December 6th, 2019

Beware of the Greens

By Letter to the Editor on September 11, 2019.

Canada’s enviable energy position,” Aug. 29:

It’s troubling to learn via this Op-Ed that within the foreseeable future humans globally will continue to thrive – to maintain their standard of living primarily on the back of a seemingly unquenchable thirst for non-renewable energy.

Canada, despite some movement forward mitigating contributions to anthropologic climate change (said to be less than two per cent) will continue to derive 85 per cent of its energy, most for transportation, from oil. Globally, pressure for petroleum products will centre around LNG, a 30 per cent rise in demand, mostly due countries with “sharply” rising standards of living.

It’s a good article, albeit full of conjecture with a sprinkling of facts. But it was a single line in a comment that followed which caught my attention. The commenter forwarded the unlikely statement that every time Jason Kenney opens his mouth more people come to the British Columbia Greens – meaning Green Party of British Columbia.

This may be wishful thinking – it may not be, and it doesn’t matter what mere peasants think or wish. The informed among us know well that in our precarious “democracy” there’s forces way beyond the day we “vote” that run us – most of which we have absolutely zero say in nor control over.

A book titled “Set up & Sold out” alerts those, who can still be enlightened and alerted, to a supposed madness behind the party our commenter said Canadians may be flocking to on the eve of our national election. That book is a stunning declaration suggestive that the Green Movement globally is more a mammoth manipulating environmental issues machine cunningly forcing massive social change, than a be kinder to nature political party.

I neither wholly agree nor disagree. What matters is that if there’s any shred of fact in what that 435-page book claims or reveals are Green Party end goals – Canada or globally – we who cherish liberty and freedom from servitude, had better pay attention. “Green” placard-waving protectors of the natural environment may be seeking another environment for us – perhaps one not even hardcore followers are aware of!

Alvin W. Shier


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2 Responses to “Beware of the Greens”

  1. snowman says:

    yes Alvin citizens are fools who do not believe we are overtaken by the green agenda for eg the 360org representative in this city who ran for City council past election their agenda is to have total divestment in Alberta oil by all business and Universities, Colledges, citizens, the aim to destroy the oilsands. Locally the changes of mind on the recycle program vote by certain council because in the election the local green survey on support for curbside recycling program the councilor’s that said yes support then voted no to bylaw were forced to change their mind vote next time by green pressure on their original commitment. We are now stuck with a green boondoggle which coming up in October the new operating budget citizens will find out the true cost.

  2. biff says:

    hmm, and we are ok to have long been taken over by the power-mongering, greedy, psychopaths that lead its dumb-ass followers over the brink? the so-called “leadership” we have been sold on – particularly since ww2 – is nothing short of criminal. are we yet ready to get off our asses and really do something to better our existence? clearly, it is not going to come via the vote.