June 19th, 2019

Alberta can’t afford return to Klein-style health cuts

By Letter to the Editor on March 16, 2019.

After watching what Ralph Klein did to this province using Reform Party policies, we know we can’t afford another Liberal-turned-Reformer in Jason Kenney.

I will never forget the nurses bawling in my office when Klein destroyed their careers. Nor will I forget the doctor with tears streaming down his face who told me he had six patients who desperately needed to be put in hospital and he couldn’t get even one of them in because of what Klein had done. My father, after spending countless hours volunteering for the Lougheed and Getty governments and donating around $30,000 to their party, was almost killed by Klein’s health-care cuts.

I helped nine doctors and at least two dozen nurses relocate out of this province because of what Klein had done and not one wanted to go. Lawyers, accountants, oilmen, bankers and former MLAs all pointed out none of this was necessary had Klein not slashed royalties and taxes for the benefit of his rich friends.

Now Kenney, using Stephen Harper-style TV attack adds, is accusing Rachel Notley of creating the mess our health-care system is in. How stupid does he think we are? We have never recovered from the disaster Klein created.

Retired doctors point out that Kenney’s plans for a lot more privatization will create an even worse mess. Rural Albertans will lose their health-care services. Doctors and nurses will not remain in rural Alberta if they can make a lot more money working in the private-for-profit clinics and hospitals, in the cities, that his plan will create.

Those of us from the world of finance know you can’t fix the “horrific mess,” as Lougheed called it, that the Klein, Stelmach and Redford governments created for us by not spending billions like Notley is doing and you certainly aren’t going to repay the massive debt it’s creating by not increasing our royalties and taxes back up to the Lougheed levels like Notley is trying to do.

Maybe Kenney and his supporters should read the article that circulated on television and in newspapers before the last election: “Daughter of former Alberta premier Ralph Klein supports NDP in upcoming election.” Not only does Angie confirm that her dad was a liberal, she also admits that, like many of us true conservatives, she was also voting against him when he was in office, knowing what a disaster his flat tax had been for this province.

Alan K. Spiller


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15 Responses to “Alberta can’t afford return to Klein-style health cuts”

  1. zulu1 says:

    Nor can we afford the economic idiots currently running this province. Provincial spending is out of control, In the long term the province cannot consistently spent more than revenues collected.

  2. Fedup Conservative says:

    So zulu1 explain to us how you would correct the mess Klein created . How would you build the 55 schools this province was short when Notley took office, without spending any money? How about we insist you and your Liberal loving friends pay for it out of your own pocket?

    And maybe you would like to explain why you supported what Klein, Stelmach , and Redford did to us while we desperately tried to stop them, like Klein’s daughter Angie tried to help us do?

    • zulu1 says:

      Where , in my comment , did I praise and commend the actions of previous conservative governments ?
      I am in favour of fiscal restraint, and responsible government, none of which is evident from the actions of the present NDP government. Do try not to make assumptions about people you do not know .

  3. Resolute says:

    The title must have left out 2 words…”Alberta can’t afford NOT TO return to Klein-style health cuts.” I know first hand our health care system does not meet the needs of Albertans but it is not for lack of money. Alberta has the distinction of spending the most on healthcare per capita in Canada. Management, pet project funding and impenetrable process bureaucracy must be chopped in favor of more hands-on care and greatly shortened wait times. 6 months referral to see a specialist to diagnose dementia is ludicrous and would not be tolerated in Bangladesh, so why is it the standard here? Klein was a people’s leader that set out his plan, was elected by the people on it, and did it. Trying to rewrite history otherwise has the letterwriter appearing to be a Trudy clone.

  4. Fedup Conservative says:

    @Resolute He was also forced into early retirement by the people who knew that he had deliberately destroyed our health care system to force Albertans into accepting a privatized one. Maybe you would like to explain why our health care system worked so well under Lougheed and Getty and was destroyed when Klein began closing hospitals, closing 1,500 hospital beds and cut 5,000 nursing positions. Where were you when Lougheed , Getty and Klien’s father Phil along with dozens of doctors and nurses were voicing their concerns over what he was doing and maybe you would like to explain why doctors have been stating for years that if the Stelmach government hadn’t spent millions on buying up foreign doctors and nurses we would have had to shut down our health care system in Alberta. I have been in hospital four times in the last year and a half and I’m going back on March 22 and the vast majority of the nurses have all been from other countries brought in by the Stelmach and Redford governments after Klein ran 14,783 health care workers out of the system. Of course our health care system is costing the most in Canada we are still trying to fix the mess Klein created and the other provinces didn’t.

  5. Fedup Conservative says:

    Maybe Resolute and these other Ralph Klein- Liberal -Lovers should read this ” Health care situation Critical Ralph Klein made a mess of’ ” Of course we know you won’t you can’t handle the truth.

    The fact is we are still in this mess thanks to Klein and ignoring it doesn’t make these Klein- Liberal – lovers look very smart. While Kenney promises to make things worse they are right their supporting another Liberal in Kenney, and they think that makes them smarter than us, while us true conservatives desperately try to stop it.

    • zulu1 says:

      Where , in my comment , did I praise and commend the actions of previous conservative governments ?
      I am in favour of fiscal restraint, and responsible government, none of which is evident from the actions of the present NDP government. Do try not to make assumptions about people you do not know .

  6. johnny57 says:

    You only need to look at other provinces where the socialists were at the reins and run the economy into the ground with over regulation ect. Alberta can not afford another four years of this economic suicide…Saskatchewan had NDP rule for close to twenty years and look what happened, about 50% of their people now live here with us.Facts don’t lie!

    • John P Nightingale says:

      No but you do, or at least “cherry pick” facts.
      Consider that the current population in Sask is around 1.1million and that from 1971 to 2009 196,300 folk left. Perhaps your math is subject as well. Given that of those that left , many left for BC in addition to Alberta, to say “50% are now with us is completely wrong.

  7. IMO says:

    The key political question about Mr. Kenney is the same as the one Senator Howard Baker, Republican of Tennessee, asked about President Richard M. Nixon during the Watergate investigation in 1973: “What did he know, and when did he know it?”
    ~ David Climenhaga


  8. Fedup Conservative says:

    @ John P Nightingale Almost everyone I worked with in my 32 year career was from Sask., but as you point out it certainly wasn’t 50 percent of the population that left as Johnny believes. so you got it right. Funny how Johnny57 likes to compare our NDP government with NDP government of Sask, but isn’t smart enough to compare the Lougheed conservative government to the Klein conservative government who were as different as day and night. While Lougheed collected proper royalties and taxes and ran this province properly Klein gave our wealth away to his rich friends, putting us in financial ruin and now Johnny finds it smart to bad mouth Notley for trying to fix the mess Klein created, believing every lie Jason Kenney feeds him and attacks anyone who bad mouths Klein, or Kenney . While he tries to pretend he’s a conservative he supports well know Liberals masquerading as conservatives and thinks that makes him a lot smarter than us.

    Watching these ignorant seniors trying to defend what Klein did to us is hilarious. Problem is their stupidity has put a lot of seniors in a horrible financial mess and they don’t care. They will if they find themselves needing to put a loved one in a nursing home at a cost of $10,000. per month as some are finding out. They can thank Klein for that also.

  9. Fedup Conservative says:

    Maybe johnny57 would like to explain to us how he would repair the damage Klein, Stelmach and Redford created without spending money like Notley is forced to do? We were 55 schools short in this province when Notley took office, not to mention the horrific mess our health care system was in. How would he fix the $16 billion in school , hospital and road repairs we are going to need without spending money? Jason Kenney claims we should just ignore them while he continues to give away our oil and tax wealth to his rich friends and of course he has made it clear that he doesn’t give a damn about trying to do something about our pollution , while oilmen tell us our kids will face lawsuits if we don’t . Then he promises to give his rich friends first priority to our health care system and apparently Johnny isn’t smart enough to understand all this. Sadly he’s not a lone this province is full of seniors just like him.

  10. biff says:

    j57 – how simple do wish to remain? your claim that socialists run the economy into the ground is naive. greed runs society and the planet into the ground, and without checks on greed, the planet suffers, as do most of the suckers born every minute. human suffering and ecological disaster will increase so long as self service and accumulation are regarded as ideals, and so long as wealth is ever the more concentrated into fewer hands.
    moreover, since we have never had any real socialist gov’t in power anywhere in this country, j57, you are blaming something that has not existed here; all the while, you support and overlook the fallout from the economic model that has caused so many of our problems. if we had a socialist economic model in play here, we would own the engines of our wealth: mining/energy/gasoline; utilities; big finance (all else would be available to entrepreneurs). the profits from these primary areas would help offset our collective costs that increasingly impoverish us through compounded taxes and compounded interest on debt. instead, these massive sources of wealth go to a very few well placed psychopathic crooks.
    j57 – was it socialism that stole our oil wealth? are you saying klein led a socialist gov’t? redford and stelmach were socialist? harper increased our nat’l debt several-fold during his reign: was he a socialist? do you have any idea what you are talking about?

  11. biff says:

    zulu – do have a reply to fed up’s question to you: what would you do to fix the mess left by previous cons gov’ts?

  12. Fedup Conservative says:

    no biff you know he doesn’t. As a friend would say “He’s all mouth and no brains”. We are getting really sick of these ignorant seniors who try to cover up the destruction Ralph Klein created with their idiotic comments. Lawyers taught us years ago that when they talk about all the wonderful things Klein did for us, tell them to give you a list of all these wonderful things and watch the stupid look on their faces. They don’t expect anyone to ask that question and certainly don’t have an answer. I have used it many times. They end up walking away saying he did lots of things which doesn’t make them look very smart..

    When you tell them Klein almost killed your father they don’t care. When you tell them about the nurses bawling their eyes out in your office, or about the doctor who told me if I didn’t help him leave he was going to have a nervous breakdown they don’t care. In fact some of them even told me that Klein was a hero for getting rid of all those highly overpaid doctors, nurses and teachers. It shows what pathetic human beings they are and as a young man said me about three years ago “We will all be better off when these ignorant seniors die off” A terrible thing to say but true, he was talking about his grandparents, who constantly praised Klein and wouldn’t listen to him, or his parents who knew Klein had destroyed this province.