January 18th, 2020

Publishing of anti-climate change column was a poor decision

By Letter to the Editor on August 14, 2019.

Your publication of Mr. Lee Morrison’s op-ed (Herald, Aug. 1) denying that we humans have triggered and furthered ruinous climate change is saddening. The evidence of human-driven climate change is overwhelming. The research is vast, varied, meticulous and ongoing. Therefore, it is not so much that his “argument” is antiscientific, ad hominem, and without credit, it is The Herald’s poor decision to publish vacuous beliefs that is saddening.

In other words, this publication borders on what might properly be called “fake news.” Would The Herald publish an editorial supporting the notions of a flat Earth? Would you publish one denying the Holocaust of World War Two or the holocausts perpetrated against Native Americans over the last 300 years? Not likely, yet our knowledged about climate change is just as certain as our knowledge that there is no flat Earth, and that the travesty of the massacres cited above is real.

Climate deniers remain an obstacle to sensible social and political action, yet as time passes, and the consequences build, they are likely to become even less credible or important as an impediment. A worse impediment is that of fatalists and those without a care or vision of a human future who, in increasing numbers, seem to be saying, “Well, at least we’ve had a good run.”

Behind that “whatever” toss-off lies not only a severe lack of empathy for current and future generations coupled with immorality on an enormous scale but no love of our nature world coupled with a weak understanding of human history and the rich cultural achievements of humankind as well.

James D. Tagg


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10 Responses to “Publishing of anti-climate change column was a poor decision”

  1. johnny57 says:

    That’s right James let’s present one side of the issue only!
    All others should be silenced and maybe locked away!
    Maybe we could elect David Suzuki PM?
    Well James until we can exist in your kind of world we live in a democracy with a thing called “Free Speech”- ever heard of it?

    • chinook says:

      Sarcasm doesn’t cut it. Climate change is real and the greatest environmental threat facing us. You are obviously a climate change denier spewing out uneducated fake news vs using time to get educated on the matter.

  2. Fedup Conservative says:

    Well Johnny has once again proven how ignorant he is. He only believes what his Liberal friends Ralph Klein or Jason Kenney tell him. As my friends state it’s sad that these fools can’t think for themselves and have to have a politician do it for them. Another coward who can’t handle the truth, so sticks his head in the sand and pretends it’s not happening and bashes anyone who doesn’t share his lack of intelligence..

    After being asked to run as leader of the Wildrose Party in the 2004 election, and declining, I followed them very closely and watched them go from wanting to put a stop to what Klein was doing to us to wanting to bring back his destructive policies under Daniel Smith. Her candidates told us they didn’t believe in global warming, or same sex marriage. They fully supported privatizing the health care and the education systems and didn’t care who got hurt in the process. Looking after the well being of themselves and their rich friends was their priority. Now Jason Kenney is feeding them the same lies and johnny and these other ignorant fools are believing every one of them. If Scheer wins in Ottawa they will likely get their wish of being financially destroyed paying for an American style health care system they can’t afford. Where’s the intelligence in that, while they watch Kenney give away billions in oil royalties , that belongs to them, and increases tax breaks for his rich friends? As a friend use to say “You can’t be any dumber than these fools, can you”?.

    How much is Johnny going to be willing to pay to clean up the orphan well situation his Liberal friend Klein created for us? Maybe he had better start thinking about that. The oilmen I talk to certainly are. They don’t want to see it dumped onto the backs of our children. I’m betting Kenney will do nothing about it, he certainly wouldn’t want to upset the rich oilmen, and allow this deficit to grow, which we are told could be as much as $260 billion and still growing.

  3. chinook says:

    Great Letter James Tagg – thanks! Now if only the Herald would listen. Wasting ink on letters from climate change deniers isn’t ‘balanced’ journalism it’s irresponsible given the overwhelming evidence. Lethbridge Herald, give your head a shake and get your editor to take the high road and not add to the problem by churning our fake news.

  4. JustObserving says:

    Wow….did I doze off and wake up in Russia or China ? Must I take my news from Pravda through a censored screening so as to ensure it is politically correct . i.e.: in line with the mainstream thought propounded by our political masters? Are differing opinions to be crushed and never allowed to be the subject of debate? Should dissenters be sent to the gulag and “re-educated” so they do not present a risk to the pure correct thought fed to us by the government ?
    Given today’s OTHER news re young Mr Trudeau’s ethical leanings I think I would be a bit happier making my own decisions after hearing/reading ALL sides of an issue under discussion. Given we do not live in the dictatorial utopia clearly espoused by the letter writer I think most Canadians would also see the merit in an uncensored press rather than in seeing the likes of chinook determine what does or does not constitute “fake news”. The first query when someone seeks to limit your right to know should be why.

  5. sikorsky says:

    Chinook is fake and has bad idea for democracy and free speech what about socialism this person likes. justobserving an me thinks we wake up in Russia or China, I think this is true Chinook wants that. no I say we don’t want that.

  6. It’s amazing that so many have come to believe climate disaster is imminent – based on the flimsiest of evidence. A good thing believers are putting their fears in writing so future generations can have a good laugh at their illfounded convictions.

  7. JustObserving says:

    A further comment…the writer asks if the Herald would publish the work of a Holocaust denier and answers “not likely”. The CORRECT answer is “YES” , they would and have done so with their series in the not too distant past covering the attempt by the U of L to silence Prof Tony Hall . His position was unequivocally laid out in print for public scrutiny. The best way to ensure a position is assessed and pilloried where appropriate and it’s holders not made martyrs is to allow it to be reviewed, not to attempt to halt discussion.and review of it’s content.
    There was a time “liberal” meant protective of rights, inclusive of the right to free speech and debate. It was the “conservatives” who were labelled as censors and oppressors of “wrong” thought. Now, having recognized the hypocrisy of their calling themselves liberals and acting as they do, liberals have labelled themselves “progressives” and have fully embraced the mantle of censorship and oppression of thought or expression which runs contrary to their mantra and which might cause listeners or readers to have to run to a safe room and hug a puppy for comfort.
    If Mr Taggs view that publication of what he sees as vacuous beliefs is a poor decision I would ask he remember that a “round ” earth circling the sun populated by a species ascended from single cells would once be considered a vacuous belief. If silenced and denied publication we would still believe in a flat earth where the universe revolves around the earth and intelligent design was the only reason for humanities existence. We would probably still burn the heretics such as Darwin and Copernicus for good measure.