October 23rd, 2020

Climate protesters miss the premise

By Letter to the Editor on October 29, 2019.

I just listened to Greta Thunberg’s diatribe in Edmonton and it absolutely amazes me that this 16-year-old juvenile is being widely accepted as the Messiah of Climate Change when, like all the others, they don’t understand the premise. It’s not that trying to reduce the world’s CO2 levels is a bad thing; it’s more of why don’t you concentrate on the actual locations where CO2 levels are over the top

What is she doing in Canada (we’re a CO2 sponge)? Also, when expounding on your beliefs, why don’t you mention the fact oil products and oil byproducts are not anywhere near a point where other “cleaner manufacturing” can replace said products. That, in my mind, would be a major factor in the process. This entire movement has no clue what the term “in moderation” means! This little girl’s plea is unrealistic and I’m sure her “handlers” don’t give a darn about that. Like Al Gore’s campaign, this is nothing but a money maker for the “organizers”! I’d love to see that list of backers.

Lastly, I saw her mode of transport getting up here (Tesla)! I wonder if she’s swimming home or taking an airplane?

Bobbie Norman


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John P Nightingale

Canada a “sponge”? No it isn”t. Our forests play a part , of course they do but to suggest they offset all Canadian emissions is ludicrous. Per capita, we are among the worst offenders despite our forests efforts.


As the climate is disrupted by carbon emissions, Canadian forests may become net emitters (https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/canada-forests-carbon-sink-or-source-1.5011490). By bobbie’s logic, we should reduce fossil fuel burning even more quickly.


Yeah that whopping 1.6% of the worlds CO2 is some serious stuff isn’t it JPN! We need to act NOW!

John P Nightingale

You know J(the Oracle) IQ 57, maybe someday, just someday, you will have something useful to contribute to these threads. Cynical rebuttals with nothing of any substance each and every time – that is your MO.


That’s because JPN I learned long ago its a waste of time and key-strokes trying to argue with progressive idiots much like yourself, so I keep my responses brief and pointed! Much more effective that way! obviously based on your rattled nerves.

John P Nightingale

Well at least this “idiot”, has the balls to use his real name – something you seem inclined not to do. Easy to sling ad hominem attacks hiding behind a cloak of anonymity.


Well have to give you credit for getting the “idiot” right! And how do I know you are under a real name? If I believe you hook-line-and sinker I might end-up being the idiot!

John P Nightingale

I rest my case.


You never had one!


Canada at 0.5% of the world population produces 1.6% of the emissions (ignoring the emissions related to our products imported from other countries, which is substantial).

Alberta at 11% of the Canadian population produces 40% of the country’s GHG emissions.

Sounds serious to me.


“… concentrate on the actual locations where CO2 levels are over the top. ”

If you are talking about per capita emissions, Alberta us already ‘over the top ‘. If you are suggesting that CO2 concentrates in the atmosphere, like smog, then talk to Greta. Even at 16 years of age, she knows more than you.

By the way, how did you travel to Calgary last time to shop?


Bobbie Norman is the one missing ‘the premise’ not Greta Thunberg and the millions in Canada and around that recognize the problem and the solutions. Keep your ignorance and cheap shots to yourself Bobbie Norman and get educated on the reality of man made climate change.

Tris Pargeter

Greta Thunberg is our living Yoda.

Seth Anthony

How juvenile of you, Seth!