October 29th, 2020

Canadians deserve to have adults in House of Commons

By Letter to the Editor on October 30, 2019.

How much longer are we Albertans expected to submit to the east? It is clear that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has no plans on listening to the western prairie provinces. He proved that by starting his walk to the podium for his victory speech as soon as Mr. Scheer started his speech. Mr. Scheer had about a minute and a half before Justin began talking over him.

How exactly is this action going to help the West and get to know what we, the West, are looking for?

I am sorry to say but both of them acted like they both were given a majority. This was one of the worst election campaigns I have ever seen in my entire life. I have voted for both parties in the past at least once. But on this occasion I was really hoping that there was a rhinoceros party candidate so that I could vote for them.

In this election we really needed two things:

1. A vote for our local candidate, which I think all of our local candidates ran an awesome and clean campaign. So congratulations to all of them.

2. For our leaders we needed the option “None of the above.”

I hope and pray that Mr. Trudeau comes to his senses and starts acknowledging some of the west’s issues. If not, Wexit is going to be a more serious separation issue than Quebec.

At a bare minimum I believe that all Canadians deserve adults to be in our House of Commons. Am I dreaming when I hope that they might start acting like that?

Dennis Wudrich


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Just another butt-hurt Con…get it out and move on, ya big babies!

Fedup Conservative

It’s funny how these seniors go around pretending what great conservatives they are but find it smart to support anyone who attaches the word conservative to their name and don’t give a damn about their background. Any true conservative knows that Reformers are nothing like conservatives yet hiding under the conservative banner like they are doing gets them elected. When they ran under the Reform banner they were soundly defeated because they were promoting extremely destructive policies for the people. Privatization of our health care and education systems has always been their goal. Dennis has likely believed every lie Jason Kenney has fed him and ignores that he was a well known Liberal in Regina, turned Reformer in Alberta and is not interested in looking after the well being of the people only himself and his rich friends.

Those of us who had ties to the oil industry know that Notley and Trudeau did more for our oil industry than Harper ever did. Ignorant Albertans have created the mess we are in and shouldn’t expect Ottawa go handing out taxpayers money while we slash royalties and taxes to benefit rich friends of our government should we?


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