September 20th, 2019

Urinating officer may have had a good reason

By Letter to the Editor on June 11, 2019.

I read with dismay the front page coverage of the Lethbridge Police Officer urinating in a city parking lot – not for the perceived insult to the service and the uniform, but for the lack of alternatives that should have been considered for the officer’s behaviour.

Perhaps the officer may have prostate problems or was delayed investigating an accident scene where no bathroom facilities were available. The officer obviously did not want to disgrace his image by further wetting himself and appearing further in public.

Does Aaron Lybbert express the same disdain for golfers urinating behind trees or car doors on the highway. Perhaps his observation skills would be better employed observing and reporting drug deals, car prowlings, vehicle thefts, prostitution.

I’m sure the new group of street patrollers would welcome his mentorship!

Ron Levagood


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4 Responses to “Urinating officer may have had a good reason”

  1. John P Nightingale says:

    Good god, the world is going to hell in a hand basket and front page news in Lethbridge is an officer urinating in public???
    Tut , tut, tut…
    What next, someone jay – walking across 3rd Avenue???

  2. biff says:

    what a bunch of uptight twits we remain. people still feeling disgraced by the human body. social conditioning is a powerful tool, and a perfect example of that is how we are so uptight about one of the very most natural elements of our existence. is it not easy enough to look away and move on if you do not like something? was the officer running round trying to attack one with pee? seriously, get a freakin grip people.
    now, on a another note, how is it that most everyone gets their names published in the herald and the echoing radio and tv news in town when charged with something, but almost never is it the case with police? the officer that brilliantly ran over the injured deer, before finally deciding to just leave the truck parked on it until it expired is another example of no name released.
    i think it best names are not released, at least not until one is proven guilty in court (it is rather hard to get one’s reputation back). however, the police, who are behind the releasing of names – and the media that echo the release – should be consistent in their practice, and not be covert only when it comes to their “own”.

    • snowman says:

      there is no exception taken to all the street people doing their business in open leaking, fornicating, doping, all the dogs leaking on street lamps, clocks peeing posts crapping all over. when you got to go ,you got to go. get a life report something important.

  3. Seth Anthony says:

    Well this is a coincidence…

    I just got back from the Northside Sprawlmart. I parked on the East side of the lot near the fence. When I got back to my car, a lady had brought her toddler over to the fence so he could take a leak. I guess the little guy wasn’t going to make it to the indoor toilet.

    Oh the humanity!!!! I almost called 911 !!! 🙂

    BTW: Biff nailed it with “what a bunch of uptight twits we remain”.