September 20th, 2019

What do we stand up for in Alberta?

By Letter to the Editor on June 11, 2019.

When disaster or crime happens somewhere else, are we in Canada safe? Do we tell ourselves we are special; a favoured nation, province, or family? Can we afford to be told we are different from Quebecers or Ottawa? We are taught by parents, politicians and religion to believe, not to question. Just follow the instructions, be good and be protected. Do we deny our vulnerability, to satisfy our egos? Do we eat our feelings by not talking to avoid stirring the fear?

What are the implications of following what everyone else is doing or listening to the polls? Should we just believe what politicians tell us? Are we smarter by looking down our noses at colours or immigrants?

What are the real feelings that racist comments bring up in us? Is it the old BS – “Well I’m not ____, so they aren’t talking about me?” Where are the cowboy guts to stand up and call out the yellow vests and white supremacists? Can we publicly speak up against the Nazi exclusivity and skinhead threats here in Alberta? Or, do we hang our heads and hurry away to avoid confrontation when the loudmouths push their confused ideas of “freedom of speech?”

Who are we really? What do we stand up for in Alberta? Do we allow right-wing pollies to tell us what “freedom” is for business? Who else do we reduce the value of, in teen wages, or anyone else? Am I honest about feelings when robots threaten my job? What do I feel when the chamber of commerce, IMF and World Bank tell our pollies what to do? What about Trump telling me I have to have BSE in my milk? Do I let the polls tell me how to vote, when to be an “alienated westerner?”

Don Ryane


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3 Responses to “What do we stand up for in Alberta?”

  1. sikorsky says:

    I know reading this man hasn’t travelled this world much, or learned much if he think Alberta, where millions of the world people would come to live if they could, is a corrupt place like he say here. I say get out from behind pen, put good glasses on a travel to Europe where you find these things you think you find here. You do not know what you are saying. Sorry. Hope your day imporoves.

  2. biff says:

    sik – you may know what you think you know about the old iron curtain, but you appear to know too little about so-called “free” world. it is painfully obvious in this forum. our system is roughly as corrupt as any; only the sense of honesty, integrity and freedom is better managed and scripted by our over privileged elites. constitutions in various western countries hold things a little more in check, but hardly in balance. when we go to the polls, be sure to know that, like elsewhere, we get to choose only between riff and raff.

  3. sikorsky says:

    OK, you know, I don’t know, fine with me. don’t change what I experience and see in this country. Thank you for saying this, freedom to doo this is good start to understanding.