May 26th, 2020

Gov’t should skip the frat movie antics

By Letter to the Editor on July 9, 2019.

Hot pink earplugs instead of respectful, thoughtful debate in the legislature.

Middle-aged, mostly white guys throwing themselves fully clothed in suits into a fountain in front of the legislature.

Could it be Jason Kenney and his UCP caucus have realized governing is beyond their capabilities so they will follow the script of some X-rated frat movie? What a gong show. This is one Albertan who is not impressed.

Maureen Ebel


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8 Responses to “Gov’t should skip the frat movie antics”

  1. manby says:

    Well said, Maureen.
    We know he is not capable to govern Alberta. Next issue who is capable and honest to run the country? Trudeau has proved he does not keep his promise. Sheer is another joke! Sigh

  2. Fedup Conservative says:

    Sadly intelligent people aren’t interested in being politicians anymore and we have to put up with these boneheads who are only interested in making fools of themselves and treating the people like morons. The problem why do these morons in Alberta enjoy being that way, and why are many of them seniors who should know better?

  3. baxter says:

    Jesus more of the garbage “he’s gay” comments from the very people who supposedly want to fight to keep that information private for everyone except for those they don’t like I guess.

    The earplugs were great. The NDP don’t have anything of value to say so why bother listening to their crap. Who cares about the fountain thing that is a whole lot of nothing.

    I am not sure what x-rated Frat movies you are watching but I don’t think jumping into fountains fully clothed or using earplugs are big parts of those movies.

    This is one Albertan who is very impressed!

  4. biff says:

    baxter – remark withdrawn…but he sure comes off as ignorant and a hypocrite. hard to believe anyone supports him, or the party that oversaw the grandest theft of a resource the free world may have ever seen.

    • sikorsky says:

      biff, you need to educate yourself about your last statement -you don’t know what you say there, poor you but smart you put may in your comment, you are saved.

  5. Fedup Conservative says:

    Wait until Baxter starts paying for Kenney’s private for profit health care system and can’t get medical help when he needs it, like we saw under Klein. I’m betting he will blame it on the doctors and nurses like the Klein -lovers did.

    • baxter says:

      Why would I not get medical help when I need it and how is that any different than our current inefficient system which has ER treating people with colds so that people that actually need help have to wait in ridiculous wait times?

      And we didn’t see that under Klein at all.

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