February 22nd, 2020

Canada needs a law to govern abortion

By Letter to the Editor on May 8, 2019.

On your morning commute down Mayor Magrath this week, did you notice a few people waving signs? I was one of them. If you didn’t see the signs, they say, “Signs Up for the Pre-born,” “Canada has no abortion law,” and “We need a law.”

This week Thursday is the March for Life, when thousands of Canadians rally to tell our government we want them to protect pre-born children. All week, we want to bring that same message in our community. This is part of a larger movement of 30 groups doing this across Canada this week, organized by WeNeedaLaw.ca. The fact that Canada has absolutely no law surrounding abortion is something about 80 per cent of Canadians don’t realize – abortion can happen at any point in pregnancy, for any reason. Yet most Canadians do not support late-term abortion, or abortion for sex-selection and “family balancing.”

Here are some heartbreaking statistics using numbers from the World Health Organization and from Worldometers: eight million died from cancer in 2018, five million from smoking and 41.9 million died from abortions. Abortion was the number-one leading cause of death in 2018. We all came from the womb! What will you do to stand up for the pre-born?

Gerdine Leffers

Iron Springs

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13 Responses to “Canada needs a law to govern abortion”

  1. h2ofield says:

    “”What will you do to stand up for the pre-born?””
    Go back in time and live in the 1960s?

  2. Seth Anthony says:

    Well played h20.

  3. biff says:

    gerdine, look after your choices and leave others to tend to their rights to their body. the pre-born, the pre-invented, i suppose i am a pre-dead given expiration is inevitable (and thank the universe this existence does expire 🙂 given there are so many pre-dead on the planet right, and so many of those that suffer quite needlessly due to the ravages of overpopulation and wickedly poor distribution of needs based resources, i would have to suggest that the pre-born are the least of our concerns.

  4. prairiebreze says:

    Forcing women to have babies they can’t look after financially or emotionally is NOT fair to mother OR the unborn. While you advocate to criminalize abortion, you people do NOTHING to offer to take care of unwanted babies. You never discuss over-population and the fact that humans are ‘breeding like bugs’ and in doing so are forcing other species that also have a right to a life to go extinct. Give your indoctrinated heads a shake.

  5. snoutspot4 says:

    Canada has laws that govern women’s reproductive health care. The usual tropes come out, epitomized by the random recitation of the following “The fact that Canada has absolutely no law surrounding abortion is something about 80 per cent of Canadians don’t realize – abortion can happen at any point in pregnancy, for any reason. Yet most Canadians do not support late-term abortion, or abortion for sex-selection and “family balancing.” The letter writer is promulgating misinformation. The fact is that most folks do know that no woman can walk in to a hospital and demand an abortion any time they want. Sex-selective abortion is catchy and it has happened, but no medical provider would do so. I’m going to assume that all those who have a family of all girls or all boys, aborted their children to make it so. This has been used to demonize families with genetic disorders that are more prevalent in one sex or the other. March for Life is more accurately a March for Reproductive Slavery. Wonder if her few signs called for men to curtail their sperm?

  6. John P Nightingale says:

    Good grief, back on the merry go round we go. Leffers quotes the abortion stastistics from around the world and yet clearly and typically, ignores the fact that of the 41.9 million cited, many were done by un – safe means and quite likely the mother also died. Why? Because desperate women and “yes”, desperate girls, were the victims of rape, incest or simply had no means to support themselves or their baby.
    Leffers correctly states we have no abortion laws but the subsequent reality is far different. Only in dire medical circumstances are so -called late term abortions performed and yet we are frequently called upon to assume our country is on par with N Korea and China. Utter nonsense.
    Leffers and her ilk would reverse Roe/Wade in an instance.
    Back to the dark ages we go with no regard to circumstances.
    Yes, there should be options for pregnant women and children but abortion absolutely must be one of the them.

  7. sikorsky says:

    So sad!

  8. Seth Anthony says:

    A line from the web site in the article:
    We wholeheartedly believe that abortion is, at its very heart, anti-women.

    HUH? WTH? Why was I not informed this was backwards day? lol

    I’ll go out on a limb and assume the members of this group are the type that believe in the invisible man. It’s rather ironic that such people claim a moral high ground (albeit misguided), yet condone suffering with their abortion, dying with dignity, homosexuality, and contraception position.

    Such narrow and warped thought can only be a result of childhood indoctrination via the threat of eternal suffering. BTW- Why is that not considered child psychological abuse?

    • Seth Anthony says:

      Some words of wisdom I found on the matter:

      “Don’t judge me for my choices when you don’t understand my reasons”.

  9. snoutspot4 says:

    Twelve federal MPs from the CPC attended the March for Life events on Thursday. It will come as no surprise that MP for Lethbridge Harder was among them. She does not represent my concerns as her constituent. Her religion has no place in government.

  10. biff says:

    the primary law we need around abortion should revolve around whether one is able and willing to provide emotionally and financially for a kid.

  11. […] The testimony of SignsUp proved this issue is far from settled. Young and old Canadians are passionate to see justice for the preborn. In addition, there was also media coverage across the country, in Langley BC, Smithers BC, Winkler MB, and Lethbridge AB. […]