October 25th, 2020

Who is speaking for the working poor?

By Letter to the Editor on October 29, 2019.

I hear a lot of dissatisfaction from Albertans toward B.C., Ottawa and the rest of Eastern Canada. We are being told that we aren’t getting a fair deal, that the rest of Canada doesn’t appreciate us. Who says this, and what do they want?

Often it is the media, the business lobby or the Chamber of Commerce. Alberta has the highest average income of all the provinces in Canada. Averages do not speak for everyone, not even the majority. A few billionaire CEOs can skew the numbers to look like everyone is part of the “average.”

Do Albertans want to live in a democracy, or a state run by the highest income earners and their proxies – a plutocracy? In my humble opinion no one wants to speak for the working poor, the parent who has to work two jobs to keep a roof over their heads. The loudmouths, the yellers and complainers are mostly the people doing very well, and who insist on more. They do not speak for the food bank people, the mentally mixed up, the street people or the working poor.

For 50 years the establishment has ruled. Recently we had four where someone was listening to anyone but the establishment. Yes, the “establishment” – the lawyers, the accountants, the businessmen and CEOs – the decision makers. Most of these people are looking out for themselves, and they cannot get enough. Unions try to speak for workers, but most of our population have been brainwashed to believe nobody works for someone else without taking care of themselves first. The corrupt have convinced us they know better.

Business lobby for incentives, tax breaks and subsidies are forever seeking help from the government instead of producing for and serving local needs. Are we too focused on trading for American dollars?

Don Ryane


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Tris Pargeter

Yes. We are. You’re right. Especially since this is actually a crisis manufactured for the political usefulness of the “rage factor” while paying mere lip service to the actual crisis before us– our essential but deteriorating environment. The arrogance and stupidity is unsurpassed.