May 26th, 2020

Why not try being more thoughtful, co-operative?

By Letter to the Editor on July 9, 2019.

How do we see the world? Is it simply “eat or be eaten”? Have we lost the perspective of a co-operative, big family affair, a neighbourhood, a community? Have we been swung too far into being individual and competitive?

Canada has enjoyed a respected place in the world by encouraging co-operation. When we approach problems thoughtfully, peaceably, we encourage a similar response. Competitive, bullying acts shut down co-operation. Trumpish bluster, “My way or the highway” gets backs up, creates tension.

Are we allowing ourselves to be radicalized? Some pushy sales types don’t want us to take time to analyze decisions. Media too have demonstrated the pushy sales technique. Politicians have adopted the same fast-talking bandwagon approach. “Don’t think, just join the parade; are you with us or against us?” Some politicians constantly cry the sky is falling, or the economy.

We are stressed about debt, jobs, corruption, fraud, and the mud is thrown madly about. These bandwagoners do not want to deal in facts or definitions, their currency is emotion. When they stir up doubt and emotion, they eliminate analysis and thought. We are encouraged to join the crowd. Exaggeration and fuzzy logic is the common language of extremism, liberalism, globalism, freedom, free trade. These terms are not clearly defined – their definitions are assumed, distorting meaning to their purpose. To be educated means to be thoughtful, not reactionary like frightened sheeple.

“Meaning brings us happiness; happiness does not give us meaning.” – Esther Perel. She adds: “Community welcomes difference.”

Why extend my hand? Because it makes me human. What you are making yourself feel in relationships through accepting others the way they are. So can we be a little less herded and rushed, more thoughtful? Can we be a little more neighbourly and co-operative, especially in our politics?

Don Ryane


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15 Responses to “Why not try being more thoughtful, co-operative?”

  1. Tris Pargeter says:

    Yes, I agree, but latent divisions have been so deliberately and assiduously stoked now that an unbridgeable chasm exists. I, for one, now totally DESPISE conservatism in its current form, and feel a profound aversion for anyone who still claims affinity, especially since Trump.
    We on the left are the only ones still clinging to reason and truth, and we need to start by reminding everyone at every turn who started this nauseating wave of fake news and avarice. It has become the go-to maneuver and the stock-in-trade of the right wing, and has won the day. So why would they stop, when winning is ALL, and a drug, really? Check out the look on Kenney’s face when he’s not standing stiffly and proudly, if a bit puffily, at a podium. Absolute glee is what I see. And unfortunately, it is also BOYISH glee.

    • johnny57 says:

      Yes Tris Pargeter! The pendulum is just starting to swing back to the “right” and isn’t it GREAT!

      • John P Nightingale says:

        Thus spoke the “Oracle” . Profound wisdom, provided once again by our very own fountain of knowledge and articulation – J57 himself.

  2. biff says:

    while much of the planet’s, and humanity’s, problems can be solved today with a truly cooperative approach, division is indeed sewn. the game of those in power is to remain in power; people that pursue power and wealth, and that are addicted to power and wealth, have an illness. and, their illness has a vast and adverse effect on everything, but only because the masses do not understand the extent of their own power.
    a world in chaos is a world stoked to that end by the power brokers. the more chaos the merrier for them. the masses become overwhelmed by bad news, which causes stress, which in turn shuts down the ability to reason well. this in turn undermines human capacity for compassion. it further creates a psychological condition that has been termed learned helplessness.
    and here we are, increasingly judgemental of and indifferent toward those suffering; we remain bought in to an economic system that, if it ever was good, has clearly passed its peak and is underwriting the ruin of the host that sustains life here.
    our heroes are self serving egoists that are about wealth and stuff accumulation, and image, and provide infinitely less service to us than the person that flips a burger, put food on the shelves…earn the very lowest incomes.
    our political and economic system is geared to attract and reward the psycho-sociopath, and those are the people writing the laws, laws that foremost serve their impoverished needs, and hardly the greater good. good luck to us if we allow this pattern to continue to play out.
    the sad thing is, the writing has been on the wall for some time now – put another way, the evidence has been evident – in bold – for at least decades. not talking about the weather, here, just the continual degradation of life forms and the systems that sustain the life forms here.
    cooperation need not come at the expense of individuality; in fact, individuality must be considered an inalienable right. what cooperation requires is a level of honest service, fairness, reasonable equity, tolerance, love/compassion, trust… all of which are being sublimely undermined by our current political and economic standard. the new world order is anything but – it is an old approach: divide and rule; it is, at its very core, disorder.

  3. baxter says:

    It is difficult to have much cooperation when the left only wants to look to blame certain groups of people and create victims out of others. There is no place for cooperation when you are already looked at as awful just for being white or male or straight. When people are constantly told no there is no need for you to work hard, no need for you to go to school, no need to respect laws, no need to raise your children instead just blame everything on how awful white males have been to you and our society will be great, it is hard for a society to move forward.

    When the left does not allow for honest discussion because any criticism of others is labelled racist, homophobic, sexist, bigoted, mean, unfair etc. Then how can we address the issues that face our society? People are no longer allowed to be blamed or take personal responsibility because it is the fault of everyone else not them.

    The left has no desire to create a better world for everyone they only look to denigrate and take from those that have worked hard and created a nice life for their families, friends, communities and themselves. They hate that others are able to be successful through hard work and intelligence. They work at every step to try and make both those things into bad things rather than to encourage others to look towards successful people and try to emulate them.

  4. biff says:

    baxter – just when i get a zen moment, my hopefulness for the planet gets squashed by the reality that there are so very many that would subscribe to the essence of your entry…like our dear j57 has done here, and so often before.
    you have presented the refrain of the woefully rigid and undeveloped soul, bound in materialism, distrust, self-service, insecurity and ego…while one is free to believe what they feel they need to believe, it is nonetheless an outgrowth of fear based living. bill o’reilly, fox news, even the wickedly ugly ann coulter, could not have echoed the me-first sentiments and justifications better than you have here.
    by the way, what exactly is the “honest discussion” you need, or feel is not taking place, with regard to race, homosexuality, gender, bigotry…? if you feel a need to express anything, i am listening.

    • baxter says:

      Don’t worry there is no ego or insecurity issues here or materialism either (otherwise I would have made much different live choices),

      I think the honest discussion is mainly based around blaming individuals and groups for choices they have made being the reason they are in the situations they are in rather than always looking to blame others (usually whites).

      Examples- systematic racism holds certain (notice successful minorities groups are always free from this racism for some reason) rather than issues of broken homes, victimization complex, lack of importance placed on school and post-secondary, lack of importance put on work etc. Bringing up these issues is often met with calls of racism because that is easier for many on the left to deal with than actually looking at real issues.

      Look at the democratic debates right now and listen to Booker and to a lesser extent Harris cry racism when it doesn’t even come close to applying, not only do they get away with without being challenged they are praised. Biden got crapped on for saying he was able to work with segrationists to get legislation passed, That is what we should want, but instead it was spun into him somehow supporting them.

      Look at the discussions here about the drug users, they are portrayed as victims that need to have their illegal behaviour supported and passed over. Anyone bringing up the damage they are causing to individuals, property and businesses are labelled heartless and made out to be the bad guys rather than the actual criminals.

      When you have a large part of the country that wants to only try to assign blame rather than actually looking at the issues then it is hard to imagine anything improving.

      • sikorsky says:

        Baxter understand this, only hard of thinking people do not understand this Baxter. My new hero. others I read just wanting a pick fight. Thank you Baxter

    • Fescue says:

      Good comment, biff. I think the general rule is that if you don’t want to be labeled sexist, homophobic, racist, etc., then stop saying sexist, homophobic, racist things. Seems simple enough.

  5. biff says:

    fes – witty, pithy and on the mark.
    baxter – could you narrow down one of the concerns a bit more. your response covers a broad concern, and it would take too many words for me to provide reasonable feedback.

    • baxter says:

      I am not sure how much more it can be broken down, I think it is difficult to have much agreement between the two sides when one side screams racism and bigotry anytime certain issues are addressed. When that same side is not interested in solutions but instead laying blame then it is hard to see how problems are solved.

      The left is not interest in fixing many of the issues it says that it is interested in. If you can’t discuss cultural influences when discussing poverty for example and point out that when large parts of certain communities put very little value in things like education without being called racist then how do you fix it?

      My example of Joe Biden fits in that he was discussing working with a group of people that you do not agree with but still getting stuff accomplished and he was labeled a racist. He specifically said he disagreed with them that was part of the story, but seeing a chance to label an “opponent” racist people jumped at the chance so the story now become Biden is a racist, which a. isn’t true at all and b. takes away from the actual issue which was finding ways to work with opposition.

      • grinandbearit says:

        A couple of points Baxter: first we live in Canada but nearly all of your points come from a foreign country, this makes me think you are serving some other sovereign power. We are not citizens of the USA. Second, the problems of north america cannot be blamed on “leftists”, cetainingly not in our neck of the words. We have nearly always had very right wing governments in Alberta, fundamentalist christianity supporters who shell out as quickly as possible to super rich american businesses, whose advocates promise jobs for young uneducated albertans, without any effort to create a sustainable, diverse economy. Our resources legally belong to us, but have been managed by conservatives in such a way as to enrich foreign investors. The representatives of the people of Alberta have not governed our province wisely to serve our future generations. You sir are an apologist for the foreign rich, who use racism to deflect attention from their rapacious interests here. You cannot stand on a history of abysmal treatment of certain communities over the past 100+ year and them blame them for the adverse consequences of colonist lying and killing. The blame game is for saps. Get over it. This is no different from the activity of a foreign troll promoting the greedy billionaires who live outside Canada. The more we strip down our health care, our educational system, our social services, our taxation on fossil fuels the more we transfer our wealth to foreign billionaires, you are right on target with them.
        I am willing to openly debate any topic of your choice Baxter.

  6. baxter says:

    Serving some foreign power? LOL ok.

    And Albertans have done a great job with their resources and profited greatly from it. My one example was from the States and a reason for that is that it doesn’t come with the emotion that using more local examples would use, but earlier I did talk about the SCS and when people begin to criticize that it does not take long for the racism comments to come out. Rather than look at reasons why people associate it with indians instead people turn to racism right away.

    There are plenty of bilionaires right here in Alberta so I am not sure what your focus is on these foreign billionaire boogie men other than to again take focus away from the real issues and instead focus on blaming a group of people.

    I do agree with you though the blame game is for saps so lets stop blaming others for problems.

  7. biff says:

    grin – excellent entry.
    baxter – we can agree that we have become much too sensitive. that should mellow, however, in time, but only if we stop buying into divisions. networks like cnn and fox – to use the american which too many canadians focus upon – exist (ok, foremost to make money) to help stretch the masses thin along some fake political line of left and right. it is the old divide and rule game, but somehow the masses are still too stupid to see it.
    the masses are still too thick to comprehend that our economic approach underwrites the degradation of people and the planet. and, it does not matter the colour of a person’s skin, their sexuality, their philosophical position, their ethnicity…or, do you feel it does? after all, we all are getting skimmed to the bone by the top 1% of the top 1% that feeds off of our labour, and feeds off compounded interest from money they do not even have to lend (but lend they somehow are allowed to do), and strives tirelessly to keep the world at odds so that they can make more zillions off the stupid war machine (mining, manufacture, trade of arms), all the while keeping us hatefully divided….
    the array that makes up the glut of the regular folk are not the enemy, baxter – it is very very top of the food chain who are. where we ought to begin is with our corrupted electoral system and the corrupted twits whose power over us we legitimise with our stupid illiterate “x”.