October 24th, 2020

Liberals aren’t the culprits they’re made out to be

By Letter to the Editor on October 25, 2019.

It would be great if we could all be objective and honest in political outlook.

I generally refrain from commenting, and even sometimes when I should challenge others’ opinions I hesitate since most of the time one gets nowhere because of the other person’s certainly set, even wrong opinions on whatever, especially in the political arena.

However, today (Oct. 18) it was refreshing to read the letter in The Herald from Tom Walton, captain (retired), a vet being fair and objective in setting the record straight with respect to the all-too-often propagated myth that Liberals, including our current prime minister, are responsible for the cuts to military pensions and other supports for veterans that occurred under Mr. Harper and the Conservative government.

Thank you, Tom, for speaking out and giving credit where credit is due! As you correctly noted, it was the current (Liberal) government that reopened many of the veteran assistance offices closed by Mr. Harper’s government and the Liberals continue to work on improving pensions and benefits for our vets. However, I will not waste time and space repeating what you may read in Mr. Walton’s letter.

Of course, there are many other myths propagated by the Conservatives who refuse to see that Liberals do any good. However, I would like to highlight and suggest that it is for good reason that Canadians have elected Liberals to govern more times than other parties since the confederation commenced.

Yes, it is unfortunate that so many on the right cannot be objective and chose to be so anti-Liberal and anti-Ottawa. It seems to be a drawback that occurs in “right” leaning conservative thinking. However, worse still is the fact that their leader seems to have no compunction about perpetuating outright lies, worst being that the Liberals plan on legalizing hard drugs.

Equally as bad is their blindness and denial with respect to global warming. No wonder 16-year-old Greta Thunberg is attracting thousands, especially young people, everywhere she goes; politicians and any aspiring to be should pay attention to them. Please pay attention to the gross changes in our world and weather.

Michael Cormican


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Oh yes Michael “the sky is falling” and only a Liberal corrupt government can fix-it!
But before they fix the planets problems maybe they should fix their screw-ups at home first. Not one red was elected in Alberta and Saskatchewan…A very loud middle finger to the lying-Libs!
Pretty-boy please pay attention to the implosion of your own country before solving the worlds problems.
Charity should start at home first!

Kal Itea

johnny57, have you no shame?
Contribute something civil, get out of the gutter.


In case you have not noticed these are not civil times politicly…Time for you and many like you to wake-up and smell the roses!