political right that have caused the deep chasm now facing all of us, changes that have spawned the “alt-right” and ushered in the “religious right” who openly despise anything liberal or “progressive” on PRINCIPLE, and have yet to even wrap their heads around basic societal changes, starting with feminism? Religious doctrine hits everyone over the head with its leg up, its superior, manufactured reality, and drags us all back and back and back.

        And if you didn’t realize that “simply being old white, male and Christian automatically made one a misogynist” then I would suggest that you yourself are probably an old, white male Christian. All religious doctrines were clearly written by men and for men.

        And the “hate” you speak of, which is the judgment loosely thrown at anyone who even reacts normally, is in fact contagious. I recall a time when conservatives weren’t primarily evangelicals.

    • zulu1 says:

      There you go again with the hate filled rants against conservatives who do not share your bigoted socialist views. Tiresome indeed !!

      • Tris Pargeter says:

        MY hate-filled rants?? Cast your mind (or your eyes) back on this forum, ANYWHERE, or to more civilized times when conservatives weren’t psycho extremists, were actually a bona fide part of the political scene and the human race. Which they acknowledged by calling themselves PROGRESSIVE conservatives. Sadly, those days are long gone.
        If you are honest, you will admit that your cohort started all this nastiness, which is truly contagious, and you are enjoying the tribal solidarity where you can casually dismiss any women’s comments as “tiresome rants.” Not that many venture into this “discussion,” for some reason. What on earth might THAT be?
        Bottom line, there’s not much distance between that attitude and the ignorant billboard we’re talking about. You probably don’t even consider it to be ignorant, or that you and your cohort are card-carrying misogynists, or that there’s even a link between the two. That’s just proof of how deeply embedded it is in this part of the world.

  8. IMO says:

    From the cheque stub of the Alberta 2005 Resource Rebate:

    “Dear Albertan:…This $400.00 per-person rebate is being provided by the Government of Alberta as a non-taxable, one-time onus to all Albertans in recognition of their role in building this province. Funds for this rebate are from part of this year’s provincial surplus, the rest of which will be saved or invested to build Albert’as future…Congratulations, and thank you for helping build this province.
    Premier Ralph Klein”

    In 2005, the population of Alberta was 3.322 million. And at $400 per person had just this amount been salted away in the Heritage Trust Fund – well, you do the math.


    Fast forward to 2019:

    Mr. Kenney’s lack of ethical/moral optics are becoming increasingly transparent, as duly noted by the mass resignations of members of the Livingstone-Macleod UCP constituency association, the Calgary kamikaze affair, the targeting of Prab Gill, Edmonton-Meadows riding candidate appointment, the blatantly misogynist “tactical politics” caper now being blamed on a “left-wing anger machine”.

    Whatever is a “left-wing anger machine”???

    The list is a lengthy one, from claiming a false address while serving as an MP to campaigning in this province while still receiving an MP’s salary, to signing a document declaring the UCP to be a grassroots, ground up party and so on, and so on, and so on.

    It does appear that some participants in this forum and in many other such forums are all too eager to proffer a Machiavellian political modus operandi whereby questionable ethics and strong arm dog whistle politics are considered to be the norm and are, in fact, revelled in.


  9. dedcow says:

    Now Kenny wants to sell your province out from under your feet! LITERALLY

  10. meisplayfull2 says:

    Just here with a question or 2 I read the big announcement about the government funding Covenant health to build more beds here in Lethbridge. But isn’t Covenant a private business?? and please do not simply respond that they are good people because they are a Christian organization. Just truly wanna understand public health and private health care and the difference between NDP and UCP model. Are Non Christians eligible for a space at Covenant Care facilities that are built with taxpayer money?

    • Tris Pargeter says:

      I very much share your questions. Not one word about what “covenant health” means, which is Catholicism at work. How this institution is even still a thing, and hasn’t had the doors closed long ago for being, Mafia-like, a covert, persistent crime syndicate, is truly astonishing. Cognitive dissonance of the highest order. And don’t forget that they have their own publicly funded school system, and that Jason Kenney is more motivated by his Catholic “faith” than anything else, and he’s about to be welcomed back into power.
      These right-wing religious people just keep pulling us all back and holding us there with a false worldview we simply can not afford to keep indulging at this critical time. Don’t forget how their childish belief makes so many of them climate change deniers.
      And have people forgotten the two incidents of catholic hospitals putting patients out on the street rather than allow them to access to their legal right to end their lives, or MAID?

      No one looks forward to their demise, but the anxiety about what will happen to those of us who don’t belong to the club of “believers” is real when such patient, steady infiltration has taken place in our society. This is what all our “tolerance” for religion has got us; we have enabled an iron fist in a velvet glove. It’s a bizarre world.

    • IMO says:

      meisplayfull2: Non-Xtians and non-Catholics are eliglble for a placement with a Covenant Health Care facility.

  11. Fedup Conservative says:

    dedcow has it right. If rural Albertans lose their health care system under Kenney, like doctors say they will , what’s smart about him privatizing their Treasury Branches and losing them also. Rural Albertans are going to be in real mess, then he wants to scrap this protection for their ranch hands and good luck trying to get it back. Add in his vote against providing rural Albertans with additional money to fight crime in their area and Kenney keeps proving he doesn’t give a damn about you.

  12. biff says:

    meis – good q’s. while i cannot answer, i can add that i find it repulsive that govt’s simply give over our money to private corps – using our taxes that are culled copiously from our earnings and from purchases made with our impoverished after tax dollars. instead of just giving away money to private businesses, why do we not instead get a fair position based on our investment? why do we at least not lend said amounts at the going rate of business loans, rather than the giveaway?
    free market? ha! free money is all, if you are well connected.

  13. Resolute says:

    NDP actions to date:
    Add $40B prov debt – that is $11,000 per citizen.
    Add $20/t carbon tax – est’d 10% inflation plus major economic disincentives.
    Supervised drug lounges.
    Supported Bill69 anti-development bill.
    Supported Fed marijuana ingestion bill.
    Took away citizen rights of access in Castle and Beaver Mines public lands.
    Taking away citizen access in Bighorn.
    Supported Federal and ecoluddite actions to terminate all new export pipelines.
    Replacing traditional worldclass public education with divisive sex-focused agenda.
    Increased public and business tax rates resulting in less taxes received due to chasing away investment and lower general income levels.
    Raised minimum wages to reduce small business viability and lower low-income wage-earners’ income due to reduced hours and need to workmultiple jobs.
    Decreased employment levels, especially at higher wage positions.
    Accelerated take-over and unfair competition of private sector by government subsidiaries.
    So many more incursions on common sense and personal rights as to be innumerable. I doubt the UCP or any political party for that matter can undo this disaster started by the PC party under Stelmach and Redford but greatly accelerated under the NDP for generations. Simply incredible destruction of our great province.

    • Seth Anthony says:

      Resolute stated:


      So many more incursions on common sense and personal rights as to be innumerable. I doubt the UCP or any political party for that matter can undo this disaster started by the PC party under Stelmach and Redford but greatly accelerated under the NDP for generations. Simply incredible destruction of our great province.


      Well acknowledged sir. Too bad the “average joe/Jill” thinks that their vote for the left or right is going to make any difference on the bottom line.

      Democracy my ass.

      • Tris Pargeter says:

        Resolute is resolutely on the right though Seth, where all new ideas and any changes go to die.
        And remember the alternative to “democracy,” if you would…
        But why are so many older men still so angry and idealistic anyway? I mean, we all know about the angry YOUNG men, and what that’s about, but shouldn’t you have gained more perspective on the whole situation by now?

    • Tris Pargeter says:

      I’m afraid you also have to consider the fact, Resolute, that OTHER lists can be made. Right?

  14. Fedup Conservative says:

    Maybe these ignorant fellow seniors can explain how Notley is going to fix the mess Klein, Stelmach and Redford created by not spending money like Notley is doing. Stelmach pointed out that Klein created a $42 billion deficit while he paid off the $23 billion debt while destroying our health care and education systems. When Notley took office we were 55 schools short in this province and now we are told it’s going to cost $16 billion to repair the roads, hospitals, schools etc that were ignored by these phony conservatives while they gave away billions in royalties and tax breaks to their rich friends. We still haven’t been able to reopen all the hospital beds they closed, because we don’t have nearly enough doctors and nurses to do so, and Kenney wants to force Albertans into a privatized health care system that could cost each and everyone of us $500-$600. per month and these fools are willing to let him do it.

  15. HaroldP says:

    Fedup Conservative, sounds like it is time for you to move out of Alberta, perhaps Notely et’al will have some room in their UHauls.

  16. IMO says:

    “Alberta’s Office of the Election Commissioner has turned over to the RCMP its investigation into allegations of irregular political contributions involving the so-called “kamikaze” campaign of United Conservative Party leadership contender Jeff Callaway.”