October 20th, 2020

The real source of the threat

By Letter to the Editor on October 22, 2019.

Can someone explain to me exactly why Prime Minister Trudeau (yes, Prime Minister Trudeau, not just “Justin,” duly elected under the same system that elected the illustrious conservative Stephen Harper, that paragon of virtue and openness) passed up the opportunity to blame conservative “operatives” for the recent, appalling threat on his life?

At a time of rapidly deteriorating public discourse, itself directly linked to the deliberate and depressingly effective conservative tactics of inciting fear and anger with vicious personal attacks, such a threat has become entirely believable, and an alarming new low. Believable enough to warrant Trudeau wearing a bullet-proof vest and adding visible, bristling security. Or was that all just more theatre from a lightweight drama teacher engaging in more “liberal” histrionics, already vilified for that and for other “effeminate” traits like occasional effusiveness that disqualify him from being a “real, common sense” leader. Like Trump, for example.

Try to imagine anyone from the NDP, the Green Party or the Bloc threatening anyone, period. Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party on the other handÉ but please remember that Bernier came within a hair of winning the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada. He formed his own libertarian offshoot upon deciding the Conservatives weren’t conservative enough for him, which begs the question of what exactly do these people want to “conserve”?

The giveaway is the supporter groups all across the country having “strong” and “proud boys” in their group names. So the male heroic myth comes to mind, pumping avid patriotism, traditionalism, militarism and religion, laced with inspiring updates like anti-immigrant views and general anti-feminist and anti-gay anger. Here’s another potential source for climate change denial, too; scientists might get somewhere if we were talking about “Father Nature.” But “boys will be boys,” right? However, toxic masculinity has now been identified for what it is.

So why on earth would the Liberals perpetuate the same “false equivalency” put forward so often – that all politicians and all parties are equally to blame for the surge of hatred and inflammatory rhetoric in politics, when it’s the right wing, exclusively, who are the only real threat, not only to progressives, but to us all? Is this yet another inscrutable variation on that same old tired, heroic male myth?

If so, time to ditch that myth, too.

Patricia Pargeter


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Do you not wonder why, of the five major federal parties CONS are the only non-progressives? They need to attract moderate voters because it’s the moderate masses who decide elections. The Conservatives have gone from “God Save the Queen” Tories to “God Bless America” quasi-US-Republicans in the span of 40 years. That is a massive disservice to your country. Not cool.

Tris Pargeter

Good analysis. Something sure as hell has changed, and I wonder how the other “mature” men who comment on here all the time explain that then, particularly when we all know it started with the religious Reform party taking over the Progressive Conservatives.
The very first attack ad was noteworthy here in Canada; it was a personal attack on Chretien’s facial tic, with “does this look like a prime minister” or something to that effect. We were actually collectively shocked at that nastiness, and it has just multiplied exponentially since then. Totally American. Karl Rove has been here as a keynote speaker, hired by cons here. And how right does the new abbreviated name they now carry sound? CONS.

Tris Pargeter

They might “need to” attract new moderate members to expand their uniquely base base, but they can’t because THEY’RE not moderate. Pundits keep discussing their problematic “strategy.” It’s not just a strategy; it’s who they bloody well ARE. It’s what they bloody well THINK. Same with religion, everyone calls it “social conservatism” when it’s religious BELIEF sanctioned by medieval doctrine. It IS what they believe.

Seth Anthony

The cons had the marginally highest vote count and would have won a majority if they didn’t have a wet noodle with no back bone as a leader. If the cons had a strong and well spoken leader (especially if she was female), they would have won by a landslide. All the Quebec Libs and NDP’ers that were pissed off at Trudeau and Singh, then voted BQ, probably would have voted for a decent con leader. Ditto for Ontario, but they also had Ford that hurt the brand.

Not that it matters to Albertans though, as Alberta is screwed either way.

Also, I was somewhat surprised that the NDP lost almost half their seats. Well, maybe not considering Bill 21.

This isn’t an endorsement for the cons, as I despise them almost as much as I despise the Libs, the NDP, and especially that head in the clouds extremist Green party.

Tris Pargeter

There you are as usual, beyond the fray, and a pox on all their houses, despising everybody and everything. Bottom line, that’s actually just garden variety apathy Seth.
And Ford IS the brand is the thing. As is Maxime Bernier, the rabid libertarian. They’re just horrible people.
Alberta screws itself because they won’t look in the mirror, ever.

Seth Anthony

I don’t despise everything. I love nature and animals. Does that count?

Oh wait. I love chocolate and bacon too. Sometimes even together. lol


Alberta stays true to it’s conservative principles , and is not interested in taking scraps off the table of liberals who say, “we have principles, and if you don’t like these we have others”. You, and others with similar beliefs are , thankfully, a small minority in this province.

Tris Pargeter

And please elucidate those firm, unwavering and obviously superior “conservative principles” of yours for me again, those “principles” that I keep hearing about in faux-sonorous tones from dimpled puppet Scheer and choirboy Kenney…..do you mean small governments, even for burgeoning, complex, modern populations, and low taxes that mean cuts in basic services to the same aforementioned burgeoning, complex, modern populations?
Or are you actually talking about some special “Christian principles,” whatever the hell they are in YOUR particular interpretation?
So where does stoking rage and actually threatening someone’s life fit in?
And yes, I am among the minority in this duped, backward, bible belt province who are liberal in their thinking, but I am also among the majority in Canada as a whole, because sixty percent of Canadians vote progressive.


Your usual rant against Christians is never far below the surface for you , is it ?. Well , you can forget that diatribe. I am agnostic , and the principles involved for conservatives are mysterious indeed for rabid socialists like you. Items like a belief in individuals and their contributions to society, minimum government interference, personal responsibility , no cradle to grave coddling of society. personal initiatives, belief in small business, volunteering.
By the way , your arrogant description of ” duped” Albertans refers to 65% of the population. Get a grip!



It is very easy to imagine a NDP, Liberal or Green voter threatening a Conservative politician. Just because it doesn’t fit your BS narrative doesn’t mean that what you wrote isn’t complete garbage.

More mindless drivel where patricia can spew her sexist tripe and increase that bubble that she lives in.

Seth Anthony

Well with the provincial NDP getting the boot, and now the federal NDP losing almost half of their seats, it’s no wonder Tris is losing her shit even more than usual.

Tris Pargeter

Unlike your consistently calm, reasonable demeanor eh Seth? I’m not a tribal anything, NDP or otherwise, primarily because I’m not male. I’m progressive rather than regressive is all.
Tribalism is pretty much the domain of you guys, and it’s a growing problem. Have you not noticed?

Seth Anthony

Tribalism isn’t exclusive to a particular gender or political party. Nor is it by necessity, a “bad” thing.

Southern Albertan

Perhaps, the power of the Bloc, the NDP and the Green Party should not be discounted in this now minority scenario. It will be very interesting!
Now, more than ever, with apparent severe divisions in Canada, folks could be more amenable to electoral reform such as: proportional representation or mixed member proportional…something that would more fairly represent the percentage of the vote. If it is felt that voices are not being heard, then electoral reform should possibly be a serious consideration.
An interesting read today at albertapolitics.ca:
“What a strange, strange night it’s been: Andrew Scheer snatches defeat from the jaws of victory!”
Will Jason Kenney be the next federal Conservative leader and if so, when?
And again, the Liberals may well realize that they need to replace Trudeau, maybe in about 18 months.
We shall see, indeed!

Tris Pargeter

Yeah, I agree, but this scenario we have is closer to proportional representation, and minority governments can be more productive with collaboration. It’s how we got medicare for example.
The outliers are always going to be the cons because they don’t work well with others, and take pride in that. It’s what women do after all, not real men like them. Ridiculous caricatures.
Bottom line, more Canadians are progressive. 60% apparently, and you can deny that all you want, it’s been borne out by this election. Again. If the left would unite like the cons have, we wouldn’t all have to shake in our boots at every election, so I hope some changes are made there.
Trudeau will collaborate; he’s open. Conservatives’ achilles heel remains. They don’t work well with others. If you’re not with them, you’re against them. And they love FPTP because then they can mash everyone else’s faces into the dirt, removing every single thing they did simply because they did it. Pure assholery.

Seth Anthony

“What a strange, strange night it’s been: Andrew Scheer snatches defeat from the jaws of victory!”


With the boondoggles of Lavalin, black face, India, immigration, etc, etc, it should have been easy to defeat him. My bets are the Libs will replace that disaster within 3 months.