July 23rd, 2019

Vehicle tire balancing act necessary?

By Letter to the Editor on March 14, 2019.

Recently I went shopping for two new tires for my all-wheel-drive vehicle.

At three tire shops I was told that I would have to buy four tires and if I did not pay to have them so-called balanced, then there would be no warranty.

At four other tire shops they would gladly sell me two tires, unbalanced with full warranty.

Tire warranty is the responsibility of the manufacturer and not the retailer.

I have not so-called balanced a car tire in over 40 years. Why? Because it’s a scam to make more money.

Consider this: the balancing machine sits in the back of a tire shop for 20 some years and it is never calibrated by any official to prove its accuracy. The tire guy mounts the rubber tire on your steel rim, then spins it a few times, then adds one small weight on the outer edge of the steel rim which has nothing to do with performance of the rubber tire.

Then, with the full weight of the vehicle on the four tires, you will drive thousands of kilometres over rough pavement, gravel, dirt roads, in freezing cold and searing heat; you will hit potholes and curbs; there will be skidding, turning and braking, and by some miracle the tires never need rebalancing.

Consider this: there are thousands of pull-type trailers, flatdeck, carbo and holiday trailers and none of them have so-called balanced tires.

Don’t expect the tire guy to agree. At $15 to $20 a tire, they are raking in millions of dollars.

Take a look at the face of your new tires and you will note that the deep treads of the tire are full of small stones. So much for so-called balanced tires.

Mel Godlonton


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3 Responses to “Vehicle tire balancing act necessary?”

  1. sikorsky says:

    There’s many scams in the automobile repair biz but balancing tires is not one of them. The writer is so wrong on every count, except perhaps he hasn’t balanced a tire in 40 years, which is tough to believe.. A check with any tire retailer, including those selling to big rigs will confirm, that all tires need balancing, or you’d shake the vehicle, driver and passengers apart.

    Not all wheels are perfectly true either, and they with newly mounted tires need to be balanced, and some during the course of their useful life must be rebalanced for a variety of reasons to numerous to list here.

  2. John P Nightingale says:

    SNC Lavalin, Boeing Max 8s, environmental issues, pipe-line delays, Donal Trump, Brexit and a letter concerned about tyre balancing in the Herald . Who would have thought it?