May 26th, 2020

Natural gas billis unconscionable

By Letter to the Editor on June 11, 2019.

As I do every month, I review my bills before paying them. Over and above the usual disgust in reviewing how much it costs to live, it struck me that my Direct Energy natural gas bill is outrageous.

The gas I used is $37 and my bill is $108. Doing the math, I am paying 290 per cent more than the gas I actually used! It’s unconscionable and practically untenable to live a normal city life. I really empathize for people on a fixed income.

Chuck Galambos


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5 Responses to “Natural gas billis unconscionable”

  1. At times this past winter, my carbon tax charge has been larger than the cost of gas Chuck. At least you will get a break on that for a while now that our new government has cancelled it. Of course PM Trudeau is standing in line ready to replace it. As for the delivery and administrative charges on your bill, someone has to pay for that system too. That would be you and I.

  2. biff says:

    the writer expresses what most of us, notwithstanding duane, it seems, feel about the energy gouge. we are hoodwinked into thinking we pay 7 cents or so per kwh of electricity we use, and 3-4 cents per gj for gas. of course the real expense are the sundry fixed fees that amount to more cost to us than cost based on usage. if you use direct energy, know your money is going to a foreign owned business (Direct Energy is a subsidiary of UK-based utility company Centrica – wikipedia). if you use enmax, that is owned by the city of calgary, according to wikipedia.
    when those companies build, we pay. when they rake in profits, we still pay. not sure how much calgary profits from its ownership of enmax, but is it not nice to know that the energy gouge helps them? is it not nice to know that dealing with direct energy helps what seems to be a primarily british entity make a good chunk of change?
    the rub, of course, is that we can hardly do without heating our homes; we are forced to pay whatever the gouge rate is. and there are families – real people that try real hard – that struggle between choosing food and heat in any given month. i am still left to wonder how it is that the bums that we elect to be puppets of big business have yet to give away our water.

  3. phlushie says:

    biff, are you not aware that Nestles has been buying up all water rights that come up for sale? So yes water is for sale. Maybe oxygen next. I read that some guy bought a bag of air and for a bonus it had some potato chips included.

  4. Dennis Bremner says:

    biff said: the rub, of course, is that we can hardly do without heating our homes;

    You obviously have not visited the nirvana world of the treehugger, ask one of the windmill/solar ferries for an invite.

  5. meisplayfull2 says:

    biff – just two sentences from the last year end financial audit(2017) but tells us where our fees go.

    ENMAX has declared a dividend of $40 million to be paid in 2018 to its shareholder, the City of Calgary. Since inception in 1998, ENMAX has contributed nearly $1 billion in dividends to the City.