February 19th, 2020

SCS is the best path forward

By Letter to the Editor on August 23, 2019.

Nice to see the thoughtful letters from Kim Siever and Michelle Brown in the Aug. 15/19 Lethbridge Herald. It has been said many times that the SCS is about saving lives and it is up to the mayor, councillors and citizens to pressure the federal and provincial governments to take the next steps such as recovery centres and more to provide these people with a place to stay and a chance for possible recovery.

Some will fall through the cracks but others will be able to recover and become regular citizens. This, in and of itself, will more than make up for the cost of refurbishing some of the downtown buildings for detox and rehabilitating centres. Emergency funding should be made available immediately and note that this situation would be a lot worse if the Supervised Consumption Site was not here.

For any of you out there who can support the SCS working the way it is you need to support this site as it is proven to be the best path forward. Be immune to the messages coming from prejudice and intolerant bigots.

Glenn W. Harrison


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45 Responses to “SCS is the best path forward”

  1. johnny57 says:

    Waterhead why are you so obsessed with Mr.Bremner?

  2. johnny57 says:

    Glenn since (last time i heard) 70% of the clients at the SCS are aboriginal, does this not change the dynamics of recovery for these poor lost souls? Sniff..sniff..sniff!

    • Dennis Bremner says:

      Another number that is distorted. If you ask percentage of ARCHES/SCS are aboriginal they reply 55/45 because they total all services offered and distorts the impression of numbers associated with Addicts. If you ask Bourgue or Manning for Aboriginal Numbers they likely would quote confidentiality issues but the numbers were last year around 92% Aboriginal, which was the last time we got an accurate non-waffling set of numbers from either establishment.

      That is why this facility should be on County land adjacent to the Blood Reserve but that ruins ARCHES immediate access to downtown Drug Addicts because they are attracted to the Soup Kitchen. So we build a building adjacent to the Blood Reserve, you install a Soup Kitchen, you install housing, rehab/detox and service both Lethbridge and the Blood Reserve but that stalls the profits from ARCHES/SCS

      So you see a continual flow of distorted numbers including Annual reports from every establishment supporting the 4 pillar system which does not work, it keeps Non Profits highly profitable and Drug Companies that produce Naloxone Rich, and you lose your downtown, and pay for that loss while its happening because 4 people decided Downtown would be a “swell place” to attract the regional drug addicts.

      Antwerp Belgium mayor : Quote The mayor points to the responsibility of drug users: “I get so irritated by people who talk about quality of life and clean air, but at the same time aren’t worried about drug use and even wish to legalise it. These are yuppies that have been described as ‘yoga sniffers’. They know what life is and have an enormous ecological consciousness.”I point to the hypocrisy: these people like to snort a line and have no trouble with the idea that they are keeping an entire criminal chain alive, which creates great havoc in the countries of origin as well as victims on the streets of Europe.” ENQUOTE

      Sums up my feelings about the new Alberta Gateway port of Lethbridge ! “Yoga sniffing Treehuggers” are fixing our wagon and Lethbridge can’t see beyond what is perceived as harmless SCS too funny!

  3. snoutspot4 says:

    h2ofield: He went for the report on the front page first so his current manifesto is there.The Herald has closed the comments section for that article as far as I know. Same content from Mr. Bremner.

  4. Dennis Bremner says:

    I won’t waste my time on you Mr Harrison.
    I could quote issues from Oslo Norway to Rio but you would not change your opinion. This is not about saving lives, its about saving Lethbridge, but you have no concept whats going on, so continue to focus strictly on SCS

  5. Pecker says:

    As always Dennis is full of dumb ideas.If you move the site to the middle of nowhere
    will you be driving the addicts back and forth or how would that work?” This is not about saving lives, its about saving Lethbridge” What a disgusting thing to say. What good is a community that doesn’t care about its weakest members? The addicts are guilty of starting to take drugs but that doesn’t mean we should just leave them to die. Our government needs to give them a way out. I know a few of them addicts and I can tell you I wouldn’t wish their life on my worst enemy. They really have no way to escape that life.Every person should have a roof over their head even if it is very basic. Homeless shelters don’t cut it because they provide no privacy.How can you you rebuild your life without some kind of home base?

    Imagine for a minute that you are a homeless drug addict in Lethbridge you have no job or money but would like to get off drugs. What would you do?

    • Jagtech says:

      So what is wrong with “saving Lethbridge ” at the cost of a few non resident, non taxpaying haired-over stumps?

  6. Pecker says:

    I do agree that the Blood Tribe should be forced to take back their people.That would leave us with a much smaller problem.They get all kinds of money and want to self govern but send their problems to Lethbridge.That’s just wrong no matter what side your on.

  7. Dennis Bremner says:

    So Pecker, you agree that the Blood Tribe should take back their people. You “seem to understand” that we are still around 90% indigenous users. You know that many come from the Reserve and would have to drive by, walk by, float by the new Headquarters for the SCS outside the Reserve, yet you disagree with me? Got it!

    I quote” Norway is the latest to take a different approach when dealing with drug offenders, and the country’s courts ruled to sentence convicted drug users to rehab, rather than sending them to prison – effective immediately nation-wide.”

  8. George McCrea says:

    Sure it is. Here is a comment from an addictions councillor

    Here is another from Rob Birse a retired councillor

    As a retired addictions counsellor with both AADAC and AHS I think the biggest lie I have been told is how ARCHES is saving lives….that’s a lie. They are prolonging agony. Detox and recovery saves lives. As I sat in their office awaiting the chance for an interview all I saw in staff was a passivity in dealing with clients. No boundaries imposed, people on the nod all over the place. It’s just a drug hangout like a crack house. I am ever so happy to have not gotten the job. As supposed healthcare professionals they know the costs of injection drug use, to veins, circulation etc. How many of those supposed over 500 people that you have helped thru overdose are repeaters?? Then what have you helped. There is a video by Douglas Hamilton that shows active use right outside the doors exposing the public. With detox beds in Ft. MacLeod, detox beds at the Chinook Regional, detox beds in Medicine Hat, detox beds on the Blood Reserve, Treatment available at AHS Addiction and Mental Health, Youth Treatment, treatment at the Lander Treatment Centre there are plenty of beds and Native Affairs and the province foot the bill. During my time waiting in the lobby of ARCHES I saw no intervention services so they don’t address the primary issues i.e. homelessness, poverty, mental health etc so in essence it’s just a needle exchange.

  9. biff says:

    the antwerp mayor sounds like a total ass twerp

    • George McCrea says:

      Actually biff he is dead on. Never heard “yoga sniffers”
      before but plan on using it in the future

  10. h2ofield says:

    A few years ago my friend (and local business owner) lost his teenage son (and budding football player).
    They had got into a spat and his boy went out &and partied and found some substance. He wandered off, took some of it and ended up dead, found in a south side park. He was no addict..just trying it out.
    I’m sure he’d be alive had this happened at this time (since the scs). You can put a price on that?
    Yet, you bastards, when it comes to ARCHES, you take your broad social swipes…worry of the costs of it all….degrade, dehumanize, embellish and stir fear…that’s your modus operandi….and it’s vulgar.

    YOU are the low-lifes!

    ..oh..I’ll be pasting this one all over, as it’s the norm around here.

    • snoutspot4 says:

      Bravo, h2ofield for telling it like it is. You are not the only one in Lethbridge who is fed up with the constant onslaught.

      • phlushie says:

        And we are also upset with the onslaught upon our safety and livelihood by the addicts roaming free around our fair city. Most of them are none resident and have no base in Lethbridge but the homeless shelter, the soup kitchen and “THE SCS”. We did not say “Build it and they will come” our city council did except for a numbered few. And as far as Mr. Waterfield claims, I express sympathy for what happened but I doubt very much that the persons so called friends let the tragedy occur because they did not want to be associated with “CRIME OF DRUG USE OR DEALING”. The SCS does not enter into the picture.

      • Dennis Bremner says:

        How is that walking around at night in downtown doing for you now ss4, don’t bother to answer you will just lie.

    • Dennis Bremner says:

      Another cry baby story from h2ofield looking to get sympathy. Perhaps I should tell the story of the woman sexually assaulted by two drug addicts and say, “If SCS was not here, it would not have happened but that would be SENSELESS TOO! I am sorry the young person lost his life but somehow you have him experimenting with something he had not tried before, he was at a party and you want us to believe that he would have packed up, got in his car drove to an SCS walked in to a place he had never been before and shot up there, nice story but the only bastard here is you for attempting to lay blame on the blameless!

      • h2ofield says:

        Don’t think he was a driver at the time. I did not mention IV use…see?, that’s what you do, Bremner, you wander off into the story that suits you! All I’m saying is there may have been a good chance, especially with all the hype lately, that he would have checked a consumption site..or at least gone in to talk.
        You are “sorry the young person lost his life”?. It would be a stretch to believe you are genuine saying that.

    • Dennis Bremner says:

      you know h2ofield you really are losing it, I just went over your last remark again. You said , we worry about the costs of it all? you say we degrade, embellish and stir fear? Really? None of us that I am aware of have suggested spend less, just SPEND IT ELSEWHERE, NOT IN DOWNTOWN! As for degrade, embellish and stir fear? Well I find that downright amusing. There are probably 5 people in all of Lethbridge that have been exposed to what I have been exposed too, and none of them have 40 years of observation under their belt, like I do with numerous Countries all trying the same thing and failing. I know exactly what is going to happen, and you don’t, but you pull the sympathy card to try and stop people from actually being educated as to what is next! So you have no interest in both sides of the story being told, only your side. You defend it senselessly so I have no doubt some of or all of your income is derived from SCS continued existence!
      What I would like you to do h2ofield is show us a SCS or SCS and other pillars that HAS NOT TURNED out as I say it will? I mean after all, there are many many SCSs and many countries using them. So find an SCS on this continent because our value structure has to remain!
      I mean you love the SCS so much give us examples of how coexistence is a piece of cake and the drug addicts are not destroying the city or town that is offering the help. That would be a good place to start.
      Why does it have to be this continent? Quite easy, this continent can’t figure out sex-ed without getting stupid or giddy, this continent can’t figure out how to treat prostitutes other than envoking the bible. This continent still has not figured out how LGBT2+ can exist and have the bible exist too so flip flops back and forth not knowing who, what or where they should be pissed, they just no they are! This continent still feels there is some level of moral deprevation for a women to breast feed her kid in public. This continent still thinks the female breast exposed will send men into a complete sex frenzy only stoppable with a silver bullet to the head! (I added silver bullet to invoke your recent comic book readings and memories). This continent has so many moral conflicts that unless its socially acceptable and politically correct and accepted in advance by the Twitter and FB bozo’s , then its, at best, time for another study! You want to trust these nutbars to NOT destroy our city?

      So based on this dichotomy of morals, show us an SCS/ 4 pillar that has not turned out EXACTLY as I HAVE SAID and how I HAVE PREDICTED…and I claim no brilliance, just total observation of clowns running a clown show all around this world and being paid handsomely to do so, while “Savin Lives”!! Good luck, I really mean it!

      • h2ofield says:

        “I have no doubt some of or all of your income is derived from SCS continued existence!”

        Please stop making up garbage. You know nothing of my employment or history.

        • snoutspot4 says:

          And I’m a liar if I say that I feel safe.So much for Mr. Bremner’s knowledge. He has got his wish

        • Dennis Bremner says:

          h2ofield said :You are “sorry the young person lost his life”?. It would be a stretch to believe you are genuine saying that.
          h2ofield also said: Please stop making up garbage.

          So its okay for you to make up garbage but not me? Got it!

  11. Dennis Bremner says:

    Here is an example of a city London Ontario that installed an SCS in Feb 2018, they celebrated their one year anniversary this past February so very similar to Lethbridges SCS.

    How amazingly similar, yet SCS feels it does not attract users, well at least thats what they said until they could not say it any longer.

    ” Chief among those big city problems is the influx of addicts who arrive in London from southwestern Ontario’s smaller communities, looking for the kind of social services and addiction treatment that doesn’t exist in the villages, hamlets and towns that dot the rural landscape. ”


  12. snoutspot4 says:

    Dennis Bremner: What colour is that truck you drive? Seems that the LPS and the RCMP are looking for “the white truck” because people were assaulted. The facebook comments have been reported.

    See how easy it is to make up lies and then bully people. Wonder what the RCMP think about a retired member of the CAF posting your public comments? Are you a liar? Don’t bother answering we all know you are.

    See how easy it is to distort the truth? Are you on the payroll or affiliated with the Herald? You seem to be given free reign in the comment section. Must be a paid operative.Is a member of City Council getting something out of this?

    So let’s hear your story about how the people deserved being shot at for being at the SCS. Perhaps you’d like to echo the other folks who are disappointed it was only paintballs. You must know the fine upstanding individuals that were pushed to their limits and just did what you forecasted.

    Since you know everyone in Lethbridge wants the SCS gone, maybe you can help them to identify your heroes here:

    You make me feel unsafe. And I will never lie and say I have been hurt, assaulted, pricked, raped or otherwise just because you think I should have been,

    And no I am not a coward for not using my real name. It’s a matter of self-preservation.

    • Dennis Bremner says:

      I knew that was inevitable when I saw it.
      A) I don’t own or (come to think of it) know a person with a white truck.
      B) I do not condone violence
      C) I openly post under my real name
      D) Local Police can cross reference my name to local vehicle registry

      But strangely they cannot do the same for any alias like you SS4.

      You see, it would be a real sympathy run to pull a stunt like this if you are an SCS supporter. So the pendulum swings both ways…
      See how easy it is to take a comment like and I quote : And no I am not a coward for not using my real name. It’s a matter of self-preservation. Enquote and ask “self preservation”? Do you drive a white truck SS4?

      Never assume you know how far a radical reliqious SCS supporter will go, to keep his/her job and kill the Downtown of Lethbridge!! I would suggest there are more radicals on your side of the fence that think “Savin Lives” is a ticket through the pearly gates” then on our side just by the arguments put forward and the rationale behind them! Its all religious based, its all distorted information that is being used to justify the SCS existence and none of it is reality based. So I would think the LAPD is looking at both sides of that fence!

      An example? Ok, How you people can use the term “Homeless to garner a sympathy vote, while this same “Homeless” person pisses away $1500-$3000 a month on his habit is amazing. You purposely “degrade the real homeless people of this city” by trying to inject your meth head into the legitimate people that need and deserve a hand up! Thats the game of the SCS supporter infiltrate the drug addict into every downtrodden descriptor that applies to the real people that deserve help and then get indignant when NORMAL people see no parallels!
      Here’s a reality check for you, give a HOMELESS person $1500-$3000 a month and see how long they stay homeless!

  13. h2ofield says:

    Wow. You think it was an inside job??!!

    You are twisted.

    • Dennis Bremner says:

      Actually it was a response to SS4 asking if it was me. Ergo “its an outside job”. If you are Police you do not come to a conclusion until you have all the evidence. SCS supporters are suggesting it was an outside job, I just drew the corollary as proof once again, bias breeds ignorance! So no….. you are twisted by not being objective.

      As far as predicting violence would occur. That is easy to do. When real estate plummets from decent numbers to ZERO or unsalable by a select group, and those people realize it has destroyed their family, their livelihood and their retirement, some will be a tad upset. So much so, that its “reality” because its occurred elsewhere around the world.
      So as I have said many times before. I know exactly where Lethbridge Downtown is going and how quick it will get there because I have seen it 50 times before. So you or others insisting it will not occur h2ofield is irrelevant to me! You and all the others have no experience with this, nor been through this before, or in many cases even seen this before! I have, time, history and actual real life incidents behind me. So using the terms forecasting or predicting is a misnomer its reality, as time is allowed to unfold it! In fact I can even tell you how many blocks in either direction of the SCS will be devastated by their presence and the area of influence and dangerous areas will extend. All through real life experience of just wanting to escape a specific area in Antwerp or Rotterdam, Copenhagen, Stavanger, Lisbon, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or Rio etc etc , so I could sit down and have a Beer without worrying about having my back against the wall in a local pub.

      So it uses very little Science but most science is actually bought and paid for by the special interest groups anyway. So the makers of Naloxone has their pocket scientists who then pass on grants to other scientists and only publish papers that are favorable to their bottom line. One of those papers is no doubt titled “Creating SCS’s creates millions$$$”

      Me, I just walked in dangerous areas(not by choice but by employment) until it became non dangerous and that was the end of the influence area. Then its just math from that point onward. Size of downtown/”Number of Drug Addicts” = area of influence. In our case we have areas like Police Station, Court house that distorts the influence to the West, which then balloons the area of influence south, North and East. I could literally take the number of addicts and determine how far I would have to be from a “Consumption Room” during the day to be safe, and recalculate that to be a safe distance during the night”.

      Our problem is Number of Addicts vs size of Downtown. When Addicts saturate the downtown, you give up the entire downtown. 2000 addicts would kill the entire downtown just based on square blocks of what all of us perceive is “Downtown”. Spearman/Phillips/Bouruge/Manning gets their dream of 4 pillars in downtown, that will be the only viable business in ALL of our downtown. I can easily outline the areas of influence and how far an addict will walk to commit a crime….no science needed because a Swedish or Norweigan or Portugese addict although possibly fitter than a Canadian Addict does not want to over exert himself and get away from the safe haven SCS where police won’t touch him/her. This is why South Buchanan is easy “pickings” and shows you the Admin of this city knew EXACTLY who they were throwing under the bus before they even bought the bus! It was why I was able to predict with 100% accuracy where the crime would escalate as soon as “The Watch” was announced. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a Cray Computer to do this, just common sense. So if the Lethbridge Police Chief/Council say they did not predict this…. then its worse then even I think, and I think, its bad!

  14. Dennis Bremner says:

    h2ofield I asked you to give me an example of where and SCS or partial /complete 4 pillars existed and the place was not a ghetto full of tents, people laying on the streets, condoms/needles everywhere, muggings, pan handling, sexual assaults etc etc….I have not seen your examples yet, it must be because you have so many to present, I guess, I can wait! Lethbridge will be just like that or taxes will be so high no one will be able to afford or want to live here because it will border a police state like atmosphere. Thats why I will say to the day I die, this Administration in Lethbridge has absolutely NO CLUE what they are signing up for, NONE!

    • h2ofield says:

      First of all, I work all day and am offline.

      It’s ‘lying’, not ‘laying’ for goodness sake, for someone who has typed out so much. smh!

      I don’t know how sites are working out around the world, but I wish them luck..just as I will keep positive over how life will go on in Lethbridge..and it will.

      What I won’t do is take your crap.

  15. biff says:

    what could be more responsible than owning a yahoo pick up truck than firing paintballs from it at some of the most hurting people anywhere. what a power trip!
    meanwhile, will the city force a take down of the ugly, childish, imbecile signs that are being plastered all over the city with regard to needles, drugs, children (what about the children? whaaa)…they make us look like a load of oafs, and make our city look shytty. get on it.

  16. biff says:

    h2o haha! no kidding!

  17. Dennis Bremner says:

    Another example of how no one actually comes forward with actual numbers. Bourgue works her “Aboriginal Numbers” of Addicts by including ARCHES services instead of confining her numbers to SCS numbers. Bourgue tells Lethbridge depending on the time of day numbers that continually change when it comes to drug addicts. She tells Lethbridge numbers like 675 or 875 one day when I have been saying its over 1000
    I know her projected number of Addicts which she would have to come up with for Federal Funding was at least that high. Then suddenly we find out the REAL NUMBERS all because Mr Mayor lets it slip while being indignant and calling for “Lethbridge to work together” which is code for “Work on his plan or NO PLAN”!

    I quote” If that site was ever closed and the drug users —1,300 drug users — went back into the community we would have far more drug debris and we would have huge social issues. – Mayor Chris Spearman”

    So now we find that we have grown from 180-220 Users on Bourgues application to 1300 USERS!
    Time we hold some of these people who always seem to “Misspeak” intentionally, so it misleads Lethbridge, accountable!!

    Going to be hard to walk back on this one Mr Mayor!


    “Spearman said citizens opposed to the site may not realize that homelessness in the city of Lethbridge has doubled in recent years, directly in relation to the drug crisis”
    So lets see Mr Mayor…. you start up SCS with your buddies Phillips/Bourgue and Manning, invite 1300 addicts of which over 1000 are from adjacent communities and somehow the residents of Lethbridge are “being slow” not realizing that your policy created a doubling of the homeless?????????????????

    That perhaps just maybe people that were critical of your asinine appreciation of 42 beds and over 1000 addicts did not quite meet the “standard for enthusiasm” but your undying love for anything NDP suddenly over rode common sense? But somehow us “Peons” did not understand your policy caused the doubling of the homeless in Lethbridge? Are you totally lacking any appreciation as to what you have done and are doing to Lethbridge, Mr Mayor??? Where have you been while protestors protest your city killing policy?

  18. Dennis Bremner says:

    Well Lethbridge your complacency has just screwed the pooch, 1300 addicts and even that number may have a political spin associated with it. I had predicted 1500 Addicts last year for the fall of this year. So we are pretty well on the Mark for the growth I expected. Whats Next?
    Next summer, tent city in Galt gardens! Or tents everywhere as the Lethbridge Police play the game of “Move the tents so the public don’t see” game!
    We are 2 years from a total abandonment of the downtown, which is about four years after the Lethbridge Mayor decided to issue the “coup de gras” with his SCS plan, so thats about perfect timing. 4 years after an SCS, the tent city is in full swing, robberies/muggings/sexual assaults become the Norm! Oh and “West Side” watch for those guys on those two wheel “scooters” who will begin to live in your neighbourhood, some call them “Angels from Hell”, their Patch says the reverse!
    Mr Mayor’s plan is working and now he wants you to join together and support his plan, which is to kill downtown Lethbridge! How does intend on forcing you into that plan? Quite easy, he is doing it, he just invited 1000 Addicts to Lethbridge giving us 1300, soon that will be 1500, soon after that 2000….. then you will have no choice but to follow his plan because ADDICTS once “nested in a community don’t leave” and that was the stage I told you we would be in this year… TA-DA its happened!

  19. h2ofield says:

    Hard at it again, I see.
    Why don’t you get outside ..get some fresh air..I’ll bet you’ll be able to do that safely.
    Even if you want to take 18 months, that’s okay too.

  20. Dennis Bremner says:

    Area of influence!
    I use the term a lot let me explain some of the parameters that go into the “Area of Influence” and why Lethbridge is the perfect balloon waiting to explode!

    Lets do the Van DTES. The Vancouver DTES area has density. Density means that for every running block of DTES there “was” (and the operative word here is “was” ) high numbers of businesses. Unlike Lethbridge, where if you walk the DTES there is building after building all joined together with shops that had 15-20 feet of frontage. So in a city block of DTES, you may have 40-50 businesses. The same occurs in Copenhagen, where buildings are 2-3 story and about 15-20 feet of street frontage. Now, in the same city block in Lethbridge, we may have 6 stores. In the heart of downtown possibly 20. The point is the density is less by a significant amount.

    Now you would expect (wrongfully) that high density is worse than low density. Thats not correct. The lower the density the more places for Addicts to create a home! This is why you see the tent city near Hastings in Van DTES. Because there are so many buildings in DTES, there is no place for Addicts to pitch a tent unless they pitch it on the sidewalk or an empty lot….or a PARK!

    Now the problem is we do not have that “problem” in Lethbridge, we have tons of open land behind businesses, next to businesses. So if Mr Mayor continues down this road, which it appears its his way or the highway, then every business will soon wake up to a Drug Addict that has made their backyard a home, because you know Mr Mayor is not getting accomodations for 2000 addicts. In fact Mr Mayor was just so wonderfully impressed with 42 that he went absolutely Ga Ga!

    That tells me Mr Mayor has no clue what he is doing, but he really really needs you to follow him! Because he now knows he has absolutely screwed Lethbridge Downtown and now he needs you to support him so he can say, he did what Lethbridge Citizens wanted him to do! Which would be bullshit but that does not matter anymore. He needs you to follow the Phillips/Spearman/Bouruge/Manning Plan!

    So… the tents are the beginning of the destruction of downtown Lethbridge. Soon you will see Business owners “trying” to boot the squatter away from the back of his business. But alas, thats where the “Nesting issue” raises its ugly head.

    You see when the Business boots the guy/gal from their new found home. The guy/girl know where all their other addicts have nested and they have a chat at the local Drug Hangout called the SCS. They then plan retaliation for the business owner who DARED to boot the person from their tent home. So over the next few days, the business has their windows kicked in, product stolen, and they puke and shit all over his business floor to let him know clearly who is boss here……and its not the Business and its no longer Mr Mayor, nor is it the LAPD!

    After awhile the business gives up replacing the windows and uses Plywood…(getting the idea yet?) Soon we start actually looking like the DTES. Soon the business closes, the building goes empty and the addicts move in. Meanwhile Mr Mayor has still got his inviter valve open and all the addicts that find a “Chinook” in winter is better than freezing his butt off in Calgary/Edmonton decide to move south!

    Back to Area of Influence. Because the density is low, and because the numbers of businesses to rob are also low, the Area of Influence gets bigger based on that low density because the druggy has to go farther to rob to get his money for his habit.

    So here is what to expect with 2000 addicts:
    1) businesses closing and moving out of the core faster then you can utter the letters WTF
    2) Mr Mayor saying is not that bad and honest everything is fine until of course he retires.
    3) More businesses close more empty buildings, more the addict takes over
    4) Now we have “numerous satellite drug clubhouses”. No need to use SCS as much because now the drug dealers and addicts have their own buildings. So SCS visits drop. Bourgue heralds that as some sort of success but it will actually mean her usefulness to the addicts is slowly being terminated and addicts will only return if a bad lot of drugs shows up in Lethbridge.
    5) Are of Major Influence becomes MacGrath to the East, 9th Ave to the North, 10 Ave to the south and now, as the dealers locate to the West side, suddenly the West Side is taken in from Heritage Heights to Nicholas Sheran.

    In fact, I would suggest that “because thats where the money is going”. The west side will be the biggest target for home invasions, and business robberies 3 years from today because the downtown will be depleted and the Senator Buchanan district (5 Ave North to downtown) will have been depleted of any value to the Addicts.
    So, South side of 6Ave where all the Doctors and Nurses have purchased and fixed their houses up will be targeted with West Side. Then even though Low density, the area around Henderson Lake will be next.

    So the lower the density, the lessor number of places to rob, so the area of influence based on numbers of drug addicts is wider in low density cities then it is in high density cities.

    So their is Mr Mayors future “crime map” all because it was HIS WAY because Lethbridge has to come together on this??????

    Now some will say, these areas are already experiencing crime…… you have not seen anything yet! Longer term impacts…the very Doctors who proclaimed SCS and the 4 Pillars is a great idea so it reduces Emergency Room visits, now move out of Lethbridge because their homes are being robbed and vandalized.

    Don’t want that to happen? Get SCS closed NOW! Get a Police Chief that enforces the Law, and get a New Mayor!

  21. phlushie says:

    Good advice to take yourself Waterfield, and maybe take a walk around the 6 blocks around the SCS , the soup kitchen and the homeless shelter to get a realization of the problem created by inviting the homeless into Lethbridge. It appears we went from 280 to 1300 in about a year and a half. One you realize this is a problem then think of the DTES in Vancouver with 8000, but remember its like counting loss sheep on a section of pasture, they keep moving so it is impossible to get an accurate count (the do not fill out a census). This is another problem we have, without accurate census, we do not get adequate funding, and taking care of these unfunded refugees (addict) falls on the backs of the citizens. Maybe make it a statue in lethbrige. Any household with a gross income over $123,000 has to adopt one addict, over @143,000 has to adopt 2, over $163,000 has to adopt 3 and for every $20,000 over this amount add 1 for each increment. There, we have solved the homeless issue. Now that they are not homeless the adopting homeowners can detox them and rehabilitate them and show them love and affection. How does that work for you,or for that case, any resident in Lethbridge? It is a solution buy the people for the people. ad it is geared so as not to be a financial burden to the lower income residents of Lethbridge.

  22. Dennis Bremner says:

    What this all proves, is someone, pick whomever you want was LYING to Lethbridge on how many addicts they attracted. I was wondering why suddenly Bourgue and the Mayor changed their tone in regards to suddenly we should be the “Regional Drug City”, now its obvious why the tone changed. WE ALREADY ARE thanks to Phillips Spearman Bourgue and Manning…. So they started by saying it would not happen so they could get their foot in the door. Now it has happened, “now we all have to speak with one voice” THEIR VOICE and that voice is saying DESTROY OUR DOWNTOWN, DESTROY OUR DOWNTOWN BUSINESSES CUZ WERE SAVIN LIVES”!

    So now we know why the Mayor said there would be chaos if they closed the SCS based on Hyggens motion. I wonder if the three councillors knew that we had 1300 addicts…. my bet is, the 6 opposing did…so how did they know and Lethbridge didn’t? The more I look at this the more it stinks!

    This building should be useless soon so perhaps Bourgue can make it into the new Drug House? https://www.lethbridge.ca/living-here/Projects-Initiatives/Current-Projects/Pages/LethbridgeRegionalParknRideTransitTerminal.aspx

  23. Dennis Bremner says:

    By the way, we are now at critical mass. 1.3% of Lethbridge population are drug addicts according to the Mayor. Portugal declared a National Emergency at 1%
    The Mayor, Phillips Manning and Bourgue all invited the 1% so we could reach critical mass far earlier than expected. Its obviously there plan to destroy the city, so far, they appear to be right on schedule!

    Soon the Blood reserve will declare itself Addict Free!

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