October 21st, 2020

Science’s solutions aren’t encouraging

By Letter to the Editor on October 23, 2019.

Re: Tad Mitsui’s letter to the editor, Oct. 4.

Yes, Tad, I agree, there is so much work done in the field of Christian mercy, also pastoring and leading Christian churches. People in that line of work certainly do not look to become financially wealthy, except perhaps in cases where a leader becomes self-focused. Then in your letter you say and I quote, “Religion is on the decline because science solved many mysteries of life.”

You may be correct when you say “religion” but biblical Christianity is growing world wide. But not so in our western culture, where we want to be our own god, and I don’t particularly like what I see; just watch the news. If that is how science solved our mysteries, then that is not very encouraging to me. Yes, I agree, as Christians we mess up, and that is the reason why we sing “Amazing Grace.” For example, Corrie ten Boom later forgave the Nazi concentration camp guard for his atrocities.

Hans Visser


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John P Nightingale

Another meandering and confusing letter from the pulpit.

Seth Anthony

The author is incorrect on the reasons for the decline and growth of religion. Religion isn’t on the decline due to ego as he suggests, and religion isn’t on the rise due to sensibility as he suggests.

Religion amongst educated people is on the decline due to knowledge and the rejection of archaic superstition. It’s simply intelligent people rejecting non-sense.

Religion is growing globally because non-educated religious people have been breeding far more rapidly than educated people. Educated people have been limiting their ankle biters, and more and more are choosing to have none at all. In contrast, highly religious people in places like India, African countries, etc, are breeding with an average litter of 5. Now add in the child indoctrination via fear with these people, and it’s a mathematical certainty that religion is increasing globally. God help us.

Seth Anthony

Furthermore, the concept of an omniscient (yet conscious) being is merely an abstract concept. It can’t exist in reality.

Consciousness exists due to duality. Consciousness IS duality. Thought can’t exist as an absolute, it must have both knowledge and ignorance. Omniscient is no different than unconscious. This can be expressed in simpler terms by stating that any conscious being can conceive of a being that is more powerful than itself. Since an entity can conceive of such things, it means that it is not omniscient or omnipotent.

Tris Pargeter



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