June 19th, 2019

Is Notley really working for Albertans?

By Letter to the Editor on April 6, 2019.

Rachel Notley’s response to Albertans has been the same on every issue. She bullies her way through – disregarding the voices of the people she is responsible to.

Robin Luff, Calgary East, was kicked out of the NDP caucus last November after making allegations of bullying at the hands of NDP leadership, describing a “culture of fear and intimidation,” and taking issue with members being required to vote with the leader, having questions written on their behalf and being restricted on what they can say in the House.” That hardly inspires confidence.

The carbon tax was forced on us, including a tax on natural gas, which is carbon free.

In bully fashion, Notley laughs at those who oppose any issue. I really don’t have room to list all them all here. Notley is a dictator.

Royalty reviews and a discouraging corporate tax helped Notley collapse the oil industry to a skeleton. Industries moved elsewhere.

When she bombed the coal industry in Alberta, she eliminated the cheapest power source in Canada. Yet Canada imports coal from Colombia. Compare China’s 700 coal plants to Alberta’s puny 18.

Notley has not supported Alberta’s workers or major industries; 202,000 workers are unemployed. Notley is not working for Albertans.

Notley’s first directive to her rep in Washington DC, Hon. Rob Merrifield: “stand down from lobbying for KXL.” Without her betrayal, Keystone would have been built by now. Then, she supported Trudeau walking away from Northern Gateway pipeline. History shows she has been an anti-pipeline activist for decades. This premier is a traitor to Alberta.

Premier Notley has not been working for Albertans, no matter what she tells you now that she is on the election trail. Her performance during election, is in stark contract to her first three years in office. Suddenly she is “promoting pipelines” with a “working for you” slogan! This is political election blab! If you believe that, you haven’t been paying attention.

NDP candidates are using the Conservative party colour blue as the background in their election signs. Suddenly ashamed of their traditional orange?

This party is deceitful. The NDP party will tell citizens anything they think will help get votes. Their election promises total some $12.7 billion. And this with over $30 billion in debt.

Wake up, Alberta! Rachel Notley is not premier material.

Shannon Ulrich


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42 Responses to “Is Notley really working for Albertans?”

  1. Seth Anthony says:


    “Alberta’s NDP government has done it again — it has appointed an enemy of Alberta’s oil and gas industry to oversee it, regulate it and advise on it.”


  2. Fedup Conservative says:

    Gee Seth would you rather let the oil industry call all the shots and only pay what they want for our oil? This is exactly what we need someone who is willing to stand up for the people and get the best deal for us. Where were you when Peter Lougheed was doing just that? The oil industry didn’t like him either, did they?

    • wheatking5 says:

      FuC, the purpose of the AER is for the orderly development (pro development) of our resources. Appointing an opponent to the top position of the AER is a clear signal that Notley wants to end this resource in Alberta.

  3. gs172 says:

    While I don’t agree with all the decisions that the NDP has made in the last 4 years to say she hasn’t been working for pipelines is wrong. Oh and natural gas is carbon free? Lol. I suggest you Google natural gas and carbon and prepare to be enlightened.

  4. Seth Anthony says:


    No one is disputing the positive oil actions Notley has done in the last year or so. The dilemma is the following from what I wrote in a previous reply:

    Let’s note that Notley has completely gone against her own members by advocating the sale of our oil to global markets. Thus the real question emerges. That is, is Notley advocating for oil sales only to stay in power, or does she actually realize her own stupidity in previously advocating against Alberta’s (and the rest of the world’s) lifeblood?

    • Tris Pargeter says:

      Speaking of stupid. Our “lifeblood” is killing us, have you not noticed?

      • Dennis Bremner says:

        Tris, I normally just glance at what you say and tend to disregard most comments as a reliqion hater and staunch NDP. So I am thankful for your one liner of “Speaking of stupid. Our “lifeblood” is killing us, have you not noticed?”
        Its comments like this that separates thinkers from reactionaries like you. Your entire thought process revolves around oil/religion bad, and, your solution, do away with both now. What creates the difference between you and most logical thinkers is “time”. Now if you are a good reactionary you will say “we have no time”. That’s where you and all those that think like you, are wrong. Its “your group of reactionaries” that create the thinking of hug/deny! So you either hug, follow the blind NDP and their stupid, ineffective “hug” or you are a denier of reality and the sky is falling and “you UCP/RELIGIOUS/DENIERS” nuts will kill the planet.
        Your approach is no different from a hugger. If you are Pro one of the above then you are guilty in all three categories.
        I can easily demonstrate meeting 2030 targets, doing so without catastrophic impacts on oil or coal and not creating the European style out of control inflation in commodities. But reactionaries like you harm progressive logical thought with the same rhetoric that Fedup Con supplies these boards!
        Fedup Con justifies the present group of misguided fools by ranting about the previous fools of 30 years ago. You justify the present fools based on the past history of a party that no longer exists and believe the present fools are better then the untried fools to come, I disagree because I see no actual progress by the NDP, in fact Phillips total contribution to fighting climate change is “lightbulbs”. But if you rant endlessly like Mckenna and Phillips that we are killing the planet with our 1.6% people like you bite, hook line and sinker! Why because you actually have not given any thought to what they have actually done. You listen to the sound bites and that’s it. You have never thought, okay, lets kill ALL GHG’s in Canada, do away with our 1.6% TODAY….will it make any difference tomorrow when China adds 1.9% to there already 31% GHGs next year? That does not mean we do nothing, but it does mean we should ignore REACTIONARIES!
        Some of you people should actually travel to Europe to see what you think you admire closeup. The grass always looks greener elsewhere till you realize its green lipstick on a pig!

      • Seth Anthony says:

        Tris stated:

        Speaking of stupid. Our “lifeblood” is killing us, have you not noticed?

        Wow. I’m not sure if I should bother writing a reply to such a narrow minded, shallow, and delusional statement.

      • Tris, It was sure nice to have coal and natural gas this past February to keep us warm and alive. Wind and solar power were on strike all that month.

        • Seth Anthony says:

          For sure Duane. Let’s not forget that almost all products we use are derived from fossil fuels in one way or another. Or how about the fact that without fossil fuels we would have little to no social programs, medical technology, etc. We basically would still be in the stone age.

  5. John P Nightingale says:

    “Natural Gas” is “carbon fre”? It’s a hydrocarbon for crying out loud.
    With misinformation such as this, one can assume other parts of the sermon are also flawed. Blaming Notley for all the current sins of the present era is simply inaccurate . Flawed environmental policies begun under the previous governement both federally and provincially are partially to blame. Depressed oil prices were not hastened by Alberta.
    Indeed, if you want less environmental controls, opening up coal mines, less protection for LGBTQ2 youth, homophobic and right wing rhetoric, anti-abortionist views, anti – MAID , anti – Trudeau , then Kenny and his minions is your man.
    Referencing the colours of her signs is ludicrous and laughable. One might as well call out the Liberal’s for a similarly coloured flag to the NDP.
    If Ulrich ever left Cardston and travelled through Canada’s major airports, she would have seen signs proclaiming the value of pipelines .The source? The NDP.
    A Blue Wave across Alberta? Perhaps but not in Lethbridge West.
    Wake up Alberta, look behind the man vying for premier. Be careful what you wish for!

    • Tris Pargeter says:

      I like to see the NDP colours as naturally and easily encompassing and containing the blue, because that’s the central, philosophical difference here. The NDP are by far and away the more inclusive, open, adaptable and compassionate; traits that are our only hope for the future. The right is the sole source of the fake news, the wellspring for extremism and divisiveness that is now so firmly attached to them.
      The NDP rightly recognize that this is not just a frigging sporting event with team colours flying and ancient tribal instincts in full swing, stoked at every turn. At the debate Kenney was like a manic robot with his rictus smile, trying to pass off RCMP investigations of his “leadership” as irrelevant! The ends always justify the means with conservatives, which is why they’re called “cons.”
      And the NDP realize that human society is NOT just a business where money is the only bottom line. Conservatives are perpetually math-challenged, and reality-challenged, pretending that they can do more with less, and all will trickle down like manna from their imagined heaven. And please, the time-worn conservative mantra of being experts on the economy has been completely discredited at every turn at this point, and is actually linked with the largest deficits.
      They’ve got nothing. But they’re forty percent of the population unfortunately, and so the political pendulum keeps swinging. I see them as wolves at the door, more now than ever. Look at that conservative group of premiers on the day we hear about how climate change effects will be doubled here! A bunch of fools.
      When they win again, and we all get hauled backwards, AGAIN, take note of how graceless they will be, even in beloved victory. Maria Fitzpatrick spoke of how nasty they were in the legislature, and I have no doubt that will continue. It’s who they are.

  6. Dennis Bremner says:

    Who “they are” Tris are people that can see beyond lipservice lightbulbs and solar farms that do not work as well as watching Windmills die there own death.
    Who “they are”, are people who realize that 1.6% will does not allow Mckenna to create an emergency that does not exist without questioning the idiocy.
    Who “they are”, are people who look at Mannings SCS and think WHAT nutbar thought it was a great idea to attract all the addicts to downtown ANYWHERE!
    Who “they are”, are people that realize that “Lightbulb SCS loving Phillips” and “Absent from the SCS debate Fitzpatrick”, really achieved ZERO and made Albertan’s feel ashamed of their less than .08% GHG contribution to society while ignoring the fact that CANADA and Quebec suck the Alberta teat for all its worth, then crap on us at will!!
    Who “they are”, are not a party that ignored the demise of two pipelines because they were huggers then became two faced and decided “save a pipeline, might get me elected” and we hope Albertans forget?
    Who “they are”, are people who won’t get in bed with boy child in Ottawa who is more concerned for his personal reputation in the same Quebec that sucks the $13billion Alberta teat and proclaims there is no acceptability to help Alberta get a pipeline to New Brunswick!
    Who “they are”, are not the ones that remained silent while sucking up to Mr. Dressup who will even give the appearance of wanting to change the rule of law, to achieve Quebec dominance, even if criminal!
    Who “they are”, are a party against the carbon tax because they know it will drive up the cost of living in Canada as it already has, and achieve NOTHING, because no matter what is said by Climate Barbie 1.6% is not killing the planet the other 98.4% is!! I have news for Mckenna, Canada is not warming faster then other countries because of our 1.6% and someone should inform that wondrous brain of her’s, but she won’t be there long, so no matter!
    A quote from your post and you actually believe this or you would not have posted it!!!! I quote ” Look at that conservative group of premiers on the day we hear about how climate change effects will be doubled here! A bunch of fools.” ENQUOTE The fools are the ones who believe our <1.6% is creating Canada's climate issue, so whom is the fool?
    Who "they are" is a party that knows that we are paying the same price (or higher) for gasoline as when the barrel was selling for $150 when its $60 and, why the Oil companies have endorsed the carbon tax! If you haven't figured out how a SUPPOSED over abundance of oil creates the highest prices in North America! It’s not my fault the NDP are clueless and believe the Carbon Tax is not the opportunity of a lifetime for big Oil and Goldman Sachs! Ever wonder why the highest pump price is BC? Coincidence, perhaps? but then again, if you believe in coincidences then you'd have to also believe 600+ addicts would have come to Lethbridge and downtown was always destined to become a ghetto, even without Mannings SCS! ( within 5 years, bookmark this comment – been there, done this, got at least 10 T-shirts)

    So for Lethbridge West
    – a vote for Phillips means you believe she should not have opposed SCS in our downtown , a vote for her suggests you approve of the now 850 + visible addicts (600 of which came from other communities and that number grows monthly) wrecking havoc in our “once upon a time” safe downtown!

    Lethbridge East voters

    -a vote for Fitzpatrick means you believe Fitzpatrick should not have opposed SCS in our downtown , or protected the London Road Community, a vote for her suggests you approve of the now 850 + visible addicts (600 of which came from other communities and that number grows monthly) wrecking havoc in our “once upon a time” safe downtown!
    Who "the UCP aren't", ……THE NDP ………and I thank them for that!

    • Seth Anthony says:

      Tris stated:
      Speaking of stupid. Our “lifeblood” is killing us, have you not noticed?
      Wow. I’m not sure if I should bother writing a reply to such a narrow minded, shallow, and delusional statement.

    • Seth Anthony says:

      Excellent points all around Dennis.

  7. Dennis Bremner says:

    So you are reminded Tris

    1) cease all spending on windmills and solar
    2) remove all subsidies
    3) bank the money you would have spent
    4) commence environmental studies ASAP on all Alberta Coal plant installations for 4th Gen Nuclear. Why? Grid, switching and hubs are already there , so NO disruption of the existing grid is necessary
    5) In 3 years from now(2022) when Enviro permits issued commence ordering 4th Gens.
    6) Have delivered and installed (5 years or 2027-2028)
    7) Start switching off coal plants as 4th Gens are brought online.
    8) Employ as many retrained Coal people in ancilliary duties in the 4th Gen minimizing shock dis-employment or housing crashes in the immediate area.
    9) Announce Alberta has met/exceeded its 2030 targets by 2029 with intent of decommissioning more coal plants.
    10) sell as much oil as you can to pay for the 4th gens, remove the Carbon Tax from ALBERTA. Why? 4th Gen needs massive amounts of Concrete, steel, etc all the commodities the NDP ARE NOW TARGETING AS MAJOR EMITTERS!
    11) Once GHG’s in Alberta near zero and we are selling electricity start subsidizing those that brought you to this wonderous day! Subsidize the polluting oil, concrete, steel industries to lower their GHGs and still remain competitive. THATS how ALBERTA works together, you don’t penalize the companies you need to become GHG free then hope for low prices when you need them!!
    12) Sell electricity overages and restock the 4th Gen fund as you go
    11) Ensure lightbulb Enviro treehugging clueless people never get near decision making at industrial scale, again!

    THATS how you solve the GHG problem in Alberta and you will note, I never handed out one lightbulb to impress those without a brain, or sought notoriety for doing so!

    • Fescue says:

      How I remember the “too cheap to meter” electricity propaganda from the nuclear industry. That is before the massive cost overruns that nearly bankrupted Ontario. Then we learned of the strip mining and radioactive tailing ponds in northern Saskatchewan and elsewhere, and the forever-storage of spent fuel rods and radioactive waste. And the dangerous proliferation of nuclear weapons.

      But then the breeder reactors would fix the problems. But they didn’t.

      And now a new generation of technology. (Actually a half dozen types being experimented with worldwide). Optimistic estimates for commercial-scale adoption to be between 2030 and 2050 – if they work and are cost effective.

      Ah, then we’ll have electricity too cheap to meter.

      Meanwhile, we can squander another decade in which we should be actually reducing emissions, beginning with low emission renewables, and reducing wasteful consumption. (Or maybe even use carbon-free natural gas, as offered by UCP supporters).

  8. chinook says:

    Shannon Ulrich expects the NDP to right the ship that almost sank due to 40 years of gross mismanagement. Cut them some slack …they’ve been doing phenomenally well …it will take more than 4 years!

  9. Pecker says:

    To bad dennis isnt running I would love to not vote for him.

  10. biff says:

    what a sad, foolish point of view the letter presents. worse, there are so many that agree. as if klein, redford, the failed wanna-be prentice, and self serving kenney were/are about serving albertans. notley not perfect, but less in the pockets of greedy big oil than the others.
    what i wonder is how it is so many still not comprehend that we cannot look after our collective needs based on taxation, especially taxation alone, and especially with a tax system that sucks the lifeblood out of the economy and most undermines those with the least. the people need to have ownership in the primary pillars of the economy – that is where the real wealth of society is, and it is from there that a relative few handful of folk have stolen the brunt of the planet’s “wealth”.

    • Pecker says:

      Yep I wonder what percent of the planets resources are going towards building Jeff from Amazons wealth.

  11. Pecker says:

    The child like mind of dennis says the Chinese will pollute so why can’t we. It tells him solar and wind are not very efficient so we should chuck them and find a new toy to play with instead of working to improve the technology.And like a lot of kids he is obsessed with the boogeyman. I see a bunch of people who need help at the injection site he just see’s the boogeyman. They are coming for you dennis!!!!!!!!

    • Dennis Bremner says:

      Pecker you will note the do-gooders on this site no longer say they feel safe downtown. Just as I predicted, and they would not believe. As far as pollution is concerned I note you never read what I had to say, which is , we have time to do it right, or time to watch the NDP TREEHUGGERS panic and get us into the same FAILED predicament that Germany and Ontario are in. So we meet our targets but we use Alberta strength to do it, and avoid the total “non-industrial approach the NDP are using to take us down the same road Ontario went. I don’t mind you attempting, like others, to put me in a denier group, because all that do have no clue how to solve the problem.

      • Seth Anthony says:

        I’ve unfortunately read many of your replies Pecker, and I’ve come to the conclusion you have the intellect of a 12 year old.

      • Fescue says:

        It is an unsupportable opinion that incentivizing distributed renewable energy in Germany and Ontario has been a failure, though, as with the transition to any new technology, there have lessons learned: Fail. Try again. Fail again, better. It’s called the spirit of innovation and entrapreneurialism. It is this spirit that has built our society, and the only thing that is going to help us mitigate the worst impacts of climate disruption that will negatively affect the well-being of future generations.

        To solve the problem, one must begin today with what is at hand. (We have already squandered 25 years since the science of climate change was presented by the IPCC).

        First, replace coal fired electricity with renewables and and natural gas.

        Continue to add to renewable electricity production as the technology and grid management evolves. Encourage distributed electricity production to reduce transmission distances. Windmills produce 20 times more energy than it took to manufacture and install, solar is approaching 10 times. Even with natural gas generation to back up renewable intermittency, the overall emissions reduction is significant.

        If other technologies are developed in time, try them and continue to improve in the spirit of innovation.

        Once a lower-emission grid has been developed, transition transportation to electricity with a emphasis on public transportation.

        Home heating with natural gas is already lower emission (due to high efficiency furnaces) though improvements in building can be encouraged for all new building and renovations. With low-emission electricity, geothermal heating begins to make sense.

        In the meantime, make the polluter pay for the costs of emissions to society, currently estimated to be $40 per tonne in Canada.

        This plan is roughly what the experts have been advising governments to do around the world. Some governments are listening, while others seeks short term political gains by fear mongering the economy and pushing off real costs to our children.

        What we choose to do as citizens and as an electorate matters.

        • Tris Pargeter says:

          But Fescue, you haven’t considered the views of our local experts on this, our all-or-none guys who give new meaning and vigor to the relatively recently identified “mansplaining.”

  12. Pecker says:

    Seth who is so wise can’t pick a side but knows everyone is wrong but him who offers no solutions.

    • Seth Anthony says:

      What the hell are you talking about with “can’t pick a side”, and “offers no solutions”?

      Does your lack of intellect prevent you from posting anything of substance instead of constantly spewing mindless generalities?

  13. Fedup Conservative says:

    As my friends say “Why are you wasting your time with these mindless fools who attack you? There is only about 20 of them out of a population of 93,000. It’s obvious Notley will win in that area the majority of the people aren’t that stupid.

  14. Dennis Bremner says:

    So you are saying there are about 92,980 people who live in the past like yourself?

  15. John P Nightingale says:

    Ulrich’s assertion that “without her betrayal, Keystone would have been built by now”. Exactly what planet is she living on? “Fake news indeed”, straight from “Info Wars”

  16. ReallyReally says:

    Shannon Ulrich you should have your facts straight. Notley does listen… to corporations as well as ”Joe citizen”. She and the NDP have developed many strategies in regard to the oil patch dilemma that commenced prior to when the NDP took power and is far more a result of global players manipulation of that industry than it is connected to any factor under the control of our piddly little output here in Alberta. Do your research on that. She listened to industry leaders, to results of the royalty review, to recommendations from many industry players to put a cap on production, to calls for improving oil shipments.

    The NDP listened to the agricultural industry before they set their farm safety act into policy. Representatives of 28 agriculture industries support the Farm Safety Act. Notley listened to common-sense before she acted on that safety policy. Alberta was the last province to enact such protection for farm workers.

    Notlety and the NDP have been listening to global success with carbon tax policies and the dire warnings of scientists regarding the desperate need to act now not next week, to enact legislation that will help the world combat the looming climate change crisis. She has listened to the simple fact that “every bit helps” in this battle. The climate is a globally modified phenomenon; it is not affected by some imaginary arbitrary border defining the province of Alberta. To be stuck with that sort of thinking is akin to believe that the world is flat. Every citizen on earth who is not through a lack of exposure to the idea of climate change nor willfully ignorant should be ACTING NOW to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

    Notley listened to feedback regarding a carbon tax for Alberta. She did the smartest thing possible: Notley made it a made in Alberta Carbon Tax where any of the money derived STAYS IN ALBERTA. That money is wisely redistributed to citizens and certainly to industry to diversify the economy. Had Notley not listened as a few other provinces are stubbornly doing, then the carbon taxation moneys will end up under the control of the federal government.

    Notley, unlike the previous Conservative governments failure to listen for 44 years, has ACTED as no previous provincial premier ever has, to come up with one strategy upon another to diversify Alberta’s economy beyond a reliance upon fossil fuel extraction. She listened and is acting strongly.

    Notley listened to seniors with marginal incomes and is now planning to provide adequate funding for prescription medicines. It is long overdue that someone listened to that cry!

    She listened to the cries for more schools, more medical centers. A major cancer center. She acted as well as listened.

    Notley’s NDP listened to the dire warning from scientists, fisheries experts, professional foresters, biologist and even ranchers that our native trout and other species were disappearing from the foothill and Eastern slopes wildlands due to massive erosion problems and far too many road and trail developments, both legal and illegal in these regions. She listened and acted. The previous government had long had plans sitting on shelves to do just that… they had listened… but only Notley and the NDP had the balls to act. We will be thanking them in the generations to come.

    Notley listened regarding outrageous wages and perks for top level administrators and consultants in several areas of governance and froze salaries and rapped a few knuckles…

    Notley listened to fact that your next door neighbour deserves a “living wage; and she acted. She listened to the fact that even though times were tough, enact that wage increase now, because the previous government didn’t care too much about that subject even when things were pretty rich in this province. She listened to the reality that the Top Down Theory is simply a fairy tale.

    Hello… are you listening?

  17. johnny57 says:

    The NDP socialist experiment is about to draw to a close, the blue tidal wave will soon sweep Alberta and with it all the ideological policies with it that did not work in other provinces such as Saskatchewan (that’s why they are all here) and elsewhere.
    Hang in there Shannon, only a week left to this impotent disaster of a government and we will get the province moving forward with the economy and jobs…Things that matter most to Albertans.
    So Nutley you and yours keep-up your character-assassination attacks! Albertans see right through your games. The non-moving polls spell this out loud and clear.

  18. Pecker says:

    You have been brain washed to believe Corp. tax cuts create jobs so bone heads like you will be ok with giving tax breaks to enrich a few people.So very sad johnny.

    • johnny57 says:

      What is sad Pecker is your lack of understanding of how destructive socialist policies are on a economy and free market system. Capital and jobs will flow in and out of jurisdictions that produce the best returns.

  19. IMO says:

    “So how much did the carbon tax bring in? Well, as of March 6 the province estimated it would generate $2.6 billion by the end of the third fiscal quarter, or end of March.

    There’s also a separate system of carbon pricing for large-scale industrial emitters — called the Climate Change and Emissions Management Fund (CCEMF) — which brought in $899 million in the same time. That fund was put in place by the Progressive Conservatives in 2009 under Ed Stelmach.”


  20. Pecker says:

    Carbon tax’s are not something that will be going away anytime soon so electing Kenny won’t fix that problem he is just running his mouth. Watch and see you will pay that tax maybe they will name it something else to make you feel better about it.
    The carbon tax scheme is being brought about by the money people who tell our government’s what to do so it will be paid one way or the other

    • johnny57 says:

      Come-on Pecker! She brought that tax in after she got elected. Now she says she will balance the books by 2023. If she gets back in Alberta get ready for the next tax coming in, commonly known as a sales tax!
      So sad people like you are being sucked-in by her BS. Fortunately the rest of us can see right through it and will vote accordingly on the 16th.

  21. Dennis Bremner says:

    What is even more amusing is the political bullchips term “balance the books”. Notley and her amazing group of collective genuises will amass upwards of $100billion in new “Longterm debt” to get to a balanced book in 2023. Which initself is hilarious in that Notley and geniuses hope you ignore the little issue with the MASSIVE DEBT this SOCIALIST government has hung on Albertans……balance the books, what a load of Crap, but the NDPers here will buyin hook line and sinker!!!