October 25th, 2020

Which is less inviting for Lethbridge?

By Letter to the Editor on October 28, 2019.

Re: Pro-life ads reach court

These pro-life ads have a purpose, to help young women to make the right decision at a time when they need good advice and help very much when dealing with an unwanted pregnancy, not to make a second mistake and get the baby aborted and have remorse for the rest of her life for having her baby killed.

The Lethbridge City Council had no problem, after receiving complaints about these ads on transit buses and benches, to have them removed. Did they know what percentage of the people of Lethbridge were against the ads, or do they just listen to the people that scream the loudest? And another reason to have them removed was because it looks not inviting for a city like Lethbridge to have ads like that around the city.

But on the other hand, they make Lethbridge a paradise for drug addicts and thereby at the same time, also for drug dealers at the SCS and inevitable organized crime to follow.

What percentage of the citizens of Lethbridge agree with that?

Does that look more inviting for a city?

John Van Liere


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100% your opinion. As I recall the signs were taken due to incorrect information. I have no problem with advertising offering counseling to women and couples without statements that the vast majority of scientific studies say are not true.

John P Nightingale

As I recall , references equating Canada with North Korea and China performing late term abortions, were blatantly misleading.
As with so many “cherry picked “ statements , they do not reflect reality.
Late term (third trimester) abortions are rare in Canada and only performed when medically necessary. Yet to the casual observer, they are led to believe these procedures happen frequently in Canada – even when not medically required.
The writer and others use false allegations and in my opinion , will only be satisfied when Roe/Wade is rendered illegal.
(Perhaps Van Liere could clarify their overall objective in this regard?)

Southern Albertan

Perhaps, again, in the bigger picture, we need to look to the countries who have the lowest abortion rates, in the first place, and how they do it, proactively. Here is one good read:
“Contraception in The Netherlands: the low abortion rate explained”
The main reason women have abortions is socioeconomic status or unaffordability. Less poverty means less abortions. This is why countries who do better equal wealth distribution and have more equal societies, have lower abortion rates, and lower poverty, and crime, rates as well. This is why many of us, also in the bigger picture, do not vote for the politics here that promotes the increasing gap between the rich and the poor, which means I do not vote for either the Conservatives or, the Liberals. Now, we have a UCP government who is giving a $4.7 billion tax break to the super-wealthy who won’t trickle it down, as we all should know. The rest of us, which means most of us, will be paying more taxes.
“Young women need to make the right decision…..” Young men need to make the right decision too. That means birth control is everyone’s responsibility, including parents. A parent I I know, has 2 sons. She supplies condoms at home, and tells them, “if you’re going to have sex, glove up.”
We need not kid ourselves that young folks of every stripe, including a number of them at the southern Alberta christian school where my children attended, are not having sex, despite being encouraged otherwise, although, there’s no excuse really. Their ‘health’ classes there included instruction on proper placement of condoms.
So again, less poverty, more equal societies, decreasing the gap between the rich and the poor, adequate funding for good education and health care…..means less abortions and no need for pro-life signs.

John P Nightingale

Fact is, many of these so called “Christian” schools, and certainly many of the Evangelical churches advocate against birth control – period! As with vaccinations , the knock on effect is staggering!


Coerced reproduction is reproductive slavery. The ads were protested because they spread misinformation and women who had lost wanted fetuses were harmed. By suggesting that women are committing miurder, the letter writer is making the case against his ad. Telling a young woman that they will be scarred for life is wrong, and is not supported by evidence,

My healthcare is not up for debate. I am a person.


Plain and simple, Mr. Van Liere.

What business is it of yours to have your nose up any other vagina save that which belongs to your wife!

Moreover, I call bollix on your nerve to compare abortion with drug addiction!