February 19th, 2020

Two sides to drug issue

By Letter to the Editor on September 12, 2019.

Just because I have an opinion on SCS controversy doesn’t mean I don’t understand, or listen to the opposition.

My stance is in that grey area of I know it’s helping people … but is the system flawless… absolutely not! The SCS was brought in before the other needed services were, thus creating a huge spike in the city’s drug use. I understand that.

I see the needles and agree that distribution is an issue. I also know why Arches feels the need to do so. But I don’t think that removing an already used service will do anything other than create a huge storm from not just those for or against but for those using.

When I say I agree, I mean I agree with harm reduction. I agree that more focus should be put on those making the drugs, distributing the drugs and less on those using the drugs. Most drug users are broken members of our society. But they are still members. I don’t condone drug use, but I do understand it. And I understand that, yes, there is a small sublet that will never stop using drugs. But the SCS is also there to support those who do wish to stop.

Those who use illegal drugs use to self medicate past traumas. Those who want to, stop. And saying that their lives don’t matter is unfathomable to me. #ALLLIVESMATTER. And, yes, it might take that addict OD’ing 15 times to realize their own self worth. So is it not worth saving them until they do?

We plaster cigarette cartons with images in hopes of saving a smoker from dying of lung cancer, or pester that person who speeds to slow down. We all deal with addictions; most are just socially accepted.

Addicts should be held accountable or their actions, but drugs change your brain chemistry. These people are shadows of their former selves. And we as a community need to stop the “us against them” mentality and realize they are us, or at least they use to be.

Mob mentality is scary in amongst it self. That’s how I feel. Agree or disagree.

Terri-Marie Dillabough


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6 Responses to “Two sides to drug issue”

  1. Dennis Bremner says:

    Smokers don’t drive up the crime rate.
    Smokers don’t destroy your city while expecting “respect”
    Smokers do not crap and urinate on your businesses both physically and socially
    Smokers do not use your emergency services to a breaking point

    Lastly you say: there is a small sublet that will never stop using drugs

    Less than .2 of 1% actually rehab, think about that! Less than .2 of 1% are still clean after 2 years!
    Now think about the rate of NEW Addicts which is 3-5% per year.
    So, 1300 addicts, 2 rehab’d every year with 65 more new users every year. Now add in the “Come to Lethbridge Invite from Mr Mayor” and we have our 2000 in 18 months or less.
    With 2000 addicts in Lethbridge there will not be a safe place in this entire city, as I have said;

    I have seen this over and over again 32 different cities around the world. It always starts the same way with harm reduction of “Consumption rooms” and always ends the same with drug wars, drug dealers, drug houses, organized crime, and Crime Rates that befit a much larger city and in our case a Totally Destroyed Downtown.

    There is a simple non scientific formula to follow when dealing with addicts. Its the area of influence (as I call it) formula.
    I have already determined that Lethbridge downtown (all of downtown) will be gone (as we know it) when we hit 1800 addicts.
    What goes into the formula is business density. In Van DTES business density was high, so addicts had no choice but to sleep in parks(more visible to Police and centralized). That’s because there was/is a building on every square inch of Vancouver DTES land that used to be a viable business at one time. You would think high density would be worse, but its not. What is worse is low density downtown’s because it give addicts “territories to sleep and build their shelters on what is not used, but is still owned(less visible to Police)! This causes addicts to spread out over larger areas. The area of influence centralized at the SCS is 10 blocks in all directions. Because the West is bounded by the River, That skews the area of influence to 10 streets south, 10 streets East, 5 streets West and 15 streets North. So just count outward the number of streets using SCS/Soup Kitchen as Ground Zero. (If you live or work in that area consider better locks, cameras and bars for windows and doors because Dade County Florida is coming to Lethbridge.)
    This is the area where addicts, will be seen shooting up and attempting to take ownership of whatever they think works for them when it comes to sleeping, and/or having paid sex. Its also the area of highest petty crime, B&E and muggings etc. The areas that surround the immediate area of influence are unsafe because this is where after a Meeting of the Methheads at SCS “organized pilfering runs” begin outside those areas.

    At this point the West Side thinks they are looking pretty good. Ah, but alas the Drug Dealers and Drug Houses never establish in the Zone of Influence(they have money and don’t want to live in that filthy area, so pick the nicest new areas to set up camp, why? because the Cops are downtown trying to establish some level of order. So now you get the Drug Houses and Drug Dealers living West Side and suddenly “Golly Gee” there is U of L a bastion of potential Drug Heads now being picked by one of those Drug Dealers as his property…ahhh but alas, another Drug Dealer thinks he has already claimed it…suddenly the 13 Guns found in the West side makes sense doesn’t it Terri-Marie. As soon as that “War” is sorted out, watch the loser then take up residency next to Lethbridge College as the Fungus spreads unchecked. Ahhh but Alas, a guy there thinks he owns that territory and the newly wounded new guy and him decide to shoot it out…and it goes on and on, much like this narrative lol!
    So within 2 years Violent Crime will climb rapidly on the West Side, and our downtown, followed by South Side Crime (Leth College area) and Petty Crime will climb outside of the area of Influence elsewhere. That’s how all this works and you don’t need a Masters Degree in “I know everything because I am an expert from 4Pillars Vancouver”. So while you want to save the .2 of 1% because of a kind heart, keep in mind what you are signing up for, because those are facts. All they require is time, and time marches on for everyone.
    The only person’s job in Downtown that is not in Jeopardy is the LAPD, (once this police chief is gone). They are life time jobs, so if you need a job consider the LAPD I guarantee you Spearman will be dolling out taxpayer money left right and center, hiring new officers, to try to cover up for his fiasco!
    Want another forecast of whats to come? I am batting a 100% so far. I said that within a Year what Phillips and Spearman thought would be a “Safer West Side if they shafted the downtown businesses” is turning out as I said. Drug Houses, guns found in Houses (organization needed for the drug gang wars/territorial claims to follow).
    Well here is the next “Forecast of this Fiasco”
    Within 2 years unless policed and guarded to death, Mr Mayors Shiny New Bus/Park and Ride will be the “sleeping and head quarters of “Crime Incorporated” and 50% of our addicts”! The Park and Ride won’t be used because of the number of addicts, and breakins into the cars. So now Spearman will hire security guards 24/7 to cover up for that mistake (More taxpayer money).

    The Newly announced increase of “The Watch” was also forecasted. What the watch does is drive the crime outside the area of influence faster. So if the Watch covers North Side to 6 Avenue on this expansion then crime will begin at 7th Avenue. So “the successful Watch” secures the downtown during day hours at the cost of drug addicts roaming the backyards of ever increasing circle of Senator Buchanan district looking for things to steal to feed their habit. So Petty Crime North, South and East during the day will rise and move outward as more “The Watch” are hired. Then at night after “The Watch quit at 10:01PM” the crime spikes in the downtown and West Side as the Druggies move back into the center core to enjoy their windfall on the monies made pilfering your neighbours and the Drug Dealers stake their territories, West. I could draw a color road map of what not to do in a City and you would see Mr Mayor following the WHAT NOT TO DO, by doing it!

    Final forecast and this one you can take to the bank! Bourgue and Manning will claim no credit for any of this cuz “were just savin Lives here”! So they will claim x000’s of lives saved and be heralded as war hero’s by the 174 do gooders in SCS and the Experts who killed their own cities, elsewhere, …… as our city heads to ZERO!
    So I disagree Terri-Marie and, if that was your vision of Lethbridge when you moved here… I really disagree!

  2. chinook says:

    Bad parenting is primarily the root of these social problems.
    Mormons don’t churn out druggies … but low lifes do and we end up paying the price for their irresponsible deadbeat progeny. Parenting skills should be taught in school and druggies should be sterilized.

  3. biff says:

    it is not all due to bad parenting – simplistic. not to say we don’t have many people producing kids that are incapable of nurture. as for “Mormons don’t churn out druggies” – what kind of an idiot statement is that? in fact chinook – your entire entry is stupid. does that mean you are stupid?

  4. Montreal13 says:

    First boredom and peer pressure, then the high addictive properties of these drugs- seal the deal.

    Back a several months ago , I got a call from a person(who I will call ” they”) from B.C. who had recently been hired by Arches. They called me because I had a rental property available. They told me that the area my rental is in was considered a safe area. Arches had told them so because they asked Arches and told Arches that they had to live in a safe area. I asked which areas Arches didnot consider safe and which areas Arches advised them not to move to. They told me what Arches answered. It was quite interesting for this reason mainly: that Arches was admitting (of course not publicly)that there are areas to stay away from due to crime in Lethbridge. Yet Arches staff continually deny this publicly,that there is a crime issue here in Lethbridge,that is making it increasingly unsafe for residents. Arches officially spends alot of lipservice to their official stand that their clients have nothing to do with this said crime or unsafe conditions.

  5. h2ofield says:

    Let’s congratulate today’s idiot statements of the day award!

    Chinook – “Mormons don’t churn out druggies” (just door-to-door ‘converters’ on their ‘mission’)

    Montreal13 – “First boredom and peer pressure, then the high addictive properties of these drugs- seal the deal.” ( …gee, thanks for the in depth lesson on how drug use begins… I’m sure this is how all drug users became addicted :::rolleyes)

    Way to take it to another (dumb) level!