August 6th, 2020

MP’s take on consumption site a breath of fresh air

By Letter to the Editor on August 9, 2019.

Thank you, MP Rachael Harder, for that breath of fresh air in your article, “The consumption site debate” Aug. 2 Herald).

As you state that the organization ARCHES says they “attempt to keep people as safe and healthy as possible in their given practices and lifestyle realities,” I ask, “lifestyle realities”? In returning regularly to a safe place to get drugged out of your mind, is that a lifestyle reality? No, it is a choice. Yes, a terrible choice to try to stop.

That is where MP Harder says we must abandon the method of a consumption site, and that detox and recovery must replace supervised consumption.”

Please read the well-documented article from our MP Harder in “From the Hill.”

Hans Visser


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23 Responses to “MP’s take on consumption site a breath of fresh air”

  1. Fescue says:

    I’m surprised that the Christians of the region and their representative to the federal government have not shown more compassion, tapping into their deep missionary zeal to save these lost souls: “What man of you, having a hundred sheep, if he has lost one of them, does not leave the ninety-nine in the open country, and go after the one that is lost, until he finds it?”

    • Dennis Bremner says:

      Funny Fescue I never saw you being so concerned for your fellow man when we were sending troops to areas of conflict? So it would appear you have bible quotes for only a few circumstances and ignore the rest. Atypical bible puncher unless you are of course suggesting this in jest!

      • Fescue says:

        Yes, just in jest.

        I don’t recall, however, ever commenting without compassion for the victims of Western imperialism.

  2. Jagtech says:

    Until the consumption site is eliminated, Lethbridge will continue to spiral downhill into a crime-infested cesspool. The time has come to use some common sense and close that facility. Let’s take back our once-beautiful city.

  3. John P Nightingale says:

    A “choice”? The writer has no comprehension of addictions and seemingly shows no empathy or compassion to those so in need of help.
    Contrary to many who comment on these threads, I believe that there is a need for rehab/detox but not at the expense of removing the facility that many here find so abhorrent. The two are not mutually exclusive.

    • johnny57 says:

      “The writer has no comprehension of addictions and seemingly shows no empathy or compassion to those so in need of help”…Spoken like the true “bleeding heart Liberal” you are JPN!
      JPN what kind of empathy or compassion have you show for the victims as a result of this SCS? Break- Ins assaults ect???…Yup just what i figured!

      • John P Nightingale says:

        Well, well, the Oracle J57 has risen and spoken . Let’s see what he has to say. Well for starters he has proceeded to insult and changed the context of the letter together with my reply.
        If J57 had taken the trouble to actually read what I wrote instead of selecting part of what was stated , he would see that I did not disagree with the concept of rehab. It may be difficult for J57 to understand but the term “mutually exclusive” when preceded by “not” means that the two can work together for the betterment of society.
        Understanding addictions and their root cause is a good starting point and if that is the musing of a “bleeding heart liberal”, then so be it.

    • Dennis Bremner says:

      Actually they are mutually exclusive that’s why they call the 4 pillars the “4 pillars” to Rehab.
      What is mutually exclusive is if you have One pillar without the other 3 then what you really have is a business for Bourgue, and a fountain of money for the Nalaxone makers. So no matter how you stack the fiasco and stack it with Bourgues SCS, she makes money, the drug makers make money, and the city and the residents pay the bills.
      Now, I am not adverse to helping drug addicts, but not in a failing program that has no end date, provides Bourgue and Manning with clients for the rest of their lives and watches the “clients” slowly turn into vegetables. Vegetables that only know one thing, and that is provide money to Bourgue and Manning and the Drug companies that brought them there. There is no end date with the Bourgue Fiasco!

      So you either decide you want a Vancouver DTES or you decide to do something different. We have heard from the Vancouver Experts, who have the same model Bourgue/Manning have gone with and 25 years later they are still making money on that “Non-Profit” and “lives saved” is their mantra, yet 10s of thousands have died! So after 25 years of doing things wrong, Vancouver has 10’s of thousands in the Morgue, and 5800 addicted clients that keep the “Non-Profit owners rolling in the dough”! Of course they rant on success, but they have none because less than .2 of 1% actually stay clean after 2 years.

      So in the end Bourgue and Manning get 99% of their clients back, which if MacDonalds could bottle that recipe, they would be bigger than all the businesses in the world LUMPED TOGETHER!

      Its a pretty good business when you think of it. They get to play God, act like God and accuse those who oppose of being the Devil Incarnate! When asked how many Rehab’d they get to say “not my part of the business”, I just deal with saving them while they drug themselves up daily! Oh and I accommodate that process by providing them with a “Police free” facility which guarantees me a never ending supply of clients from outlier communities too!!!

      The city deterioration? Screw them, I am savin lives here”!! If you oppose their existence they have that natural ability to look “Shocked , Shocked I say, that another human would not want them to “SAVE LIVES” , I mean what are you a MONSTER???? So its a never ending client list and that is what Bourgue and Manning need for their business, a perpetual business that does not need rehab/detox.

      “Lives Saved” is a sympathy getter. If the population only knew that Client X had his life saved 6 times in a day, at 7AM again at 11AM, again at 4PM, again at 9PM again at midnight and again at 4AM they would soon realize thats “6 LIVES SAVED” and this stupidity has to stop!

      You can come up with rehab/detox and let Patient X makes his/her own choice, and, save your city from destruction, it just takes standing up to these Do Gooder City Destroyers who attempt to SHAME any opposition and kick them to the curb, so you get a REAL program that works. A program that takes addicts off drugs. If they do not want to participate and they want to play Roulette with their own lives, thats a choice they make! In the end its the Drug Addicts Choice, DIE or LIVE!

      Perpetual and encouraged usage just makes it so he/she plays roulette whether its his/her day for Naloxone or is missed that day and dies! Everyday Bourgue and Manning help to clean, load and cock his/her gun, on your behalf, paid for by you, sponsored by you and your government! They then send them out on our community in a crazed state and then unleash Emergency Services to see if this time the addict was succesful pulling the trigger or “GEE WE SAVED ANOTHER LIFE” and lets get him back to the SCS so we can give him a new gun and see what happens next time!! But in the meantime lets all pat ourselves on the back hey WE SAVED A LIFE!! High Five man!!!!

      That’s the Roulette Game Bourgue and Manning create everyday for these people as they yell “Were savin’ Lives here” to any opposition! I have seen this stupidity for 50 years of my life and they get away with it because no one will just stand up and tell them, you are pulling a con, we know its a con, and the con is over!
      If you cannot see why this insanity should STOP then you are part of the problem and don’t know it!

      Your neighbourhood is next, if you think this stops at the river, you are in for a major shock, trust me, I have seen it in far bigger cities then Lethbridge and the fungus is a fungus that is not controlled easily. Dealers will begin to fight for territory, you may think West Side is safe, its a furtile ground for a Drug Gang that wants to claim it. So you either decide to fight this stupidity or give up your city, thats the choice you now make.

      I quote and this person is 100% correct. “Ultimately, Kristjanson says they have come together as one small segment of the community to look out for each other and create safety. “I only wish that the rest of the community would come together and stand against what’s happening, because we know it isn’t just a north side issue, but we need to come together in unity and create safety for everybody.”

      What Kristjanson does not understand at the moment is the “other parts of Lethbridge are in denial, they have thrown you (north side) and Downtown under the bus and figure, “its their problem”!! What the rest of Lethbridge does not understand “yet”…. soon it will become their problem, in 2 years or less, I have seen this many times before, they think they are immune because its “over there”…….I am prepared for Lethbridge’s stupidity….but I can assure the reader, they aren’t!

      August 19th outside of City Hall there is a Rally for those that oppose this stupidity and want it to end. By all means don’t attend if you think you are safe from this because I can assure you in 2 years from now you will be trying to organize your own Rally to oppose this stupidity, its just a matter of time before you realize it, which is too bad, the City has no time!

    • HaroldP says:

      Dr. Nightingale, I dare say that the writer DOES HAVE COMPREHENSION OF ADDICTIONS AND DOES SHOW EMPATHY AND COMPASSION to those so in need of help. You are entitled to your opinion(s) of course, but in this instance it is entirely incorrect. You may want to see our MP Rachael Harder’s interview on the Bridge News.

      • John P Nightingale says:

        Thanks for the link. She (Harder) is certainly quite eloquent. That being said, I cannot agree with her conclusions as I still believe that all options including SCS/SIS , should be on the table. One thing I think we can all agree upon, including the writer, is that something must be done for the sake of the addicted individual and that of society generally. Compassion and understanding are key . Perhaps Visser does indeed understand that after all.

    • Dakota says:

      Mr. Nightingale, if you feel so strongly on keeping the consumption site running then let it be moved to your neighbourhood. Good luck to you and your neighbourhood.

  4. Southern Albertan says:

    Good comments Fescue and JPN! So here, again, at the risk of the ‘broken record’ thing, is some info re: how opiate addiction is being handledl successfully.
    “Portugal’s radical drugs policy is working – Why hasn’t the world copied it? Since it decriminalised all drugs in 2001, Portugal has seen dramatic drops in overdoses, HIV infections and drug-related crime.”
    And, “How Europe’s heroin capital solved its overdose crisis – What Canada can learn from Portugal about opiod addiction, rehab and recovery.”
    And this: “Trudeau Won’t Decriminalize Drugs Despite Pressure From Liberals, Activists. One advocate says the lack of action is a ‘huge disappointment.’ ”
    Will the Scheer Conservatives follow the Portgual model, which includes decriminalizing all drugs along with detox and recovery, if the Trudeau Liberals won’t? Again, a no-brainer
    Perhaps, if folks are really serious about getting this drug addiction fixed, they could start directing their votes to the Green Party and the NDP. There is the thing that if serious action is not done by the politics of the day, then is it to be assumed that what surrounds it now, i.e.addiction, death, HIV, crime… all aok? One would wonder……

  5. biff says:

    still no acknowledgement – from any level of govt or the usual blabberers here – of how to do it right, as per the portugal model.
    breath of fresh air from harder? smells more like crap and morning breath to me.

    • Dakota says:

      It is obvious you have never had the experience of living in or close to a neighbourhood infested with drug addicts, dealers and such types. There seems to be an armchair “expert” in every comment section these days as you so arrogantly and colloquially have displayed. It’s too bad your mouthwash isn’t making it.

  6. Jagtech says:

    Mark my words…. This thing is going to come back to bite us. One day, a few years from now, “we” will be sued by the families of today’s addicts, for providing opportunity to continue abusing drugs, rather than helping them to quit. But then again, the alternatives will leave the door open for lawsuits ( remember residential schools? ) Best just close the SCS, don’t provide free housing, and encourage the addicts to move away to places where they can have support of their families.

  7. biff says:

    dakota – i am referring directly to portugal’s working solution, which is far better than our approach here in canada. no armchair qb-ing on this one; but, you might want to detach from the umbilical cord of harder; my sense of your entries has been that if it comes from so-called “conservative” mouths, it is worth you swallowing their swill.

  8. Dakota says:

    biff These quotes from Portugal’s drug czar, João Goulão,
    “Decriminalization is not a silver bullet,”… “If you decriminalize and do nothing else, things will get worse…The most important part was making treatment available to everybody who needed it for free. This was our first goal…Underlying the policies is a national conviction that addiction is a chronic, recurring disease best dealt with through treatment not jail.”
    Treatment is the key rather than the perpetual continuation of enabling addicts to abuse drugs in local consumption sites where crime rates rise and surrounding businesses or homes suffer increased crime rates.
    Speaking of swill, you seem to consume loads of your progressive swill perhaps that is what gives your breath such a foul odour?

  9. biff says:

    dakota – it is amusing to note people using the word “progressive” as an attempt to insult or demean. nothing like staying stuck to old ways and habits, eh? particularly when those ways are lame. without progressing, we would believe the world is flat and we would still be worshiping statues…although we do have many that still worship political parties and their statutes.
    the way forward is to legalise drugs – in fact, any human choice that does not infringe upon the rights of another must not be legislated in a free society. to that end, using drugs cannot be a crime. however, just like with alcohol, our behaviour under any influence must indeed respect the rights of another. deal with the behaviour that infringes on another’s rights, not the use of a substance.
    moreover, legal drugs would be cheaper – meaning less crime associated with addiction – and they would be cleaner and consistent – meaning less overdoses and emergency health issues.
    as for the portugal policy, this is a solid foundation upon which to approach drug use: “Portugal’s policy rests on three pillars: one, that there’s no such thing as a soft or hard drug, only healthy and unhealthy relationships with drugs; two, that an individual’s unhealthy relationship with drugs often conceals frayed relationships with loved ones, with the world around them, and with themselves; and three, that the eradication of all drugs is an impossible goal.” so, keep extending help, and those with issues that are ready to try can try, and those that are not yet ready will have an option for when they are.

    • Dakota says:

      The same argument can be said of those using the term, “conservative” as an insult but as I believe is likely, you are left leaning, progressive. Hypocrisy seems to suit progressive types, it seems to come naturally to them and you seem to have it seamlessly mastered.

  10. biff says:

    progressive types look to improve the lot of humanity and the planet. without them, women have no vote, remain chattel, and the earth is seen as flat. for that matter, the likes of your perspective suggest the earth is a toilet and animals run on instinct. you must miss the good old days of the inquisition and the like. hop on your speed boat and atv and ruin a good for others.

    • George McCrea says:

      So just what are we progressing to. Your idea of Valhalla

      • Fescue says:

        I think what biff is suggesting is ‘progress from’.

        Progressing from an authoritarian, bigoted, earth-destructive worldview. For example, if your boat has hole in it, it is progressive to stop sinking.