February 19th, 2020

Library has become a hangout for drug users

By Letter to the Editor on September 12, 2019.

To start with let me say I am an avid reader and member of a book club that has been running for a good many years. We enjoy the fact that our public library has book club kits and use them frequently. I love the feel, even smell of an actual book, so I use the public library for my selections.

Over the last year I have become very concerned with the physical shape of the building. By that I mean its cleanliness. Now that the renovations are complete it almost seems more obvious that something is amiss. On two occasions I have come face to face with syringes and people shooting up. The first occasion was when I used the washroom in the basement just off the children’s area and found a syringe on the floor of a stall along with copious amounts of blood and some tissue.

The second time it was lying outside the entrance on the north side of the building. Just the other day I saw a young man crawling out of a niche at the front of the building and was told by a City worker, cleaning up debris, that the young man was not in fact sleeping there but shooting up.

What has our library become? The outside is strewn with discarded pop containers (if that’s what is actually in them), wrappers, paper. You name it. Why would anyone let their children in the place; certainly not alone. I am so disheartened with this whole situation and, yes, I have made a point of letting the library know of my concerns.

Apparently, federal buildings must all have sharp containers in their washrooms. Why isn’t our safe injection site good enough for them?

It is obvious that the addicts do not have the same concerns for our safety as we do for them and the library has become their hangout.

Donna Linn


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5 Responses to “Library has become a hangout for drug users”

  1. Jagtech says:

    I stopped going to library several years ago, for this very reason. Druggies in the washrooms, and in other parts of the library. Its warm there, the police don’t bother them, and they can shoot up in relative privacy. I certainly would never take a child there. Nice use of public money.

    • phlushie says:

      This is something we will soon be learning , if we haven’t yet. These people do not go to real estate agents to purchase property. And they don’t buy property, the just move in an take over property. After all, its is community property. I also believe the letter titled “Two sides to the drug issue” and I also agree to Denis Bremner’s reply to that letter. In fact, he has spoken more truth to the happenings in Lethbridge ( our once beautiful town) than anyone else has. Soon we will be entering a phase of socially acceptable drug use as a way of coping with this “fungus”. And you know how hard it is to eradicate a “fungus” Just remember these people do not buy real estate, they take it. Their needs totally obscure the needs of society.
      And, Darwin does come into play, if it does not effect the addict it will effect our society, our lively hoods, our community unless we adopt a system that works better than the “four pillars” the experts cling to, thinking has to be outside the box and maybe not even seem acceptable to us.

  2. chinook says:

    All the money we tax payers spent on renovations was for nothing. The library is a cesspool of druggies and homeless. Sickens me to go there seeing all the young uneducated, unskilled, unemployed bums filling the space with their bad smell.

  3. biff says:

    and it sickens to read the stench associated with chinook entries.

  4. Dennis Bremner says:

    This is another one of these issues where people are in denial until its actually in their backyard then suddenly they explode with “something has to be done”. The unfortunate thing is you can see why Bourgue and Manning setup the SCS as quickly as they could. They knew as I did that once there its very difficult to get it out of Downtown. In fact because SCS does save lives, that is the fall back in any discussion. If you want it moved, then you are “jeopardizing lives” if you want it closed you are “killing people”. If you don’t like the concept, “tough” because “we are saving lives here”.

    This poses problems for politicians at all levels. If they try doing anything with the SCSs in any City the SCS makes sure that any death, is publicized and its the “Shame on You” for killing people!
    How this then impacts the community is just considered by the SCS and its Do Gooders, a side bar of doing good! So the mere fact you cannot send your child to the Library where normally they could enjoy reading in peace, is “just one of those things you will have to give up” because “we’re savin lives here”.

    No one and I literally mean no one in Lethbridge sits down and actually figures out the damage to the community and the sense of belonging that is destroyed until its gone. You get 174 people employed by SCS using aliases on boards like this and Facebook stating they have no fear walking after dark in downtown because its easier to influence those that are not walking downtown at night into thinking nothing has changed.

    This will continue until its too late, then it will be disappearance of the alias that said everything is OK and SCS is a good thing, and Lethbridge no longer is, what you always thought it was. Spearman will retire, Phillips will continue with her personal agenda, Bourgue and Manning will continue to say “we’re savin Lives here” to any question posed. Then at the end of their day all of them will drive to their safe haven where they live and leave you to suffer the consequences. In time, they will do exactly what the Police Chief just did, he contributed to this mess and once created did not like the result so suddenly decided finding work elsewhere would be a good idea.

    In 5 years you all will be sitting here wondering “how did we let this happen”? Its easy really, Lethbridge is more interested in thinking its isolated to the downtown and won’t affect them, then actually understanding what is ahead of them. I have watched 32ish cities in the World do the exact samething and all resulted in exactly the same mess. So its not like Lethbridge will be different because the Police Chief copied “Community Police Officers” from Copenhagen who had them 40 years ago.

    Its amusing that people actually believe that these tactics are new and that it will make a difference. It doesn’t and never has, if ever a term “lipstick on a pig” applied, this is it. Its like an out of control freight train, while you methodically dissect sections of the track to ensure the train stops, the addicts are building 8 diversionary tracks up rail from you to make sure your wasted time is well recorded at the time the train passes you.
    The laughable part is they are using your stolen property, your tax dollars and your steal rails and ties to build the bypass and stopping in every few hours to the SCS to brag how well they are shafting you, and organizing where to steal more of your property……..and you still don’t get it !

    If SCS is not moved out of our City, that is your destiny, plain and simple. Its not a difficult conclusion, its happened to 100’s of cities before you, and all the while citizens saying it will not happen here!… and it does…. the out of control train does not stop because you decide it should not be coming this way.

    You have far less time to stop this then you think, in fact it may already be too late, we are that close to “Losing it and losing our city”! Meanwhile we discuss “What would God do” and “RedNeck opposing statements” rather then the “issue”, as the train approaches, totally out of control! You all should be Politicians, if it was not sad it would be hilarious how people can get side-tracked so quickly. Want to refocus people? Throw in a “What would God do” or a “Redneck statement” and watch the rants neglect that the train just went by lol Wake up Lethbridge!