December 6th, 2019

The federal pot calling the kettle black

By Letter to the Editor on September 11, 2019.

The ethics commission’s report in August condemned the Trudeau government for its interference in the justice system – and rightfully so!

However, Andrew Scheer’s reaction on behalf of the conservative opposition, and his condemnation of Justin Trudeau, is amusing at least and ironic at best. Scheer might be reminded that the former Harper government was cited for numerous documented instances of corruption. Independent researchers claim that party leader Stephen Harper committed dozens of instances of serial abuses of power ranging from scams, smears and outright bullying of public officials.

As we enter the “mud-slinging” fray leading up to the October election, our citizens will be bombarded with an array of accusations, allegations, and denouncements – many of which will be groundless and frivolous, and some will be malicious and false. Few will be credible.

As electors, our task will be to sort through the mess, separate the wheat from the chaff – and make an informed decision as we decide in which box to place the “X.”

Good luck with that!

Art Aitken


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2 Responses to “The federal pot calling the kettle black”

  1. biff says:

    a fair letter in that the writer acknowledges some of the massive levels of corruption that exist at the federal level (of course, corruption reigns supreme and is foremost served at all levels).
    the best one can do with their illiterate signature is to NOT sign off on the corruption, on a system that serves the greediest, the wealthiest, the big corp., and of course, the well placed politician who scores biggest after they leave govt.
    by voting for the main parties, one legitimises the scam. it is a game of smoke and mirrors and deflection. it does not matter whether one gets con or lib – they each have lengthy histories of lining pockets and leaving us all further in debt as a consequence. the cons further have the audacity to cut public services due to “shortfalls”, but they of course continue to keep the gravy train running at all costs to the well placed. it is that gravy train which is most responsible for increasing debt and budget deficits; and, it continues as such for 2 reasons: 1) the corrupt never face any real consequences, most recently witnessed through the snc lavalin affair; 2) the ignorant masses keep lining up to mark their x in support of the same old bs.
    what to do? outside of lighting dollar store torches and literally occupying our political institutions, do indeed head to the polls – and destroy your ballot. send a clear message, a shot over the bough, and let these thieving, lying crooks know you’re mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore (the movie “network” is always worth a watch, or revisit).
    these bums keep promising change, but the same old keeps happening. promises made on the campaign trail not kept; hidden agendas shoved through that were not given even an nth of a mandate whenever we have a majority govt.
    if change is what one truly wants, destroy your ballot. stop legitimising the theft of our wealth and the destruction of the health of our country with your illiterate x.

    • zulu1 says:

      Destroying one’s ballot is simply avoiding your responsibility in a democratic society. It would certainly mean that you would have no reason to criticize future government actions. It is a flawed system , however all other systems are even worse.