July 23rd, 2019

How about tax forms in English?

By Letter to the Editor on March 14, 2019.

Once again it’s time to do our taxes and, once again, there are piles of French-only tax packages available at all Lethbridge Canada Post locations, and absolutely none in English. Second year in a row this has happened.

The Canada Revenue Agency must know that Lethbridge is a predominantly English-speaking city, and, knowing that, I can only conclude that they’re deliberately doing this to force us to give up on paper forms entirely (since they aren’t providing them in our chosen language anyway) and grudgingly do our taxes online. No thanks.

The CRA website provides three ways to contact them – I called but all the queues were full (of course), then I tried contacting them via MY ACCOUNT (currently unavailable). No surprise there. So, as my last resort, I printed off the appropriate complaint form, completed it and mailed it to Quebec – the Liberal centre of the universe. I really don’t expect to receive any English tax forms from Quebec, but it would be nice.

Which brings me to the real object of this letter: the prime minister who would break the law and destroy his entire party to save jobs in his riding in Quebec but couldn’t care less about jobs being lost in Oshawa or Alberta.

I believe Jody Wilson-Raybould and I want a government that cares about all of us, no matter where we live and what official language we speak.

Melody De Groot


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One Response to “How about tax forms in English?”

  1. IMO says:

    Melody De Groot: All of the forms required are available on the Government of Canada CRA forms and publications website:


    Print them from your computer at your leisure.

    There are also many excellent websites to consult for the purposes of constructing an effective argument, the first important steps being:

    Make sure to get the topic or question correct and rather than broad sweeping statements, a good argument focuses on a single aspect of that topic.