July 23rd, 2019

Stand up to bully nations

By Letter to the Editor on May 14, 2019.

The time is fast approaching where Canada, United States, England, Germany and many other countries must meet to put a stop to this attempt of China and Russia to bully their way around the world – their relentless corrupt interference with our rule of law, economies, jailing of innocent citizens and promoting dictatorships wherever they can. They are no different than ISIS by getting involved where there is political strife going on.

At this time there is a crack in the armour of the U.S. Also Canada is lacking in strong leadership. Parts of South America are in shambles and their people are starting to run away. China and Russia would like nothing better than to see these problems continue so they can set up shop in the west.

The U.S. is trying to make a stand but they can’t do it alone, not any more. China has spent a lot of time working on hacking, flooding the markets with garbage fake products and building an economy that is second to none while sending killer drugs by the ton to all markets abroad. They are also building up arms at a scary pace to back up their plan.

We have to quit nit-picking at home and form a stronger alliance with what friendly countries we have left, because it will take a strong committed alliance to stand up firmly to these bullies.

Dreke J. Buker


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5 Responses to “Stand up to bully nations”

  1. gs172 says:

    I agree with you about China and Russia flexing their muscles globally but the U.S. could easily be put in that category with their U.S. first policy. Trade agreements mean nothing to the current administration with their tariffs on steel and aluminum, lumber etc.

  2. biff says:

    the writer will do well to brush up on world affairs. to most of the “developing” world, canada, the usa, britain, france, germany – let us call the scourge the west – and yes, the likes of russia and china all are and have long been bullies. we take, steal, plunder, waste and use far more than our fair share, interfere in the lives, economies, environments, cultures, and politics of other peoples…basically always to their detriment and to our (particularly multinational corp) economic enrichment. so, indeed, let us stand up to bullies, and start here and now with canada.

  3. sikorsky says:

    Ha readers need to travel, and learn history. There is good reason most worlds people woud die to live in north America, some of us lucky make it here, we are happy people.

  4. Resolute says:

    Agreeing with ya, Sikorsky. We live in unprecedented wealth and opportunity. Strange that more tends to beget a need for …more! Ah, materialism. China does seem to benefit in catering to our materialist culture by underpricing and vanquishing the West’s industry. Now, is it intentional with some ulterior motives? Or just an innocent byproduct of trying to get ahead? Regardless, the result will be globalism and loss of national independence complementing what the EU is doing to Europe’s formerly proud countries.

  5. biff says:

    yes sikorsky – it is for the wealth, that has come at the great loss of those in the world that would “die” to come here. get it? we steal their wealth, their economy, and with it their culture and land – their way of life as it was prior to colonialism/imperialism/globalism.